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My summer holidays writing sheet music

My summer holidays writing sheet music added for our premium

Activity Two: Are We There Yet?
Setting – younger students
Setting – older students
Mileage Chart – Record the places you traveled to and calculate your mileage.
Mileage Chart Example
Parent Note – A letter to parents asking for their help with the mileage chart. It’s a Word document and ready for you to customize.Classroom Mileage – Use this form to collect individual student totals and the to calculate your classroom total.
Printable Directions for Activity Two
Directions for sharing information about mileage

Additional Ideas Resources
Suffix worksheet
Sequencing cards to print on cardstock and use with students in a pocket chart.
Letter/word shapes younger students and older students
Word scramble younger students and older students
Word searches younger students and older students
Word searches here are two additional word searches that contain all of the words from both searches above. One is in the shape of a train and the other is the standard rectangle.
Crossword puzzle containing words from the story.
Vocabulary development – Vocabulary Match Vocabulary Cards

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