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My snowman melted writing activity for middle school

My snowman melted writing activity for middle school creativity and practicing their

Elementary writing is a perfect skill to refine this time of year. But, as winter settles in, it’s easy for students to ditch their elementary writing practice and get distracted by the potential of snow days or by impending breaks from school. If you’re looking for a way to get your student’s focus back on track and help them to be excited about journaling again, these 77 new elementary writing winter prompt ideas should help.

These elementary writing ideas are specifically dedicated to wintertime and all its glorious activities. From sledding down the tallest mountain in the world to imagining what would happen if a snowman turned into Frosty, these prompts encourage kids to get creative while they come up with engaging and unique new ways to celebrate the winter months. Use these prompts and you will have your students excited about their creativity and practicing their elementary writing skill again in no time!

77 Elementary Winter Writing Prompts

  1. My favorite thing about the winter
  2. Winter is unique because&…
  3. If I could live anywhere in the world during the winter time, I would live in&…
  4. The best thing to do on a snow day
  5. If I was in charge of making the best snow fort ever, I would __________
  6. When it snows, I like to __________
  7. When I look out the window during winter, I see _______
  8. My favorite holiday television special
  9. The best family tradition during winter is&…
  10. What would happen if it was winter all year long?
  11. Trees in winter look like _________
  12. What would it be like to be an animal that lived outside during the winter?
  13. Sledding down the tallest mountain in the world
  14. What if my snowman turned into frosty?
  15. My favorite winter sport
  16. The best kind of hot chocolate is _________
  17. If I lived on an icicle
  18. I can always tell it’s really winter when __________
  19. Building the perfect snowman
  20. When it gets dark early at night, I ___________
  21. Decorating the house for winter
  22. The best way to stay warm in the winter
  23. Winter wind is like ____________
  24. The best winter animals
  25. What if I wore snow boots in the summer and flip flops during the winter?
  26. How could I help a family that doesn’t have anywhere warm to live?
  27. How to win a snowball fight
  28. Sometimes during winter, I like to __________ to pretend it’s summer
  29. The first time I remember playing in the snow
  30. What would it be like if snow was made of marshmallows?
  31. The best winter treat
  32. If I were a snowflake, I would ____________
  33. How could I build a snowman without snow?
  34. Riding in a one-horse open sleigh
  35. Where do all the birds go during winter?
  36. If I could be in charge of school during the winter, I would&…
  37. My favorite winter craft is _________
  38. When the power went out, my family ________
  39. Sledding down a vanilla ice cream cone
  40. Sitting by the fireplace with my family
  41. What if I could spend winter at the beach instead?
  42. Living inside a gingerbread house
  43. My favorite thing about the holidays
  44. If I was in the winter Olympics, I would ________
  45. What if I got to have two weeks of snow days during the winter, but had to go to school during the summer?
  46. Snow always reminds me of _________
  47. Winter is the ______ season because&…
  48. If I lived at a Christmas tree farm
  49. Winter clothes are&…
  50. If I could make skis out of anything, I would __________
  51. When it gets cold outside, I like to ________
  52. The best kind of sled
  53. The earliest that winter ever came was _______
  54. If I were a snowman, I would _______________
  55. How are my friends like snowflakes?
  56. A perfect snow angel is like __________
  57. My favorite holiday during the winter
  58. What would it be like to have winter somewhere where there was no snow?
  59. Every winter, my family _________
  60. What would it be like to be a polar bear?
  61. The best present to give someone during the winter is&…
  62. The greatest snow day I ever had happened when ________
  63. Music that makes me think of winter
  64. The earliest time in the year it ever snowed here was _____________
  65. The coldest place I’ve ever been
  66. My parents say that winter is ___________
  67. The best type of snowballs for a snowball fight
  68. When it’s winter, my pets _________
  69. My favorite kind of gloves
  70. What if I had to wear snow shoes to school?
  71. Winter is the best time to __________
  72. When I get older, I will live somewhere where winter is ____________
  73. If my friends and I were penguins, we would ________
  74. Ice-skating at the lake would be fun
  75. During the winter, my parents drive _________
  76. Cold weather makes me think about ___________
  77. The coldest part of winter

My snowman melted writing activity for middle school of sled     

My snowman melted writing activity for middle school favorite kind of gloves     

With these exciting elementary writing winter prompts, kids will love thinking about their favorite things to do during winter, the best ways to stay warm, and the greatest family traditions they share. Winter is a time to celebrate family and togetherness – these prompts will have kids thinking about all of the things they love about these special months.

I like #55: How are my friends like snowflakes? This would make a great descriptive journaling piece, combined with &”snowflake art.&” Perhaps writing a paragraph about the unique, wonderful qualities of each friend and attaching each paragraph to a differently painted paper snowflake. That would brighten up a winter classroom with the &”sunshine&” of how special each child is!

You are full of such lovely and sweet ideas, Janet. Thank you for sharing. You’re an inspiration to me, and I am thankful for you!

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