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My little bride summary writing adorable as ever with her

Bo Eun is an ordinary high school girl who worries about SAT’s and has a crush on her school’s baseball team ace, named Jung Woo. One day, Bo Eun’s grandfather orders her to marry Sang Min. When they were very young, Bo Eun’s and Sang Min’s grandfathers had promised that they would become in-laws. Despite their opposition, they are forced to marry because of the strong influence of Bo Eun’s grandfather. Bo read more Eun’s undercover married life begins: She pretends that she doesn’t have a husband and starts dating Jung Woo. Bo Eun believes that she can manage both men and live a double life. Everything goes smoothly until Sang Min visits Bo Eun’s school as a student teacher.

Eorin Shinbu; My Little Young Wife;

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  • [Sang Min’s mother]

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    One of my first Kdrama loves ♥ Maybe he is yours too?
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    • Overall 8.0
    • Story 8.0
    • Acting/Cast 8.0
    • Music 8.0
    • Rewatch Value 8.0

    1) The reason I watched this:

    I was attracted by the synopsis so I decided to give it a try.

    The general story isn’t complicated nor original; I saw this type of story in “Sweet 18” before yet this film’s storyline was really appealing.

    *The story was romantic but not too romantic since it focused on family too.
    *It had a great combination since it was funny, cute read more while being a little serious
    *The story’s developement was amazing to follow.
    *The whole adult-child love story was somehow innocent even when they lived toghether: I liked that concept.

    There isn’t, I just wished that they made this into a drama instead; it would have been perfect that way.

    My little bride summary writing portrayal has been my favorite

    It couldn’t been any better even though I am not too familiar with the leads.
    *The chemistry between them was somehow captivating even though it wasn’t that present.
    *Moon Geun Young did a great job in portraying the innocent 15 years old girl with all its sides; whether it was with her husband, her family, her school and everything else.
    *I loved how Park Sang Min reacted with his little bride by trying to be the responsible adult but that didn’t cut out the funny side of his character.

    Cast: 7.75/10
    Acting: 8/10

    The type of ending that anyone would like to see even though it was typical but that doesn’t deny that it was fluffy.

    5) My Impression (How did it affect me):

    *I was intrested in the whole concept ever since the film began, I had fun while watching it and it wasn’t boring, not even the slightest bit.
    *This is is a great memorable film.

    My Impression: 9/10

    *If you like rom-coms then you must watch this.
    *If you like old-young relationships then this is for you.
    *If you like innocent love stories then you may like this.

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    • Overall 10
    • Story 10
    • Acting/Cast 10
    • Music 10
    • Rewatch Value 8.0

    Let me just start off by saying that. this movie was just too cute :3 Honestly, I didn’t expect to like it so much for me to give it a 10! I know the whole forced marriage situation is overused, but for some reason, I felt that it played out differently in this movie.
    What I most enjoyed? Kim Rae Won’s character, Sang Min, is probably first place.

    My little bride summary writing her to

    Afterwards, Moon Geun Young. read more It’s funny, because at first I hated Bo Eun for the way she treated Sang Min. But at the end, you can really see she regrets what she did, and manned up to it. Also, her acting is really genuine. I haven’t seen many dramas or movies, but I can still say that her portrayal has been my favorite. No exaggerated facial expressions, thank God!
    And finally, the story itself. I didn’t see any over-the-top “comedy” scenes, or those crazy dramatic scenes you see in most dramas or movies. This was the light-hearted story I’ve been looking for ever since I started watching dramas. Seriously, if you’re doubting about watching this, then don’t. I recommend this to anyone!

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    They're both stories about arranged marriage, but Marrying School Girl is about 2 teenagers getting married and My Little Bride is about a teenage girl marrying an older guy. Anyways, My Little Bride is so cute! It's a must-watch, I think 🙂

    I don’t know why but there is just something about Moon Geun Young that I do not like. I find myself a bit annoyed with her acting and her face is purposelessy distracting to me (just like Uhm Jung-Hwa in Witch’s Romance). Can someone recommend one of her best works so that I can attempt to change my view

  • cute. ) I got to see Kim Rae Won (Doctors) when he was 23 y.o. & Moon Geun Young (Mary stayed out all night) when she was 17 y.o. Both great actors since then.

  • Even though the idea is outdated in real life, this movie was pretty funny.

    It was an outdated idea when it was made. lol
    I think that is the point.

  • No need to take my comment literally. I was making a joke. Lol.

  • Ok, yes, I’m going to give it a 10 simply b/c I loved it so much – it was so CUTE ^_^ and I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much when I started it – but It gave me my ‘Sweet 18’ feels throughout the entire thing! and I LOVED ‘Sweet 18’ – Both leads were so cute – Moon Gun Young was as adorable as ever with her little self lol and Kim Rae Won won my heart with his love and devotion for her – even when he was being silly XD Such a sweet, innocent, cute love story ^^ One to be watched again and again 😉

  • Where can you see this movie?

  • I wasn’t sure what this movie would be about with the age differences between Kim Rae Won and Moon Geun Young. Honestly, though, it was such a sweet, breath of fresh air that I totally enjoyed every minute of it. The two leads were fantastic as they always are, but we must remember they were 23 and 17 when this was made. Amazing. No deep involved plot, just sheer comedy with a love thread woven throughout. You’ll love it, too! Watch it.

  • I don’t understand why everyone says it’s a cute and nice movie.All i see is that it’s about a cheating bitch.Fine so she got dragged into a mirage but i still think it’s not right what she did(dating another guy).In place of trying to get to love the person she got married to she cheated behind his back.I mean they could alway divorce after the grandfather died if they still didn’t fell in love.

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