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My experience with writing essay felt about your

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My Writing Experience – With A Free Essay Review

Returning to school to major in Criminal Justice has been a hard experience for me. It�s not something I decided to do over night. Growing up I always had an interest in Criminology. Now given the opportunity, I�m going for it. Although it�s not going to be easy I�m fully dedicated in succeeding. One of my hardest experiences in writing would have to be taking Writing 30. I thought this class was going to be a piece of cake, but during midterms I became frantic. I went through a stressful emotional state thinking my teacher hated me, and everyone else was better than me. Looking back all she was trying to do was help me, and the only one causing my stress was me.

My first day at Rogue Community College I was ecstatic. As class was in session, everyone took a seat. I was excited! Thinking I�m finally on my way to achieve my career goal. The first day of class was interesting. I got to meet lots of new people, and got a glimpse at what I had to look forward to assignment wise. My first assignment that I really take pride in is my Narrative Description Essay. The title of my essay is I shouldn�t be alive. The reasoning behind my taking pride in this specific assignment is because it is an obstacle I have overcame in my life. Enjoying writing this paper I became eager to turn it in. I couldn�t wait to see what the teacher had thought of it.

My first grade towards my essay was passing, but barely. I was disappointed in myself. I for sure thought I had written a better paper then I had received a grade for. Without hesitation I scrambled through reading what it was I had done wrong. After looking through carefully I caught sight of my flaws. Printing the right format was definitely a problem. I also lacked support of my details. Punctuation where should I start? Run-on�s I specialize in and spelling has a mind of its own. Looking over my paper I can see why it was not as great as I first believed. I made sore corrections and brought my grade up.

When returning to class the following class session I yearned to learn more about punctuation, grammar, definitions, and much more. The teacher assigned the class another assignment, the Exemplification Essay. I have to admit at first I was confused. I�m not too sure why but I just didn�t have a feel for giving enough supporting details. This quickly became a major problem since I needed examples. I titled my essay Program Specialist. The person I was referring for the open job position is my mother Tammy Goad. If getting the job was depended on my essay I wrote she could have considered there to be no hope. After over- looking my errors and making some adjustments I got a passing score. I�m now confident that adding supporting details, and examples my mom may have gotten the job.

My teacher Mrs. Shaw also assigned the students in class some skill labs on the internet.

My experience with writing essay get needed

She needed to see where we stood with our computer skills in writing. In my sentence grammar I received a score of 45 which is low. My punctuation and mechanics I received a score of 73 which is better. Then in my usage and style, and basic grammar I received an 80 which I am very satisfied with. Even though I�m aware I still have lots to learn it makes me feel good to know where I stand in these areas.

The entire class was also assigned a writing combing sentences assignment. We were given a handout that consisted of twelve sentences that needed to be revised. I found this assignment to be fun. I was interested in seeing how many ways a sentence could be revised. This paper allowed me to show my sentence skills. After rewriting my paper I got a passing grade which helped me to practice my sentence skills for writing.

Everyone in class was required to choose a word to teach to the class. We then needed to make handouts for all students involved. On our given date to do our presentations we passed out our flyers with all the word description, meaning, and information. My word was censure. My flyer I made had a comic on it to help understand the meaning of my word. Keeping notes of all words involved became difficult for me to follow having missed a few days of class. So I went ahead and looked up the words I was missing myself to get needed information. All of my notes I�ve kept as they have been a decent amount of help.

My, teach a word quiz that was given in class I have found to be a bit nerve racking. Simply not from knowing the vocab type of word, noun, adjective, adverb, or verb, but from having to write sentences using the words meaning while answering a question. Overall I just did what I could and am confident I did fairly well.

During this term we were given four in class essay tests. One that I was partially satisfied with was my essay titled Individuals. I can say just as in my Narrative Description essay I felt a strong personal connection with this paper. I chose to do this assignment on supporting disadvantaged individuals as I�m considered to be one myself. I felt it would have a stronger connection with supporting details because I�ve actually experienced it. After overlooking my paper I found I had received a passing score, a four. I had the leverage I needed to stick to my point. This paper has a personal touch to its existence and I find it to be one of my favorites I�ve written.

Following my passing in class essay I also have an in class essay edit that I passed with a four. This specific paper is based off my perspective on technology. The title of this essay is Technology. I found this to be an interesting topic to write on. I was given the chance to be opinionated on my feelings towards technology. One thing I will say is it has its differences. Having a few days to breathe before taking a second look at my paper gave me time to clear my mind. When I looked over it I felt as if I never even saw it before. I proved to myself that editing a paper is possible. I�m proud to say I�ve enjoyed the experience of editing an essay. Let alone my very own that I wrote.

With this all said and done I�m happy to say I enjoyed writing 30. This class has been a great eye opener and informational learning experience. I enjoy writing and am happy to learn the proper ways to punctuate, forma-+t, and proper grammar. I find my teacher Mrs.Shaw to be a great help, and awesome teacher. I appreciate her time. Writing essays in class as well as out can be a bit difficult until you get the hang of it. I can�t wait to continue my career moving on to writing 115.

It sounds like you have a lot of stuff related to your development as a writer that you are already working on, which is great. You don’t mention organization anywhere, so let me be the one to bring that up. Let’s look at paragraphs first.

Your first paragraph begins by talking about your interest in criminology and ends by talking about your experience taking Writing 30. Your second paragraph begins by talking about your first day at Rogue, but then moves on to talking about your first assignment. Your third paragraph begins by talking about your desire to learn about punctuation and grammar, but then switches to a different topic and doesn’t mention that desire again. So what these three paragraphs have in common, then, is the fact that they start out talking about one topic and end up talking about another one. A good way to improve the organization of an essay is to divide the essay into distinct topics, and a good way to do that is to devote each paragraph to a distinct topic. Often we do this by making the first sentence of the paragraph a topic sentence (a sentence that implicitly or explicitly identifies the topic of the paragraph as a whole) and then devoting the rest of the paragraph to elaborating that one topic.

To improve the essay as a whole, the essay needs to have a clear purpose, and that purpose needs to be clear from the beginning. I was unable to tell from your opening paragraph what your essay was about. In an argumentative essay (an essay that makes an argument) we usually develop a thesis at the outset. Your essay relates your experience in a writing class, so you don’t need a thesis, but you do need to clarify in summary form what you have to say about that experience. If you had written an essay about how you came to realise your teacher had been trying to help you while you had been putting pressure on yourself, then the last sentence of the first paragraph could have served as a clarification of the purpose of the essay. But the essay is about something else. You describe all of the assignments that you were required to complete and how you felt about your attempt to respond to those assignments. What’s not clear form your essay is what you feel you learned from those experiences generally. You note at the end that “writing essays. can be a bit difficult until you get the hang of it.” Is there a way to explain how you came to get the hang of it. More generally, is there a way to explain what you learned about yourself and the writing process? Asking yourself a question like that (what did I learn about myself and the writing process?) might give you a sense of purpose in writing your essay. Your task then would be to think about how (and ensure that) every paragraph contributes to accomplishing that purpose.

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