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My daughter seo young ep 31 summary writing

My daughter seo young ep 31 summary writing Everyone did what



“Seo-Young, My Daughter” tells the story of a father who separates with his daughter, their love, hate and reconciliation.

Seo-Young (Lee Bo-Young ) is a senior in college who majors in law. During her summer vacation, she is busy with part-time jobs to pay for her living expenses and school tuition. One day, she gets a phone call that her mother has collapsed. Her parents live on Jeju Island. To get to the airport immediately, she hops on a motorcycle, belonging to someone else, and drives herself to the airport. Meanwhile, Woo-Jae (Lee Sang-Yoon ) has just been discharged from the army and is in Gangnam to meet a friend. There, Seo-Young steals his motorcycle right in front of him and rides off. Woo-Jae attempts to chase her.

Seo-Young is able to get to the airport and boards a flight to Jeju Island. When Seo-Young arrives at the hospital, she learns that her mother has already passed away. Seo-Young is shocked. Around this time, her father Sam-Jae (Cheon Ho-Jin ) is gambling when he learns that his wife has passed away. Sam-Jae rushes to the hospital. After her funeral, Seo-Young knows that her father is in debt and pays off her his debt. Due to spending her money on her father’s debt, Seo-Young now has to take the semester off from school. Seo-Young takes a job as a private tutor for Sung-Jae (Lee Jung-Shin ). On the first day of her tutoring job she meets Woo-Jae (the guy she stole the motorcycle from) who is Sung-Jae’s older brother.


  1. “My Daughter So-Young” takes over the KBS2 Saturday Sunday 19:55 time slot previously occupied by “My Husband Got a Family ” and will be followed by “You Are The Best! ” March 9, 2013.


fashionista Apr 01 2014 4:40 pm .

My daughter seo young ep 31 summary writing Other than these, the story

you’re a good looking man, dont forget to thank God for those talent He gave u. use is for His glory

dech Mar 30 2014 8:24 am . one of the best korean drama i ever watched, bravo. to all the cast esp for Lee sang yoon and lee bo young

Rina Feb 19 2014 3:36 am I really like this drama. Many lessons were taken to watching this drama. I love Lee Sang Yoon’s acting. He plays the character perfectly suited woo jae. I like the character Woo jae. He was the husband of the woman’s dream. Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Bo Young as a real married couple. I really like this couple. Sang Yoon oppa daebak.

Vicky Feb 17 2014 1:19 pm Stupid plot..why so hard for the girl to reveal about her past to her husband almost the whole movie ? I understand at the beginning but stretching a movie a movie like that is just plain stupid. Also, when you know that your enemy is working with you and if you have the choice to change job..just do it..why staying for the other one to stab in your back. I guess all those a pretext to prolong the movie.

Hana Jan 19 2014 1:43 am For those people who think that Hu Jong make worse the drama and those who stop watching until ep. 31. Hahaha you kidding me right now. You should watch the drama till the end. At first yeah something bothered me because Hu Jong married with Sang Woo. But I found later that Hu Jong and Sang Woo are lovely dovey. At first Sang Woo didnt have any feelin’ for Hu Jong but Sang woo felt for Hu Jong. You must watch ep 45 till the end.

My daughter seo young ep 31 summary writing in to each

It was so lovely and touching :)

Lyly Jan 03 2014 8:53 pm I think there is some misunderstand in the part of Sang Woo knew about Mi Gyung background at the beginning. No, Sang woo didn’t know about Mi Gyung background when she was with her ex-boyfriend. Sang Woo overheard Mi gyung ‘s ex-boyfriend talked to his mom about the girl he tried to marry because he knew her family was rich. Sang Woo thought Mi Gyung’s ex-boyfriend was cheating on her so Sang Woo tried to warn Mi Gyung. At that time, nobody knew Mi Gyung was from a rich family. She told people she was orphan. That’s why everybody was mad at her when they found out her family is rich.

peace Dec 21 2013 2:03 pm Hi, To me, the story about sang woo and mi gyung is the greatest, I really enjoy their relationship. Ho jung is cute but that’s all, sometimes she is very annoying to be too cute! Why did the scriptwriter decide to make sang woo and ho jung together! There are lots of parts that make nonsense. Firstly, it’s sang woo who has discovered that mi gyeong exboyfriend was with her because of her family background, so from the start it show that sang woo already know that mi gyung is not a orphan and have some money. But that’s scriptwriter problem! When I see the flashback of mi gyung and sang woo relationship it was very warm, they are here for each other for every great or bad times (even if there are not lots of). Plus, the parts when mi gyung has wear a dress to see sang woo father was great, and sho how the 2 are in love. But then when Ho jung return to Korea it seems that the relationship has begun change just because the scriptwriter want sang woo and ho jung to be together and thats why it makes the characters of each 3 change and don’t like that (because we can feel that) : mi gyong is even not comprehensive toward sang woo and don’t really try, she only ask things ho jung to do things for her? so the viewer will feel painful for ho jung etc. I can understand that mi gyung to become crazy due to sang woo decision because sang woo has never given her the reason why he quit her (even if I know that he loves his sister and don’t want to hurt her. ) and he escapes the reality by marrying with ho jung? This solution isn’t more hurting the one you really love? So it make nonsense ! That’s why I won’t continue to watch this drama! Because there are too many parts that dont make nonsense even the general plot? If seo yong really love her husband she can explain all things to him. And just tell him why she has said that her father was dead (because he has hurt her and her mother too much that she considered him dead it will be more comprehesive), because thats the only problem in the whole story and the story can go on. But the scriptwriter made her to become a more and more selfish person because years have gone and she doesn’t want to ‘loose’ what she has built with the person she loves and understand her!?

hai hai Dec 11 2013 9:57 am I like thia drama and also like Lee Bo Young and Lee Sung Yoon.I think they are so match.

Ducks ton Nov 04 2013 3:33 pm This drama started really strong but getting worse and worse until the end. I really enjoyed watching it until I found out Lee sung woo ended up married choi ho Jung. sad. I stop watching this drama after ep31, when I found out sung woo and mi kyung would not get back. sucks.

Akko Oct 22 2013 6:03 pm I enjoy your show but, the English subtitles are hard to read. Small with small trim. Hard to read.

Sarah Oct 10 2013 10:53 pm Great drama. amazing story of love. I haven’t finished watching it yet. I’m afraid to end my addiction to it. Last 3 episodes. Kang Woo Jae is very cool and his love to Seo Yeong is great. but her father’s love for her is the greatest. i’m glad i’d known this drama.

cuteme Sep 09 2013 10:43 pm I have observed that kbs weekend drama rules the rating and now family wang is starting to lure the audiences again.

Silvi Aug 02 2013 10:08 pm Just finished watching this drama. I love kang woo jaeeee! How sweet and loving he is toward seo young. Love the couple so much, i cant bring myself to watch either I Hear Your Voice or Goong Yi The Goddess of Fire. But maybe i will watch IHYV after sometime ,given the high rating it gets..

Ghost Hee Jun 29 2013 4:47 am It has been a while since I finished this awesome drama. I really liked this drama because, for a 50 episodes soup opera, it doesn’t feel draggy a lot. There’s really a villain character in this drama. Everyone did what they thought was the best, and everyone has their own reasons for their mistakes. If you’ve to appoint a villain it’d probably be the main character Seo Young, for her lies were the root of all problems. However, Seo Young is not a character we should hate on because, for myself, I could actually empathize on her choices. She isn’t a cold-blooded person who denied her own father, she isn’t one to tell lies for her own sake, but it just happens that she was caught in that situation. Imagine how desperate she was, and she finally found someone to depend on. She went through hell after all that she has done merely to keep her love. I just can’t find any reason hate her on that. LBY’s convincing acting plays an important part in the drama too. This is probably the best soup opera I’ve ever watched.

charm Jun 27 2013 11:11 am i won’t leave this page without declaring my thoughts about it! the fact that Lee Seo Young won’t badge herself from those endless pride,well i do understand that, where she’s coming from. but mistakes never corrected with another mistakes, that’s the thing i never appreciates about her. and one thing that i’m going to point out ,circumstances is sometimes cruel, that all her 3 years marriage is miserable in just one lie! but she was cornered about her father’s death. it was actually never came out directly on her mouth but it was coming from the mouth on her “soon to be mother in law”,the only mistakes she inflicted on herself is, she firmly confirms it that she is an orphan. the bottomline is, everyone is learn from their own mistakes. we have to suffer first before realizing it that family is very important..” ONE MISTAKES WILL CHANGE ONE’S LIVES FOREVER”..but if it’s for a good thing why not. the life lessons that that this drama inculcated on me is “set aside the pride first, give importance to the people you love”. SINCE I FINISHED WATCHING IT, MY SLEEPLESS NIGHTS IS REALLY WORTH IT!

aishh Jun 20 2013 3:41 am oh my!i just dunno where to rant other than this pages.im now warching ep39 and seriously im getting tired with seo yeong and lee sam jae’s character.why seo young always choose to keep quiet and doesnt care to explain about almost everything..and lee sam jae really annoyed me..he was at his best when he didnt intefere with his children’s life..but when he did,he only make things worst..and even he loves his daughter so much..i think he does look so stupid when it comes to seo yeong matters and when he face her..Grrrr. And even i like the fact that sang woo end up with ho jeong but i still pity ho jeong since the proposal come without any affection or love and until now i didnt see sang woo hs any feeling towards her..arghhh..what a pity.

aishh Jun 14 2013 11:31 am I watched until ep 19 and i really hate seo young character..she is such a selfish person!i have no prob when she said her father was dead but when she kept asking her friend to quit and even ask her brother to move to another hospital,i found her character soo irritating and annoying. And i dunno why others are questioning why sang woo choose heojeong instead of migyeong..i have no problem with it and as the previous commentator said,i also happy and enjoy watching heojeong and sang woo together..and i would be weird if you are sharing in laws with ur own sister,i suppose. Will try to finish all of the eps to watch a happy ending for sang woo and heojeong.lol

Bold Jun 10 2013 7:09 pm I like the ending that Sang Woo married to Ho Jung and live happily. That’s how the drama should be, Ho Jung deserves it. It wouldn’t be right if Sang Woo left Ho Jung to be with Mi Gyung after everything was revealed. The story would be weird if both Seo young and Sang Woo entered the Kang family as their in law. Although the title is “Seo young my daughter”, I really enjoy watching the parts of Sang Woo Ho Jung.

Crown of King May 30 2013 7:59 am stupid screenwriter she is really stupid why she didn’t end lee sang woo with Kang mi kyung . this will be my last time to watch a drama comes from her she is really STUPID and BAD SCREENWRITER

Lyly May 13 2013 3:31 pm I think Sang Woo made the right choice. Mi Gyung is not the right girl for him, Ho Jung is. To me, Ho Jung character is better than Mi Gyung. Ho Jung is cute, smart and caring. Although Mi Gyung is doctor, she acts very thoughtless. If Mi Gyung did not lie to Sang Woo in the beginning, he wouldn’t fall in love with her. It is reasonable for Sang Woo to break up with Mi Gyung. I think the story is understandable and acceptable.

xiaohuey May 11 2013 11:55 pm The script writer tried to brought out useless resons to justify the twins decision. If a rich man found a cheating wife, wouldn’t he dump her heartlessly as soon as possible? It doesn’t need 3 years, just few days after finding the facts. How can scriptwriters be so thoughtless?!

xiaohuey May 11 2013 11:26 pm Unreasonable, stupid reasons from Lee SangWoo to hurt Kang Mikyung. Danger his sister and hurt his father if marry with Mikyung. Blantant arrogant idiot. Marriage of guy whom hurt good intelligent innocent girl like Mikyung wouldn’t have blessings or happiness, but continued troubles in reality. Lies made by Seoyeong is easy to be found out in 21st century within minutes. She should be the prey instead of keeping hurt others for her own sake. What a weak story plot compared to Ojakyo Brothers.

simeon Apr 15 2013 1:13 pm I didn’t like seoyeong’s personality at first unlike chunyang of my sassy girl chunyang because she doesn’t give respect unlike chunyang. both of them have there pride but atleast chunyang gave courtesy and respect towards woojae’s parents but this is just the first impression towards seoyoung comparing to chunyang..

Cadwalider Apr 05 2013 10:40 am Unlike the previous two entries, I found the character of Ho-jung (played by the delightful Choi Yoon Jung, who was nominated for ‘best new actress’ for this year’s Baeksang Awards for her portrayal of the role) to be the most likable and interesting person to watch in this show. She, along with the great Kim Hye-ok are the ones who kept me tuning in to each episode. The only thing about this series that I found amiss is that Park Jung-ah was, once again, underused and relegated to the second tier of characters. This woman needs to get a lead role so that we may get the chance to see her flourish on the grand scale that a talented beauty like her deserves.

biggi Mar 29 2013 1:26 pm I can not continue with this drama, because [spoiler] Sangwoo ends up with Ho Jung. I mean I really like the drama ( just watched until episode 8 and saw a preview of episode 50) but that fact kills my life :'(

sandy Mar 27 2013 12:23 pm lol what you talking about seo young had no pride she is certified as the proudest woman ever in a korean drama have you bothered watching to the end its a meaningful show but you obviously missed the point

humplin Mar 25 2013 1:29 pm i watched and i hate it..i hate that fact that sang woo broke up with mi kyung to be with ho jung the silly one.Also i hate the idea that sang woo and seo young didn’t have good chemistry as siblings well seo young always tried being nice to the little bro but sang woo never really understood his sister’s pains and always pushed her away not knowing that even though seo young was cold and wrong still as a brother who always took seo young’s money,love and care should stand by her no matter what..also i hate that seo young was a weak ass when it came to woo jae..she should have been colder to woo jae and live ffar from him even though he forced showed up daily..she should have had some pride of being strong like before till after some time then go back..such n annoying story but am glad some people liked it.

Roh Joo-Eun Mar 17 2013 10:38 am Joo Ah-sung is a permanent cast in this drama. You can see him in almost all the episodes. ^_^

gina Mar 13 2013 8:37 pm Ahh! Love this drama! ok, ALL sat-sun dramas on KBS! starting from Ojakyo brothers, my husband got a family and, finally, SeoYoung, my daughter. It seems that this drama is the only one that depicts real, smart woman with common sense. Love you, Lee Bo Young onni

Love Lee Woo Jae as well. He is affectionate and at the same time, manly! I wish someday I meet someone like you, Woo Jae ssi

Lee Sang Yun oppa, jelaous for your gf/wife ^_^

Just look at the ratings, it’s obviously MUST WATCH DRAMA

Renthlei Mar 06 2013 12:26 am Love this drama a lot.I like Lee Bo Young. inspired me to be a tough woman!! :D

letisha Mar 03 2013 7:37 pm The story line is getting interesting (minus the boring parts earlier). The acting of actors playing Sangu and Migyeong are so lifeless and boring but the others are quite good. Ho Jung is U.S. educated, it’s hard to believe that she is too unsophisticated (would be convincing if the screen writer made her a country girl or if she has not gone to college). Other than these, the story is really lovely and heartwarming.

rana Feb 23 2013 7:31 am hojong and sangu hope you get more lines i know the drama called seo young my daughter but we here loooooooooooove to see more of hojong and sangu lines and im soooooooooo happy beacuse they ended up married

lewis Feb 17 2013 12:23 pm We watch this drama but I am going crazy trying to remember the words to the background song. Last time I heard the words it was sung by a religious female singer on TV. Anyone help ?

piya Feb 05 2013 10:35 am I love this drama. I watch this drama just because of lee sang yun and choi yoon young. Choi yoon young is so cute and i love her character.

Devi Feb 02 2013 3:28 am I am very much impressed with this drama. from the setting, the dialogue, casts, director. are superb. The story is very realistic and entertaining, It also reminds us that trust and confidence is very important in any relationship. It is something that you cannot put back once it is broken. No matter how we hope and no matter how we try we cannot make truth out of a lie.

hew Jan 30 2013 5:05 am I like this drama, it is more teaching to modern couple and giving us all the different ups and downs in life. surely Seo young played it well.

Bonnie Jan 29 2013 8:00 pm I very much enjoy the Drama episodes on KBS. They are so much better than the “soap operas” we are subjected to here in the States. Thank you for transcribing the stories into English. I have watched so many of them now that I’m beginning to look forward to see who the actors/actresses are for each story. I almost feel like I know them as well if not better than most U.S. movie stars. Thank you again for all of the programs.

Sally Jan 16 2013 1:57 am I VOTED THIS MOVIE IS THE BEST STORY. GREAT ACTOR ; Lee Sang. and Cheon Ho-Jin. Beautiful actress who good plays thoughtful act like Lee Bo – young. Director Yoo Hyun-Ki is making the best choice to a nice couple of Seo Young and Kang J

Cikhanmy Jan 12 2013 6:41 pm Firstly I likes Sang Woo couple with Mi Gyung but now I really hope that Sang Woo will married Ho Jung because Ho Jung always there for him and never blame him for anything.

H.E Jan 10 2013 3:00 am I watch this drama because of lee bo young I wish all the best for this drama Fighting onny

diana520h20 Jan 08 2013 7:39 pm i love this drama so far. however i i park Hae Jin to Be with Park Jung Ah they were so cute together. and they are doctors where the other girl s dumb and stupid.

well. i decided not to watch it anymore because of Park Hae Jin decided to married the dumb girl and marries the dumb girl even though he loves park jung ah i felt so sad because he broke up with her because she is his sister’s sister-in-law.

it would be better if they are together

as for lee bo young she said her father died or no father. i hurts my heart a lot so touching. like Park hae jin said she is too worn out and his father is too late

Can somebody tell me what park hae jin say when propose choo yoon young and why he decided to propose her?i watch ep 25 and 26 but there isnt english sub :(. Thank u

Yume Dec 12 2012 2:15 pm I hope in this drama. Choi Yoon Young will marry to Park Hae Jin. Choi Yoon Young looks very cute and Park Hae Jin looks handsome is a nice pairup couple in this drama. Hope they get married and love each other in this drama.

I have finished watching episode26 nice watching. will continue to watch.

Helen Kim Dec 04 2012 8:58 pm absolutely one of the finest tv drama I have ever watched. Everyone act so well especially Bo young and Kim Hye Ock so charming and adorable!

I am always busy and do not have time for TV Drama but once I start with one episode, I just can not stop watching this drama. excellent story with nearly perfect actors and actresses WOW! I am so proud of our Koreans. So beautiful, perfect make ups Superio Next time. I will learn Korean words so I can type e-mail with Korean, so Please forgive me Thank you so much for all what you do for our country . Bo young husband also good actor and her brother and shiabonim good actor as well as Bo young father. I always wanted to write and always interested how story will developed– I love to know Thank You ALL .

Roh Joo-Eun Oct 15 2012 7:28 am I like Lee Bo Young and Park Hae-Jin. I am watching this drama diligently. Kkk..

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