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My city mumbai essay writing

My city mumbai essay writing city you can also tell

Writing an essay on Mumbai city is not a very difficult task. The only thing you should remember about this custom essay is that there are a lot of things you can tell about Mumbai. That is why it is better to think over what you would like to concentrate on while writing your essay on Mumbai city.

In this article you can find useful information that may give you a hint on the possible aspects to be covered in your essays on Mumbai city.

  • Mumbai (Bombay previously) is a capital of the Indian state Maharashtra. It is really hard to imagine, but nearly 13 million people live there so, it is the most populated city in the world. These are the facts that can give the first impression on the city in your essay on Mumbai city.
  • In the essay on Mumbai city you can give a short description of the geographical location of the city. Mumbai lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea and occupies the island of Bombay and the southern part of the island Salsette. These two islands are connected with each other with the bridges and dams.
  • You should definitely tell in your essays on Mumbai city that it is one of the most significant cultural and economic centers of India. People from the neighboring cities come to Mumbai to find a job. That is why Mumbai is a city of contrasts, where luxury and wealth are mixed with poverty. In Mumbai it is very easy to find rich and modern districts as well as some districts in which various diseases are flourishing.
  • Your essay on Mumbai city can be more involving if you present a short narrative about the origins of the word Mumbai. Actually, its name derives from the name of the Indian goddess Mumba-Devi, which means “mother”.

In your essay on Mumbai city you can also tell about its transportation system, economic potential, demography, history and many other things.

My city mumbai essay writing very easy to find

Do not forget to add the images into your essay on Mumbai city, which will allow the reader to get the full picture of it.

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