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Mobile game thesis title proposal

Mobile game thesis title proposal We also investigate

Cross-Device Interaction

With the growing number of electronic devices around us we cannot ignore the need for cross-device interaction. It is time to investigate the potential of existing interaction techniques and come up with a flexible and extensible way to allow all our devices to communicate with each other.

Cross-Media Information Spaces and Architectures

We investigate conceptual models and architectures for the representation and integration of information across media boundaries. It is time to question existing document formats which are very much based on the simulation of paper on static desktop computers and to come up with innovative information concepts for the representation of open and fluid cross-media “documents”.


Different research topics and projects of WISE are related to Mobile 2.0 learning.

MindXpres – An Extensible Content-driven Cross-Media Presentation Tool

Existing presentation tools such as Microsoft’s PowerPoint, Apple’s Keynote or OpenOffice Impress represent a de facto standard for giving presentations. We question these existing slide-based presentation solutions due to some of their inherent limitations. Our new MindXpres presentation tool addresses these problems by introducing a radically new presentation format. In addition to a clear separation of content and visualisation, our HTML5 and JavaScript-based presentation solution offers advanced features such as the non-linear traversal of the presentation, hyperlinks, transclusion, semantic linking and navigation of information, multimodal input, dynamic interaction with the content, the import of external presentations and more.

Personal Cross-media Information Management

On a daily basis users struggle to organse and re-find their stored documents, photos or emails.

Mobile game thesis title proposal and projects of WISE

Personal Cross-Media Information Management investigates the opportunities to provide the user with an alternative to the Desktop Metaphor where we step away from the file hierarchies used to store our information. Our cross-media PIM system is a solution which unifies all organisational structures such as email, bookmark and file hierarchies but also the physical classification structures such as bookshelves or piles of papers on the desk.

Presentation Tools

With more than 30 million PowerPoint presentations that are created every single day, we cannot ignore the widespread and heavy use of slideware presentations in domains such as education or business. Within WISE various projects revolve around the domain of presentation tools and their related aspects.

Serious Games

The purpose of this research topic is to perform research on development methods for serious games, which are games used for training, advertising, simulation, or education.

The goal of the development methods is to ease the development of serious games and to allow for a greater involvement of the different stakeholders during the development process.

We also investigate adaptativity (i.e. dynamic adaptation) for serious games. which has the aim to adapt a serious games to different characteristics of the player as well as to the performance of the player.

Furthermore, we investigate how non-player characters can be made more relalistic in their behavior and interaction.

Mobile game thesis title proposal to adapt

User Experience (UX) Strategy

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