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Media studies phd thesis writing year ask for

  • As a new discipline, Film Studies embraced contemporary theory more rapidly and thoroughly than almost any field in the humanities. Students without a strong theoretical background will not be competitive in job searches.
  • More jobs each year ask for “some production experience.”
  • Historically, the most important foreign language for Film Studies has been French. Unless a graduate student has particular reasons for needing a different language, French should be the first choice.
  • Because many media studies jobs appear in English departments, students should develop an additional concentration in either literature, composition, or theory.

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Department of English faculty who regularly teach courses in this track include:

  • Richard Burt Shakespeare Renaissance Drama; Film, Mass Media Digital Media; Literary Media Theory
  • Terry Harpold Science Fiction Film, Climate Fiction Film, Digital Humanities, Image-Text Studies, Psychoanalysis
  • Kenneth Kidd 19th-Century Literature Culture, Children’s Literature Media, Lesbian Gay Studies
  • Barbara Mennel International Cinema, Feminist and Queer Studies, German Studies
  • Robert Ray Film, Critical Theory, World Literature, Poetry Writing, Popular Music
  • Mark A. Reid African African Diaspora Studies in Film, Media Literature, Cultural Studies, Womanism Gender Studies
  • Maureen Turim Film History Theory, Psychoanalytic Theory, Feminist Gender Theory, Deconstruction, Comparative Art Theory
  • Anastasia Ulanowicz Children’s Literature Media, 20th-Century American Literature, Religion Literature, Trauma Studies
  • Phil Wegner 20th-Century American, British, World Literatures; Marxism; Science Fiction; Utopias; Cultural Studies; Theory; Film Media Studies

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