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Lizhong zheng phd thesis writing

Lizhong zheng phd thesis writing Use of spatial

Pramod Viswanath (Professor, UIUC). Thesis: Capacity of vector multiple access channels, 2000.

Lizhong Zheng (Professor, MIT). Thesis: Diversity-multiplexing tradeoff: A comprehensive view of multiple antenna systems, 2002.

Xia Ye (Associate Professor, University of Florida, Gainesville). Thesis: Design and analysis of modern network transport protocol, 2003.

Ada Poon (Assistant Professor, Stanford University). Thesis: Use of spatial dimension for spectrum sharing, 2004.

Raul Etkin (Samsung). Thesis: Spectrum sharing: Fundamental limits, scaling laws, and self-enforcing protocols, 2006.

Vinod Prabhakaran (Reader, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India). Thesis: Two multi-terminal communication problems: Distributed estimation and source-channel broadcast, 2007.

Amir Salman Avestimehr (Associate Professor, University of Southern California). Thesis: Wireless network information flow: A deterministic approach, 2008.

Leonard Grokop (Qualcomm). Interference management in wireless networks: Physical layer communication strategies, MAC layer interactions, and high layer messaging structures, 2008.

I-Hsiang Wang (Assistant professor, National Taiwan University). Thesis: Cooperative interference management in wireless networks, 2011.

Changho Suh (Assistant Professor, KAIST, South Korea). Thesis: Feedback and interference alignment in networks, 2011.

Guy Bresler (post-doctoral researcher, MIT). Thesis: Fundamental limits and insights: from wireless communication to DNA sequencing, 2012.

Baosen Zhang (Assistant professor, U. of Washington, Seattle). Thesis: Control and Optimization of Power Systems with Renewables: Voltage Regulation and Generator Dispatch, 2013.

Lizhong zheng phd thesis writing source-channel broadcast

Sudeep Kamath (postdoctoral researcher, UCSD). Thesis: Some problems in network information theory, 2013.

Former Postdoctoral Researchers:

Matthias Grossglauser (Associate Professor, EPFL, Switzerland)

Jamie Evans (Professor, Monash University, Australia)

David Starobinsk i (Professor, Boston University)

Massimo Franceschetti (Professor, University of California at San Diego)

Dana Porrat (Lecturer, Hebrew University, Israel)

Mohammad Ali Maddah-Ali (Researcher, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Laboratories)

Nan Ma (Yammer Inc.)

Albert Lam (Lecturer, City University of Hong Kong)

Abolfazl Motahari (Sharif University of Technology)

Soheil Mohajer (Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota)

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