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Literature review dissertation help fees

Helpful tips and advice on choosing the right dissertation service !

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Do not risk all the time and effort you have put into acquiring a doctorate by choosing the wrong dissertation consulting service for help. Below are some guidelines that have proven very reliable in the past.

Stability and Trustworthiness: Beware of “internet only” businesses and those which have no real office! When choosing any professional service. look first at how long that business has been in operation. Choose a dissertation service with a proven track record. Ask how many years they have been in business. The longer the better!

Confidentiality: You must deal with a service company which has a proven record of trustworthiness in preserving the confidentiality of your personal information and your dissertation document. Such a company will provide you with their written confidentiality guarantee in writing.

Custom Work Only: Some companies will sell you a pre-written document instead of doing CUSTOM work.

Your dissertation must be entirely original; you cannot reproduce, copy or otherwise use any type of “canned” document. Your Review of literature must be written around the variables of YOUR study. A cheap price means you are NOT receiving a custom-researched and custom-written document .

Look At Cost: A low price means a low-quality product. not something you want to rely upon at this stage of your professional and academic career. Experienced researcher/writers with advanced degrees from U.S. universities demand reasonable fees for their work. If someone offers you a Review of Literature for a bargain price, stay away! Each page of a literature review requires hours of research, reading, planning and writing time.

Qualifications: How can a business offer doctoral level dissertation service for less than the fees discussed above? They do it by using non-U.S. writers (most are based in Third World countries) who have non-U.S. degrees or by using writers who do not have advanced degrees. Only U.S. trained and degreed experienced academic writers should be helping you with your dissertation.

Staffing: A small and seasoned staff of writers is better! Companies which advertise that they have a hundred or more writers cannot possibly research, let alone certify the background, experience, research or writing skills or ethics of those writers. Most will be based somewhere outside the U.S. The company will have no personal relationship with those writers, nor will they have fully confirmed their backgrounds, degrees and experience.

Literature review dissertation help fees based somewhere outside

They will not have met them, and will not have any longterm relationship with them.

What Services Are Offered? A professional dissertation service company will offer you a full range of services, including literature review, document identification and retrieval, chapter editing, proposal assistance, consulting on advisor and other issues, dissertation counseling, assistance with preparation of academic papers, journal articles, comps and other research and writing needs.

Payment Issues: A legitimate, professional service company will ask for a deposit on the work and will provide you with a sample of the completed work before you pay the remainder of the fee.

Sources: A legitimate business will provide you with copies of the full text of the sources used to create your Review of Literature. You MUST have them to confirm that the sources have been used properly, ethically and appropriately; you will want to have them for use in other chapters.

Quality Control: Do not be satisfied with e-mail only communication! Look for a service with an experienced, professional staff you can actually call during business hours to discuss your project, your needs, your specifications. You will rely upon that staff to guide your dissertation (Review of Literature, Proposal or other project) from the initiation of your order through completion.

Corporate Safety: Make sure you are dealing with an U.S. corporation. If the name of the dissertation service does not have an “Inc” at the end, stay away! Corporations have more accountability to their clients because they must adhere to Federal and State Regulations.

Free Dissertation Service Checklist & Comparison:

Are you thinking about hiring a dissertation consulting service or writing coach? This online tool can help you significantly by helping you ask the right questions when selecting a dissertation service. This Service Checklist & Comparison chart is very important because it help you select a coaching or consulting service to help you complete your dissertation successfully. To use this tool, just click CHECKLIST.

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