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YAZ RECALL UPDATE. YAZ RECALL vote by FDA in 2011 still in question.

In December of 2011, an FDA Advisory Committe considered the future of the entire family of DROSPIRENONE (DRSP) containing pills. Embroiled in litigation since 2009, and the subject of multiple independent studies finding higher risks of blood clots, the pills future remains in jeopardy in 2013. Whether the FDA will revisit the future of the pills and enhanced warnings added to the packaging, since the onset of over 13,000 personal injury lawsuits, is open to debate, at least in the United States.

EMA, at behest of France, revisits safety profile of YAZ, YASMIN and other pills, while countries question continued use in Europe.

Emerging reports from Europe have revealed that the European Medicines Agency (EMA). at the behest of France, is re-evaluating the use of DROSPIRENONE (DRSP) containing pills in the European Union. The French initiative coincides with an announcement that the government would not reimburse users of certain pills, including DROSPIRENONE (DRSP) containing pills, because of higher risks of blood clots and complications that essentially burden the health care system. An analysis of related news reports appears here . As noted in this post here . Switzerland’s largest insurer has joined a pending lawsuit to seek reimbursement for medical benefits associated with at least one victim of the new generation of birth control pills.

As noted below, BAYER has continued to evaluate and resolve certain blood clot cases over the course of almost one year. However, thousands of cases remain pending in the United States in 2013. FREE CASE EVALUATIONS and no recovery, no fee contingency fee recoveries remain an option for all victims seeking assistance.

Limperialisme en afrique dissertation proposal As noted in this

The sponsor of this site continues to offer CONFIDENTIAL NO OBLIGATION case evaluations:


BAYER. the manufacturer of the original DROSPIRENONE (DRSP ) containing birth control pills has released information today, October 30, 2012, confirming settlements of blood clot case as of October 15, 2012, totaling $750 Million U.S. Dollars.

As illustrated above, BAYER has confirmed, and provided the following YAZ SETTLEMENTS UPDATE for OCTOBER 2012 :

  • It has agreed to settle approximately 3,490 blood clot cases for a total of $750 Million U.S. Dollars.
  • As of October 15, 2012, the number of related lawsuits pending and served upon BAYER totaled 12,400.
  • Pending unsettled cases include 3,800 blood clot cases.
  • There are an additional 720 cases were claims have been asserted but not filed as lawsuits.
  • Excluding claims already settled there were an additional 13,500 cases filed.
  • Cases are being settled on a case by case basis after a case specific analysis and presentation of medical records on a rolling basis.

Based upon the above, it appears that there are at least another $800 Million U.S. Dollars in blood clot settlements, or YAZ SETTLEMENTS. pending in the 3,800 cases identified as unsettled. Other types of cases remain pending and potentially viable despite the manufacturer not agreeing to consider their settlement as of this writing.

Limperialisme en afrique dissertation proposal the future of the pills

As note below, a number of studies have been published since 2009 that confirm that DROSPIRENONE (DRSP ) containing birth control pills present higher risks of blood clots to users. The higher risks and failure to warn were at the heart of related blood clot lawsuits for injuries and complications from Deep Vein Thrombosis or Pulmonary Emboli that became known as YAZ SIDE EFFECTS .

FREE CASE EVALUATIONS remain available through the sponsor of this site by submission of the contact form below. This is a no obligation evaluation of your YAZ BLOOD CLOT CLAIM .


A study published in CONTRACEPTION. &”Recent Combined Hormonal Cotnraceptives (CHCs) and the Risk of Thromboembolism and Other Cardiovascular Events in New Users &”, confirms disturbing information about DROSPIRENONE (DRSP ) containing birth control pills.

This recent study in one of several, including an FDA funded study, that have reached similar conclusions regarding DROSPIRENONE (DRSP ) containing birth control pills. In evaluating the risk of a venous thromboembolic event (VTE ), including Pulmonary Emboli (PE) (blood clots in the lungs) or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT ) (blood clots in the legs) the latest study specifically found the following:

  • &”We found that the intiation of new use of DRSP-containing&” pills was &”associated with a 77% increase in the risk of hospitialization for a VTE relative to the use of&” a comparable group of four low-dose estrogen pills .
  • &”[T]he growing number of studies showing an increased risk of VTE with DRSP suggests that DRSP-containing&” pills &”should be used cautiously for women seeking hormonal contraception &”.

Given there have now been multiple studies showing increased risk of blood clots, from use of a DROSPIRENONE (DRSP ) containing birth control pill, one has to wonder why any girl, woman or her prescriber would knowingly choose a DROSPIRENONE (DRSP ) containing birth control pill. The history of these pills has marked by FDA WARNING LETTERS. &”corrective advertising&” necessitated by the manufacturer overstating the alleged benefits of the pills and over 13,000 lawsuits claiming personal injury from use of the pills or their generics.


Disturbingly, the significance of the troubled history, ongoing litigation, near market withdrawal, or recall, in December 2011, is lost among many people. Apparently, even The American College of Obstetricians Gynecologists (ACOG ) has a short lived memory and self serving interpretation of the latest study as illustrated below.


No girl or woman can have a free, or educated choice, in their contraceptive decision if they are not adequately or properly informed. The failure of the manufacturer to adequately warn of risks associated with DROSPIRENONE (DRSP ) containing birth control pills resulted in over 13,000 lawsuits, as well as label changes and a near recall of the pills in December 2011. The Devil is in the Details as the illustration above indicates but ACOG has arguably forgotten many details associated with DROSPIRENONE (DRSP ) containing birth control pills.


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