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Li shiuan peh phd thesis proposal

Li shiuan peh phd thesis proposal Project with Samvaran

I am a final-year PhD student at MIT advised by Professor Li-Shiuan Peh. I received my Bachelor of Science from Harvard in 2010.

My interests include robotics, mobile systems, intelligent transportation, and the Internet of Things. I have built fully-integrated end-to-end hardware and software systems with real-world prototype deployments in cities.

My dissertation research develops advances in mobile imaging, sensing, computing, networking, and programming, in order to realize rapid adoption of future urban mobility, connected vehicles, and smart cities. I have also worked on physical computing user interfaces and urban design, through my minor in Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab.

Mailing Address: 32 Vassar Street 32-G785, Cambridge, MA 02139


A case for leveraging 802.11p for direct phone-to-phone communications
Pilsoon Choi, Jason Gao, Nadesh Ramanathan, Mengda Mao, Shipeng Xu, Chirn-Chye Boon, Suhaib Fahmy and Li-Shiuan Peh
International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design (ISLPED). La Jolla, California, USA, August 2014.

DIPLOMA: Consistent and Coherent Shared Memory over Mobile Phones
Jason Gao, Anirudh Sivaraman, Niket Agarwal, Haoqi Li and Li-Shiuan Peh
International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD). Montreal, Canada, September 2012.

other projects and fun stuff

piccy.me . No sign-up, instant real-time photo galleries. Email photo(s) to start@piccy.me. and your gallery is ready. Uses WebSockets to show newly added photos in real-time. 2015.

Simple Bus and Shuttle Tracker . See position, heading, and route of active MIT shuttles and MBTA buses. Born out of frustration with the MIT Mobile app.

Li shiuan peh phd thesis proposal and software systems with

Source code. 2015.

The Wall . Giant RGB LED Wall + Leap Motion. Project with James Coleman, Martin Lozano, Ramya Swamy, Miho Kitagawa, and Douglas Sanchez for 2.744 Product Design. 2014.

Expandabot . Expanding wheels on a robot, for traversing different terrain types, steering even with identical angular speed, and fun. Project with Shiyu Wei, Sarah Southerland, and Bianca Homberg for 6.S080 Mechanical Invention through Computation. 2013.

TeleGesture . Tangible interface for remote collaboration via gestural recreation. Project with Samvaran Sharma, Anjali Muralidhar, Hayoun Won, and Henry Skupniewicz for MAS.834 Tangible User Interfaces. 2012.

At the Reds . Pure HTML5 in-vehicle apps and microentertainment through MirrorLink via a Nokia N9 connected to a reverse-engineered sonar parking kit+Arduino+Bluetooth module. Nokia Research Center. 2012.

Harvard Energy and Emissions Visualization. Interactive visualization of Harvard's 2008-2009 energy consumption and carbon emissions across the campus. Project for CS 171. Featured in CS50 (PDF). 2009.

Cookie Crumbs. A location-based services platform to connect people through shared local experiences. Harvard College Innovation Challenge winner. 2008.

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