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Le roi carolingian dissertation writing by the abusive nature of

At Ozonoterapia Ambulare we strive to
provide you with the best experience in Diabetes
treatment and other chronic and degenerative illnesses.

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  • Diabetes is a chronically degenerative disease which appears when
    the human pancreas can’t produce enough insulin or when the body
    can’t use the insulin it produces.

    Insulin is a hormone that regulates the sugar in the blood. In time,
    Diabetes critically damages many organs and sisters, specially
    nerves and blood vessels.

  • Chronically Degenerative Diseases

    Certain diseases exist, that by their nature, medicine offers limited treatments,
    however, that does not mean that the person who suffers them must sacrifice

    Le roi carolingian dissertation writing dance of haryana staff

    their quality of life.

    At Ambulare, we offer treatments which can notably reduce the discomfort
    caused by this kind of disease.

    Ambulare is an integral clinic for the complementary management of chronically degenerative diseases and their complications.

    At Ambulare. we are aware that chronically degenerative diseases are frequently coupled with in the long term with terrible complications, it is for that reason that the ozone therapy is primarily focused on preventing those complications; regardless, when said complications already exist, the ozone therapy must be focused primarily on reversing them or in the worst case scenario on stopping such degenerative process.

    At Ambulare, we provide you with high quality medical services that fit your budget. We are located in one of the most well-known hospitals in latin-america, providing you with top-level facilities added to the professionalism, skill and know-how of our certified medical team.

    In this page, you will find information on the different therapies and services that Ozonoterapia Ambulare offers.

    Ozonoterapia Ambulare offers diverse services oriented to improve the quality of life for patients with specific needs via low risk therapies. Among those services, you can find the following:

    Le roi carolingian dissertation abstract

    The application of Medical Ozone through diverse therapies offers to our patients a safe alternative to surgery.


    Among our treatments we count with some specifically designed to help manage the metabolism of patients suffering from Diabetes, helping to reduce significantly the most severe symptoms of this disease.

    Chronically Degenerative Diseases

    In the case of diseases that by their nature, medical science offers limited treatment options, we have developed therapies that focus on reducing the discomfort related to them.

    Nothing is more important than your well-being and your family’s. A better quality of life is within your reach with Ozonoterapia Ambulare.

    With our certified medical team and highly qualified staff, top tier facilities and accessible prices Ozonoterapia Ambulare is the best option in Ozone Therapy.

    Nothing is more important than your well-being and your family’s. A better quality of life is within your reach with Ozonoterapia Ambulare .

    With our certified medical team and highly qualified staff, top tier facilities and accessible prices Ozonoterapia Ambulare is the best option in Ozone Therapy .

    Feeling better and live without discomfort is within your reach. Give us a call at +52 (33) 3849-6334 and (33) 3442-8055 to discover all the options that Ozonoterapia Ambulare has for you.

    Ambulare offers complementary therapies to prevent and manage complications caused by Diabetes.

    Is the activation of the erythrocytes in the blood of a patient through a sterile process, and then re-infuse that activated blood back into the same patient. This method ensures that the Ozone Therapy is systemic, resulting in the following benefits:

    • Metabolical modulation
    • Immunologic system modulation
    • Increases the oxygen assimilation of the erythrocytes, increasing their efficiency transporting oxygen on a microcirculatory level
    • Increases the ability of the erythrocytes to release the transported oxygen to the peripheral hypoxic tissue
    • Increases the redox cellular balance
    • Regulates pain
    • Improves the hypercholesterolemia
    • Reduces the “bad” cholesterol and increases the “good” cholesterol

    Minor Autohemotherapy with Ozone

    This therapy is primarily used to reinforce the immunologic system.

    Ozone Therapy with “Bag”

    Local therapy recommended for patients with diabetic foot and chronic ulcers. Acts like a bactericide and improves local blood circulation because of the absorption of ozone throughout the skin. Ideally should be combined with major autohemotherapy.

    Inter-discal Ozone Therapy for Spinal Disc Herniation

    A single application of inter-disc ozone, this produces a self-regenerative response in the spinal and cervical discs, resulting in a reversal of the disc herniation.

    Ozone Intra-articular injections

    This kind of therapy is recommended for sports, degenerative and arthritis-related injuries in shoulder, elbow, hands, spine, hip, knees, ankle and foot.

    Ozone muscular injections

    This therapy is used to manage localized pain in muscular-esqueletical regions.


    The WHO (World Health Organization) defines diabetes as a chronic disease that appears when the human pancreas can no longer produce enough insulin or when the body cannot use the insulin it produces. Insulin is the human hormone in charge of regulating sugar in blood. The effect of unregulated sugar is calle hyperglycemia (increment of of sugar in blood), in time, this condition damages systems and organs, specially nerves and blood vessels.

    Type 1 Diabetes

    Type 1 Diabetes (also known as insulin-dependent), can be identified by an insufficient production of insulin and patients require daily doses of the hormone. The cause of type 1 diabetes is still unknown and cannot be prevented.

    Symptoms include, among others, excessive excretion of urine (polyuria), thirst (polydipsia), constant hunger, weight loss, visual problems and constant tiredness. This symptoms may suddenly appear.

    Type 2 Diabetes

    Type 2 Diabetes (also known as insulin-independent), can be identified by an ineffective utilization of insulin by the body. This type of diabetes represents 90% of the world cases of diabetes and is primarily linked to excessive body weight and sedentary life.

    Symptoms can be similar to those of type 1 diabetes, but often less intense, for this reason this disease may take several years to diagnose. In many cases, when complications have already appeared.

    Dr. Yeny Rivera Conchas Certified Therapist

  • Dr. Vicente Partida Zamudio Neurosurgeon

    What are the common complications from diabetes?

    Maintaining an elevated level of sugar in the blood, which is the case with diabetes patients results in damage to micro and macro blood circulation, this causes permanent damage to:

    Heart. Diabetes increases the risk of cardiac problems and vascular cerebral damage. 50% of diabetic patients die from cardiovascular diseases (mainly heart disease and vascular cerebral damage).

    Blood vessels. peripheral circulatory insufficiency, contributing heavily to conditions like diabetic foot.

    Eyes. Diabetic retinopathy, is an important cause of blindness, it occurs due to the accumulation of damage to the small blood vessels within the retina. Close to 2% of all diabetic patients go blind within 15 years and 10% have severe eyesight damage.

    Kidneys. Diabetes is within the main causes of renal insufficiency. 10 to 20% of diabetic patients die from kidney failure.

    Nerves. Diabetic neuropathy occurs when the nerves get damaged due to diabetes, this can happen up to 50% of diabetes patients. frequent symptoms consist in tingling, pain, numbness or weakness in feet and hands. The neuropathy of the feet combined with the reduction in blood circulation increase the risk of ulcers in the feet and ultimately may lead to amputation.

    If I’m pre-diabetic does ozone therapy work for me?

    If your glucose levels are between 100 and 125 mg/dl, then you are a pre-diabetic person, but if additionally, you have high cholesterol, suffer from obesity and hypertension, you may have a metabolic syndrome, and you are at an ideal moment to begin with a formal treatment to revert that metabolic syndrome.

    What payment options are available?

    We take bank cards, both debit and credit, and cash. You can pay per session or if you choose to do so, you can pay for the entire therapy plan at once and get a 10% discount.

    What is medical ozone?

    Simply put, ozone is a molecule composed of 3 oxygen atoms.This molecule can be obtained from medical oxygen. When medical oxygen flows throughout a high energy field, or ozone generator, the stimulated oxygen links into ozone. It is important to consider that for all medical purposes ozone generators must obtain a health permit that certifies that it complies with norms in quality and concentration for proper medical use in humans. Proper ozone concentrations for medical ozone range from 5 mcgr/ml to 80 mcgr/ml depending the pathology for which it will be used.

    Medical ozone, is used in a wide range of treatments for several diseases.

    What are the contraindications for Ozone Therapy?

    You should be specially careful and discuss with your physician if you have or recently had:

    • Favism disease (2-3glycerol-fosfate deficiency)
    • Thyroid problems
    • Pregnancy
    • Anemia
    • Hemophilya

    What should I know before I receiving any ozone therapy?

    Any medical complications resulting from the use of ozone are related to who and how the ozone is applied. – Velio Bocci

    V. Bocci, generally known as one of the primary authors on ozone therapy and the international protocol for ozone therapy state that all types of ozone therapy must be applied by properly trained medical personnel, with medical-grade generators and adequate materials. In the case of major autohemotherapy a glass bottle must be used. This type of therapy, by its nature, must be administered within hospital facilities.

    How many autohemotherapy sessions do I need?

    Therapy may take between 10 and 25 sessions depending on your specific condition. Before you begin any Ozone Therapy you must check with your physician and estadify your condition to determine how many sessions are required to obtain the desired effect on your body.

    Thank you for your interest in getting in touch with us. If you want to know more about our therapies and other minimum invasion procedures, do not hesitate and give us a call. We have a few options for your convenience.


    You can make an appointment by phone at (33) 3849-6334 and (33) 3442-8055 from 9 to 21 hours, don’t forget to add the 52 country code if you’re calling from outside Mexico.

    If you wish to do so, you can also call to Nextel ID: 52*315017*3.

    Urgent Calls

    In case of extreme medical urgency you can call our team directly in Guadalajara, Mexico to (33) 3849-6379 and (33) 3723-2696.

    Contact Form

    You can also use the form below to get in touch and send us relevant information.


    We will gladly receive you at:

    We at Clean Sweep Cremation saw an opportunity to improve the ancient collection and preservation process of precious remains. The Clean Sweep method will dramatically reduce commingling of our loved ones’ ashes with any foreign material. That’s thanks to Clean Sweep’s Air Broom, which uses pneumatic air pressure and proves easy to use with its comfortable, efficient design. With this and other quality equipment, Clean Sweep Cremation ensures your satisfaction.

    saving time.

    The design of the the Clean Sweep Air Broom is an innovative tool that saves processing time and maximizes profitability. The broom is lightweight and on wheels, which means you’ll spend less time collecting the remains while having to stand and feel the heat of the chamber. Naturally, this will increase both the operator’s safety and the cremation’s efficiency.

    keeping it clean.

    The Clean Sweep Air Broom’s proficiency will minimize the possibility of commingling of ashes. It also eliminates any residue that is created by the scraping of the steel brushes. Our system’s new process results in cleaner, purer remains.

    saving money.

    Clean Sweep is an economically sound system. The Air Broom keeps the floor of the cremation chamber free of any damage caused by the abusive nature of the steel bristle brushes with its gentle air flow, which increases your savings by eliminating the cost of replacement steel brushes.


    • I have been using and testing Clean Sweep for over 6 months, and the tool outperforms all of its expectations. I feel so much better using Clean Sweep knowing that it makes my job much easier and safer. Commingling is also greatly reduced. – Thomas Maher | Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
    • With Clean Sweep, I feel that we are ahead of the curve in doing the best possible job for our families’ loved ones. The biggest concern I had with my job was the intense heat, which Clean Sweep greatly reduced, allowing me to clean the retort so much quicker. – Andrew Risolo | Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
    • Once you see Clean Sweep in action there is no reason not to get this piece of equipment. It is more efficient in so many ways. – Mark | St. Michael Cemetery
    • This tool saved time and is more safe for the operator to use than conventional clean-out methods. That is just the beginning. – John | St. Michael Cemetery

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