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Le concordat de bologna dissertation help consistent returns on

  • Is your 401k starting to look like a 41k?
  • 2% annualized returns sending you to the poor house?
  • Are you tired of the volatility of the stock market?

If you’re looking into safely investing your money for long-term growth or add to your monthly income, then investing in real estate is the vehicle that’ll get you there. No investment is completely risk free but real estate is a safe, secure & consistent investment that appreciates over time and is the most predictable way to earn higher returns. RS Properties will get your money working for you while you enjoy spending time with your family. Now is the perfect time to take control of your financial future. Become a part of our investing community. We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual payouts!

Why investing in the real estate market — especially now — is the best vehicle to grow your money quickly or for the long term • How to invest your money, even if you have no investing experience • Why the current state of the economy is ideal for buyers and how easy it is to buy properties way below market value and get a high rate of return • How to partner with the right company and how becoming a private lender works • Important questions and answers you should ask before you invest your money

Do You have Big Real Estate Deals but low on FUNDS? PROBLEM SOLVED!!

  • Connected with a network of nationwide Private Investors.
  • Your Solution to conventional lending challenges.
  • Your best bet to securing funds for properties.

We have more money than deals!

  • 3 month to 2 year term Investment properties up to 65% LTV and Commercial properties up to 55% LTV
  • NO CREDIT CHECK required.
  • Asset based loans.
  • Fast closing and no up-front fees.
  • Brokers are welcome to submit deals.

Homeowners, are you still trying to sell your house?

SELL YOUR PROPERTY FAST, even if you’ve tried almost everything…

Get an all cash offer on your house regardless of location, condition, size, and price. You can close quickly – in less than 30-days – and get rid of your problem property.

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We offer 50/50 Joint ventures for deals already under contract that we help sell.


Keep in touch with us

Your questions are welcome and encouraged. Please contact us at the phone number above, or simply fill out the form and we will respond as soon as possible.

Name: RS Properties
Phone: (267) 850-1714
Fax: (215) 351-8651
Address: 800 N 2nd St. Suite 161 Philadelphia, Pa 19123

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