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Language editing services for thesis proposal


Aiming at providing a list of services as wide as our years of testified expertise, 24/7Editing is a trustworthy, one-stop shop for proofreading service, Thesis editing, Dissertation editing, APA formatting, academic editing service and ESL editing for non-native English writers.

Catering to the editing needs of both, academic scholars as well as business enterprises, over thirteen long years, our team of experts has pledged to ensure the appropriate language, format, and level of readability. The team is familiar with all of the popular layouts and styles for academic dissertations, research papers, and publications. Let our team of qualified and experienced editor’s help you give that extra edge over others and ensure a perfect writing submission!


Our team of professional editors focuses on three main ingredients to a successful edit of your paper namely: Compliance with academic or scholarly writing rules, Transitions and Grammar.

Our dissertation and thesis editing services include a scrutiny of Redundancies, omissions, common errors, spelling mistakes, & grammatical errors as well. The academic editing service may include deletion or shifting of sentences/phrases, so as to make the presentation of the thesis more clear, and understandable.


Completed your Paper? Ensure that it has no elements that set off an interested reader in the content, just due to repeated English errors! Avail our Proofreading Service for an error-free experience ensuring Language Check, Sentence structure, Passive Voice, Awkward Constructions, Grammar: Including run-on sentences, comma splices, fragments, verb tenses and agreements and Spelling mistakes.

Language editing services for thesis proposal just due to repeated English

Slightly narrowed than editing, Proofreading service ensures that typos and silly mistakes do not hamper the readability or success of your otherwise-correct academic writing.


One of the most sought after service at 24x7Editing, is our comprehensive Document Formatting Service. A well-written document, with the formatting going haywire, can have a negative effect on the presentation of the written document, and divert the interest of the reader.

Our team of experts is well experienced with APA, MLA, Turabian, and Chicago formatting/citation styles. We can confidently format your document in compliance with any of the above styles or your University’s custom formatting guidelines.


You are surely going to read your own work, more than fifty times in your paper writing experience, either in bits-and-parts or whole! But without any doubt, when a third person reads your academic writing, he will definitely find errors related to punctuations, formatting, spelling errors, or a mere redundancy! These go unnoticed by you, due to repeatedly visiting the same bunch of words.

Save your dissertation from rejection by the committee by allowing a professional editor or proofreader to review your work, and help you get rid of avoidable errors to further enhance your quality of written document. A professional Editor not only lends his expertise in upgrading your written document to a higher quality, but also helps you deliver your research objective in a better, clearer and readable way to the respective reader.

We, at 24x7Editing, being one of oldest online editing companies, have a splendid thirteen years of experience in providing the academicians, businesses, and anyone interested, a professional editing service. The features of the services given from our end, stands out among the many companies offering similar editing and proofreading services, due to:

  • The popularity of our services is also rooted in the attractive, competitive prices at which these services are offered, as compared to the market price of such services.
  • Additionally, the star points are collected by our money back guarantee that we offer to our clients.
  • We are well-known for providing a convincing revision of the work done as per the client’s satisfaction.
  • We have been recommended by top notch US and Canadian Universities including Argosy, Capella, Stanford, Columbia, Yale, Arizona State University, Capella, Walden, Cornell, Albany State University and many more recognized universities.

We guarantee a trustworthy, satisfying, and error-free editing experience to each of our client, in the most convincing manner possible!

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