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Journal article writing techniques for persuasive writing

Whether it’s pupils calling for no school uniform, or professionals delivering a business proposal – the power of persuasion is a vital tool throughout our lives. Help students to win friends and influence people with these hand-picked persuasive writing resources.

  • Help pupils persuade local people to be good citizens with this TES iboard interactive leaflet writer.

Persuasive writing techniques

  • Hear young pupils and adults discuss 5 key topics in this video – great inspiration to encourage pupils to be persuasive.
  • Practise persuasive techniques by banishing dislikes to Room 101 in this outstanding graded lesson.
  • Help pupils to understand sustainable fishing issues while they develop their persuasive style in this resource pack from National Schools Partnership .
  • Adopt a persuasive tone and help pupils develop their literacy confidence with this big writing frame.
  • Concise, clear and colourful – this simple A4 sheet tells pupils what they need to do to achieve levels 4c- 5c in their work.
  • Simple checklist for self- and peer-assessment persuasive tasks.
  • A great Sats revision lesson-by-lesson breakdown about writing the perfect persuasive leaflet.
  • Covering war recruitment, holidays and school meals this bundle of persuasive examples are great for showing pupils persuasion in context.
  • Kick start your lesson with these openers to help pupils perfect their persuasive structures.
  • Clear and precise recap of persuasive techniques before students are put to the test to see if they have a certain pitching pizazz.
  • Scheme of work with plenty of persuasion, from tv adverts to holiday brochures and charity pleas to magazines.
  • Don’t dive into writing the perfect persuasive letter; this thorough PowerPoint takes students step-by-step through exercises to master their technique.

Journal article writing techniques for persuasive writing Kick start your lesson with

  • Put pupils’ persuasive technique to practise with SendMyFriend ’s resources to convince world leaders to make a commitment to global education.
  • Can your students use their powers of persuasion to plot evil plans like pop culture villains? Have fun with techniques in this resource pack with a villainous theme.
  • Take persuasion out on to the streets with this team work debating lesson about Graffiti.

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