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Jlab hall b thesis proposal

Jlab hall b thesis proposal Nuclei and

x Patricia Solvignon’s web page


Assistant Professor at the University of New Hampshire (Bridge position with JLab)

How to contact me:
&nbsp &nbsp University of New Hampshire &nbsp Jefferson Lab
&nbsp &nbsp 9 Library Way &nbsp &nbsp 12000 Jefferson Avenue &nbsp &nbsp
&nbsp Durham, NH 03824 &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Newport News, VA 23606
&nbsp E-mail: Patricia.Solvignon@unh.edu &nbsp E-mail: solvigno@jlab.org
&nbsp Office: DeMeritt Hall, Room 329 &nbsp Office: Cebaf Center, C121
&nbsp (603)-862-1962 &nbsp &nbsp (757)-269-6933

&nbsp 2009-2013 &nbsp Staff Scientist in Hall C at Jefferson Lab and Affiliate Professor at the University of New Hampshire
&nbsp 2006-2009 &nbsp Post-doc with the Medium Energy Physics Group at Argonne National Laboratory
&nbsp 2001-2006 &nbsp Ph.D in Physics from Temple University in Philadelphia. JLab article on my thesis results

&nbsp 2009 &nbsp Jefferson Science Associates (JSA) Postdoctoral Research Prize. JLab announcement. DOE Pulse article. OnTarget article
&nbsp 2006 &nbsp Temple University Oustanding Reasearch by a Graduate Student Award.
&nbsp 1997 & 1998 &nbsp Hennequin Scholarship at the Universite Blaise Pascal, FRANCE (for female students in CEPS with the goal of pursuing a Ph.D degree)

Current Research

&nbsp –> Experiment webpage can be found here.

&nbsp –> Hall A E08-014 analysis.
&nbsp &nbsp – Analysis notes: BCM calibration. Boiling study Preparations of the proposal can be found here.

x Hall A x>1 3 He/ 3 H experiment (E12-11-112): click here.

&nbsp –> Hall A Tritium target: click here.

x>1 and EMC experiments at 12GeV (E12-06-105,E12-10-008):

&nbsp –> Original proposal: click here.

&nbsp –> These Hall C experiments will take data with the following targets: 2 H, 3 He, 4 He, 6,7 Li, 9 Be, 10,11 B, 12 C, 40,48 Ca, 63 Cu and 197 Au

Jlab hall b thesis proposal nbsp Hennequin Scholarship at

Deuteron Tensor Structure (E12-13-011):

&nbsp –> Hall C Deuteron Tensor Structure Function b1. click here.

&nbsp –> Hall C Nuclear dependence of R: click here.

Past Projects

JLab Hall C Staff responsibilities:

&nbsp –> Hall C polarized targets for the 12GeV era

&nbsp –> Hall C beam polarimeters for Qweak

Post-doctoral research: mainly on Structure of Nuclei and Nucleon In-Medium Modification

&nbsp –> Hall C x>1 and EMC experiments:
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Main analysis page: click here
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp My analysis page: click here

&nbsp –> Hall C Two-photon exchange experiment (E05-017): Experiment webpage and wiki

&nbsp –> EIC: possible measurement of the structure function xF3. Click here.


&nbsp –>REU internship:
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Amber McCreary (University of Pittsburgh). poster. report. (Summer 2010): worked on Qweak Compton Polarimeter GEANT3 simulation.

&nbsp –>SULI internship:
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Nick Lubinsky (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute). poster. report (Summer 2010): worked on collimator design using GEANT4 for the tritium target.

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