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Jae ha kim thesis proposal

Jae ha kim thesis proposal Transactions in Robotics

Honors + Awards

  • 2015, Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Distinguished Teaching, SoE, MIT
  • 2014, Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award
  • 2013, Young Faculty Award (YFA), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • 2010, Esther and Harold E. Edgerton Career Development Chair
  • 2008, King-Sun Fu Memorial Best Transactions on Robotics Paper Award (first Author)
  • 2007, Best Student Paper Award and Best conference paper finalist IEEE ICRA 2007 (first author)
  • 2006, Best video award IEEE ICRA 2006 (second author)
  • 2006, TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2006

Related Experience

  • 2008-2009, Postdoctoral Associate at Harvard Micro-robotics Laboratory


  • IEEE, Robotics and Automation
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineering

Professional Service

  • Program Committee, Robotics: Science and systems (Jan. 2010 – June. 2010)
  • NSF proposal review panel (Robust Intelligence, Feb 2010)
  • NSF proposal review panel (IGERT. Jun 2010)
  • Associate Editor, the Int. Conf. of Robotics and Automation (Sept. 2010 – Nov. 2010)
  • Associate Editor, the Int. Conf. of Robotics and Automation (Sept. 2011 – Nov. 2011)
  • Technical Editor, the IEEE/ASME Transactions of Mechatronics (Oct. 2011- Sept. 2012)
  • Associate Editor, the Int. Conf. of Robotics and Automation (Sept. 2012 – Nov. 2012)
  • Program Committee, Robotics: Science and systems (Jan. 2013 – )
  • NSF proposal review panel (National Robotics Initiative, Dec, 2012)

MIT Service

  • Faculty Search Committee (Dec. 2010 May. 2011)
  • Discovery Mechanical Eng. coordinator (Aug. 2011 Aug. 2011)
  • Discovery Mechanical Eng. coordinator (Aug. 2012 Aug. 2012)
  • ASME MIT chapter Faculty advisor (Aug. 2011 – present)
  • Graduate Admission Committee (Jan. 2013 Feb. 2013)


  • Design and Manufacturing I (2.007)
  • Product engineering processes (2.009)
  • Bio-inspired Robotics (2.740)


P. Wensing, A. Wang, S. Seok, D. Otten, J. Lang and S. Kim, Proprioceptive Actuator Design: Impact Mitigation and High-Bandwidth Physical Interaction for Dynamic Legged Robots, IEEE Transactions in Robotics, under review.

  • R. Niiyama, X. Sun, D. Rus, S. Kim, Pouch Motors: Printable Soft Actuators Integrated with Computational Design, Journal of Soft Robotics, 2(2), pp. 59-70, June 2015
  • H. Park, and S. Kim, “Galloping Control for a Wide Range of Speed via Vertical Impulse Scaling,” Journal of Bioinsipiration and Biomimetics, Special Issue on ‘Hybrid and Multi-model Locomotion’, 2015, accepted for publication.
  • M. Haberland and S. Kim, On extracting design principles from biology: II. Case study – The effect of knee direction on bipedal robot running efficiency, 10(1), 016011, 2015.
  • M. Haberland and S. Kim, On extracting design principles from biology: I. Method – General answers to high-level design questions for bioinspired robots, Journal of Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, 10(1), 016010, 2015.
  • H. Park and S. Kim, The MIT Cheetah, an Electrically-Powered Quadrupedal Robot for High-speed Running, Special Issue of Journal of Robotics Society of Japan, 32,4, pp. 323 – 328, 2014.
  • S. Seok, A. Wang, M. Chuah, D. Hyun, J. Lee, D. Otten, Design Principles for En- ergy Efficient Legged Locomotion and Implementation on the MIT Cheetah Robot, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics.
  • D. Hyun, S. Seok, J. Lee and S. Kim, “High Speed Trot-running: Implementation of a Hierarchical Controller using Proprioceptive Impedance Control on the MIT Cheetah”, International Journal of Robotics Research, 33(11), pp. 1417-1445, Aug. 2014.
  • M. Haberland, J.G.D. Karssen, S. Kim, and M. Wisse, The effects of swing leg retraction on running performance: analysis, simulation, and experiment, Robotica, pp 1 – 19, Aug. 2014 .
  • M. Chuah and S. Kim, Enabling Force Sensing during High Speed Locomotion: A bio-inspired, multi-axis, composite force sensor using discrete pressure mapping IEEE Sensors, 14(5); 1693 – 1703, May 2014
  • Y. Kim, S. Cheng, S. Kim, and K. Iagnemma, A Stiffness-Adjustable Hyper-Redundant Manipulator using a Variable Neutral-line Mechanism for Minimally Invasive Surgery IEEE Transactions on Robotics. 30(2), 382 – 395, 2014
  • Y. Kim, S. Cheng, S. Kim, and K. Iagnemma, A Novel Layer Jamming Mechanism with Tunable Stiffness Capability for Minimally Invasive Surgery, IEEE Transactions on Robotics ,29(4); 1031 – 1042, Aug. 2013
  • S. Kim, C. Lacshi and B. Trimmer, Review: Soft robotics – a new perspective in robot evolution, Trends in biotechnology, 31(5); 287-94, May 2013
  • M. Sitti, A. Menciassi, A.J. Ijspeert, L. Kin Huat and S. Kim, Survey and Introduction to the Focused Section on Bio-Inspired Mechatronics, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 18(2); 409- 418, 2013
  • S. Seok, C. D. Onal, R. Wood, D. Rus, and S. Kim, Meshworm: A Peristaltic Soft Robot with Antagonistic Nickel Titanium Coil Actuators, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 18(5); 1485 – 1497, 2013.
  • Ananthanarayanan, A. Azadi, M. Kim, S. “Towards the Bio-inspired Legs Design for High Speed Running”, Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, Vol. 7, No. 4, Aug, 2012.
  • E. Hawkes, B. An, N. Benbernou, H. Tanaka, S. Kim, E.D. Demaine, D. Rus, and R.J. Wood Programmable matter by folding. In Proc. of National Academic Science, 107 (28), pp. 12441-12445, 2010.
  • Cutkosky, M.R. Kim, S. Design and fabrication of multi-material structures for bioinspired robots. Philosophical Transaction Royal Society, A, 367, 1799-1813, 2009.
  • S. Kim, M. Spenko, S. Trujillo, B. Heyneman, D. Santos, M.R. Cutkosky. Smooth Vertical Surface Climbing with Directional Adhesion. IEEE a special issue of transactions on Bio-Robotics, 24(1):65-74, Feb 2008.
  • D. Santos, M. Spenko, A. Parness, S. Kim, and M.R. Cutkosky. Directional Adhesion for Climbing: Theoretical and Practical Considerations. Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, 21(12):1317-1341, 2007.
  • S. Kim, J.E. Clark, and M.R. Cutkosky iSprawl: Design and Tuning for High-speed Autonomous Open-loop Running. Int. J. Robotics Research, 25(9): 903-912, 2006.
  • A.T.Asbeck, S. Kim, M.R. Cutkosky, W.R. Provancher, and M. Lanzetta. Scaling Hard Vertical Surfaces with Compliant Microspine Arrays Int. J. Robotics Research, 25(12):1165-1179, 2006.
  • Jae ha kim thesis proposal Engineering     
    Professional Service     

    Jae ha kim thesis proposal Focused Section on


    • Device and method for handling an object of interest using a directional adhesive structure in South Korea Appl. No. 10-2007-0025602, Sangbae Kim, Jin Lee
    • Climbing with dry adhesive. Stickybot. Patent No. 7762362 B2, Jul. 27, 2010, Mark R Cutkosky, Sangbae Kim
    • Biologically inspired climbing device Patent No. 8066088, Nov. 29, 2011, Mark R Cutkosky, Sangbae Kim, Alan Asbeck
    • VARIABLY FLEXIBLE PIPE AND MANIPULATOR, Yong Jae KIM, Shan Bao Cheng, Sang Bae Kim, Karl Iagnemma.
    • ARM UNIT AND ROBOT HAVING THE SAME (US 2013-0312564 A1), Yong Jae KIM, Sang bae Kim, Shan bao Cheng, Karl Iagnemma

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