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Hotel and restaurant management topics for thesis proposal

Hotel and restaurant management topics for thesis proposal Therefore, it invests heavily in

From the case, the most important thing of Ritz-Carlton experience is the human resource management. Ritz-Carlton hotel perceives its employees as the first goal that it should achieve. The purpose is to satisfy its employees, and then it will lead to customer satisfaction, also customer loyalty as well. It believes that to meet customer satisfaction, it should start to concern on employees who will be the person to service the customer. If it can meet the employee needs, their service that present to the customer would perform well. Therefore, the seven-day countdown program was set up and provided to the employees who are willing to work with Ritz-Carlton hotel. The objective of this program is to enhance their employees getting involved to its culture and values. Besides, it provided more specific skills training and trial runs of service delivery.

Ritz-Carlton Hotel has created “service philosophy” which is service is their business, not hotel business. It said the hotel business is about selling facilities but service business is about how to deliver the best service quality to the customer. The main idea of Ritz-Carlton hotel is not only to allocate their accommodations and facilities but selling its excellence service to meet customer satisfaction. In order to success, the organization try to put more effort to satisfy their employees because it believes that employees who feel they are treated fairly by their organization will treat customers better, resulting in greater customer satisfaction. Therefore, it has to make sure that all of employees are happy and feeling well to do their work together. Exceptional from employee satisfaction, the employee themselves should have service-minded, good skill, and well trained.

The Ritz-Carlton hotel establishes its culture which is a pattern of beliefs and expectation that is shared by the employees. The employees were prepared to fulfill their current obligations and to accept positions of greater responsibility and accountability in the future. Employees with advancement ambitions were encouraged to cross-train and learn about as many different aspects of the organization as possible. In addition, the organization trains the employees that there is nothing more exciting than solving a problem or mistake. These lead to employee empowerment that Ritz-Carlton concentrates on. Therefore, it invests heavily in people as much as it can in order to consider the recruitment and training as critical to the success of the organization.

The success story of Ritz-Carlton hotel is relying on how well the employee service to the customer. According from the case, we can notice that the seven-day training process is the program that creates employee satisfaction from the beginning of their work. We can see that the organization present their employees who are the most important people that will bring successful to the company. According to the mission statement of Ritz-Carlton, It stated that “The Ritz-Carlton will redefine the service business in Washington, D.C. by building a world class reputation as a result of the loyalty created through our commitment to our guests, employees and owners”.

This is one significant thing that leads to success of the organization. Because it creates the culture of the organization.

For the range of time of the seven days training process, I don’t think it is too short. On the other hand, it takes too much time for Ritz-Carlton to train all new employees before opening the new hotel.

According to the case, this program offered many advantages for both employees and organization:

  1. It provides company’s information to the new employee. To educate them familiarize with company history and with the company’s vision for the future, also the corporate philosophy, values and the role they will play within the company in effectuating that philosophy.
  2. It is the opportunity for the employee to provide feedback to ensure that they understand the Ritz-Carlton philosophy.
  3. It makes everyone in the organization gets to know each other. Also let them learn to familiar with the person who they will work with.
  4. It motivates all new employees and makes them feel that they are part of the organization.
  5. It provides acknowledge which would be benefit in reality to the new employee. For example, they were trained to do something right away from their normal activities to solve a customer’s problem, to use their empowerment in designing an appropriate solution, and to involve and follow up with other departments whose help was needed.
  6. It creates the first impression for the new employee in the good way such as warm welcome from all the management team. These make them feel that everybody in the organization is equal and everyone respect to each other.
  7. It trains the new employee that how the culture of the organization is. Then, everyone has to follow it in order to achieve at the same goal which is customer satisfaction.
  8. It generates a good internal relationship among employees. When they are willing to work together without conflict, it would support the outcome of their performance, also the physical environment in the workplace. Therefore, the increasing of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty will be created.

Conversely, there is a disadvantage that appear from the seven days process. For the range of time, it was rather too much if we compare with the orientation program of the other hotels. The employee might be bored with that training course. The range of time should be normally three days and after that the employee should start their work and gain more experience by working in reality environment. They will have the trainers who could be their supervisor or the existing staffs who will train them during they provide their service to the real customer. For the time period of three days, the organization may instruct about its information, philosophy, vision, and goal in the first day. The last two days could be the course for the employees to train their work-skill.

As the result, we can see that the seven-day countdown program provided more benefit than constraint. It was a superior program which both of employees and organization itself gain advantage from. It was such a good idea to set up the orientation program in the first step for the new employee in the first week to warm up and train their skill before their real work. Anyway, the organization should concern more about how to improve the service quality of new employees. Or else, it should set up a meeting plan in order to follow up the performance of their employees or provide some training course for improving their skills during their work period.

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