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Home based article writing jobs in bangalore naukri

Home based article writing jobs in bangalore naukri Then please click

More About Lekhaka

Lekhaka is designed specifically for those freelance writers who are looking for online content writing or content translation assignments in various Indian languages and earn according to their contribution. The word ‘Lekhaka’, which is derived from the Sanskrit language, means ‘writer’.

It is a content sourcing system created to match the preferences and working style of various freelancers across India and the global Indian freelancers.

Who can write with us?

Lekhaka provides ample number of opportunities to anyone and everyone having a great passion and enthusiasm to write!
This platform is available to home-makers, full-time workers, retired professionals, unemployed candidates, freelancers and students – with excellent writing skills and hardcore writing interests..

Job Type – Work Location:

Since this is an online media job, any writer or user can work on Lekhaka from any part of the world, with sufficient internet (connection/access) facility.
The location could be your home, office, school, college, internet parlour or wherever!
Geographical location has NEVER been a constraint with our freelancers so far.

Our rates are as per industry standards and competitive in listings! These rates have been decided by industry experts, well-experienced editors and writers with rich media backgrounds in India.
Here we not only encourage you to write, but also challenge you to earn as much as you can, in the time and space when you’re with us.
We do have many writers who have ‘just not’ excelled in writing alone, but also have made up sufficient earnings as well. We encourage you to try for yourself.


The assignments are generally created by the Editorial team.

Home based article writing jobs in bangalore naukri created to match

Topics for content writing and source text(in English) for translation would be provided to the freelancers by various channels of Oneindia.
Some of the channels like Boldsky(Lifestyle) and Native Planet(Travel & Destinations) have many translation and content writing projects which gets posted on Lekhaka on a timely basis, followed by the other channels.

If you are prepared to ‘write and earn ‘ with Oneindia, then here we are at your service to make your thought become real.

Do you want to work with us as a freelance writer? Then please click on this URL to proceed further:

Please Note: Soon after you register, you will be given an online written test. Based on your test performance and capability as a writer, the Editorial team will process your candidature accordingly.

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