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Harris academy upper norwood banned words in writing

Harris academy upper norwood banned words in writing real world

15 October 2013

A college has hit the headlines today after its pupils were banned by using slang words at school.

Harris Academy Upper Norwood School in Croydon, London have banned words for example ‘ain’t’, ‘innit’ and ‘coz’ so that they can improve how a students speak.

They have also told pupils they cannot start sentences using the word ‘basically’ or finish all of them with the term ‘yeah’.

Skills for jobs and college

Inside a statement, the college stated: “Additionally to giving students the teaching they have to thrive educationally, we would like these to get the soft skills they will have to compete for jobs and college places.

“This specific initiative is among the numerous ways that we’re building the vocabulary in our students and providing them the abilities they have to go to town with confidence and appropriately for various audiences.”

If youngsters are caught while using banned language they will not b e punished but they’ll be remedied and requested to consider what they’ve stated.

‘It’s wrong’

Terry Victor, editor from the New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional British stated: “It’s wrong.

“You can’t censor a youthful person’s language, they are not speaking about words which are offensive, they are speaking about a few of the words that politicians use.

“[The term] ‘ain’t’ was around within the 1800s, people like Dickens tried on the extender. and the number of politicians have you ever heard say “essentially” to start a sentence?

“Yes, it’s irritating but it is a part of deliberate language.”

Your comments

I do not use slang however i believe that slang words ought to be banned from schools because if you have an evaluation you may be writing slang not understanding.

Harris academy upper norwood banned words in writing and giving them the skills

Sumiyah, London

I believe that slang words ought to be banned in school since the youthful children in school can select this stuff up and employ them and educate those to other youths.

Aneeqa, Newham

No! you cannot tell people how you can speak also in the real life many individuals utilize it.

Leen, London

I personally use slang, and also the teachers don’t care. Why ban it? if kids speak like this then allow them to.

Maariyah, Isleworth

I believe slang words ought to be banned if you selected a job interview and also you used slang words it can’t look great. It isn’t about your results but exactly how you’re like a person. Speaking in slang will decreases the risk of you obtaining the job.

Amina, Bradford

I believe it’s seriously wrong since it is restricting what average teenagers can and should not do.

Theo, Studying

It ain’t bad to make use of slang you realize because that’s how the majority of us speak so essentially yeah.

Rashna, London

Slang words should not be banned, only ones which are offensive. Slang test is simpler to make use of and they’re a part of a constantly altering language.

Stephen, Telford

I certainly hope it does not take place in my school because me and my buddies use slang a great deal!

Hannah, Stafford

Personally i think that slang words ought to be banned in school because they create a bad atmosphere for college students to understand in and more youthful kids will copy the folks which use slang words.

Harry, Buckingham

I believe that it’s okay to make use of slang playing or lunchtime but we ought to use proper British at school.


I believe you shouldn’t ban slang words because they are awesome.

Hajara, London

I personally think slang is wrong because you aren’t speaking proper British.

Harris academy upper norwood banned words in writing we want

Also how you speak may also affect you literary skills (i.e. studying and writing). And So I accept the motion of slang being banned.

Husna, London

We ought to not have access to slang words simply because they might get you into trouble in school.

Daniel, Newcastle

I believe people should use slang, or quite simply, it aint suitable for us peeps to speak norm. )

Eliza, Hay on Wye, Wales

Test out your slang understanding with this special slang quiz on this link .

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