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Han china and rome thesis writing

Han china and rome thesis writing time when much

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The effective empires that came about in Europe and China throughout the ancient period were similar in lots of ways. The Roman Empire was, somewhat, the culmination from the technological and intellectual advancements that were enjoyed by Mediterranean cultures for hundreds of years. Through military might, administrative genius, and architectural achievement, the Roman Empire could assume dominance over Northern Africa, the center East, and many of Europe. It maintained that dominance until its decline as a result of number of factors. The Han Empire in China, while different in the way of their rise to power, looked like its Roman counterpart in the achievements, its strengths, and also the weaknesses that eventually caused its decline.

The Han empire prospered as a result of well-structured administration and constant military success. Unlike the Qin empire, “the [Han] empire was ruled mainly through commanderies, even though there were also numerous small subject ‘kingdoms,’ entrusted to people from the Han empire” (Scarre 389). Using prefectures to localize government and economy greatly contributed to the job of running this type of large empire. “Condition enterprises were placed at the disposal of trained bureaucrats, hired and promoted based on merit” (Scarre 393). The empire’s economy was greatly improved because of the silk trade, which utilized a trade route known as the Silk Route to bring silk to a lot of different kingdoms, such as the Roman Empire. China culture also saw numerous scientific breakthroughs during this time period, including using blast furnaces to refine iron, that was then converted to many tools and weapons.

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Additionally, the Han Empire experienced great military success against their opponents. One good reason with this was the empire’s decision to nationalize numerous important industries (including salt and iron production), therefore allowing the Han leaders to finance a sizable standing army which was abnormally well-armed (Scarre 395). This mixture of effective governance and military power, coupled with an economy that may support a sizable population of 58 million people, permitted the Han empire to prosper at the fee for its neighbors.

The ascension from the Han Empire came at any given time when a lot of all of those other world seemed to be being consolidated underneath the rule of effective kingdoms. India was divided between two kingdoms that will eventually unite to create the Gupta Empire, which may bring a “golden age” much like that felt by China. In Mesoamerica, the Maya Empire was experiencing an identical metamorphosis that will create an urbanized and advanced culture. Most significantly, the peak from the Han Empire’s power coincided using the transition of Rome from the republic for an empire.

The might from the Roman Empire originated in many of what made the Han Empire so strong. Although Julius Caesar is generally considered the very first Emperor, it had been Augustus who “consolidated and expanded the Roman Empire,” stabilizing and reinforcing the frontiers along the way (Scarre 309).

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Through the second century AD, Rome’s borders extended in the Near East towards the Atlantic and from northern Britain towards the Sahara desert. Because of its size, the Empire incorporated a variety of cultures, eventually transforming them into Romans. Such as the Han empire, the Roman Empire ruled through regional bureaucrats who oversaw trade, governance, justice, and development. “These wealthy men were asked to consider themselves included in the Roman system they responded by endowing their metropolitan areas with public utilities for example libraries and water supplies and monuments to social pride” (Scarre 313). Most of the scientific enhancements throughout the Roman Empire revolved around architecture and engineering, which gave their citizens aqueducts and fundamental plumbing. Such as the Han empire, however, a lot of the Empire’s might originated from its unbeatable military. The populace from the Empire was sufficient to permit the presence of an experienced, well-armed standing army. Rome’s skilled soldiers, infrastructure, and administrative system made the Roman Empire probably the most effective civilizations in western history.

The similarities between your Han Empire and also the Roman Empire are plenty of, most particularly when it comes to their economies and political structure. Both empires consolidated their influence because they build a sizable network of roads. “Roads linked the frontiers and provinces towards the heart from the imperial administration and created a crucial part from the communications network by which the empire was governed” (Scarre 317). Additionally, both empires carefully controlled their commerce by using bureaucrats and the development of a classy system of coinage. Using these regional bureaucrats also improved the empires’ capability to govern their incredibly vast territories. Both Han emperors and also the Roman Caesars used military conquest not only to expand the borders of the particular empires, but additionally to enhance public morale and gain support from difficult petty nobleman and governors.

In reality, the truth that two separate empires should share a lot of similarities isn’t so surprising. Civilizations that will get far enough across the road to success must eventually face exactly the same challenges, and the resolution to these challenges are frequently exactly the same for everybody. Enhancements to communication, infrastructure, governance, military tactics, and commerce all become necessary like a kingdom becomes a real business.

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