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Grid connected inverter thesis proposal

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Printed: 23, March 2015

This project is supposed to design Multilevel Inverter Topology for Grid Connected PV Systems. Within this project, different multilevel inverter topologies happen to be focused and examined to get the waveform that is near to sinusoidal waveform most abundant in efficient topology. Inverters have unique importance in modern power industry. This chapter will be dedicated to give an introduction to the topic area, subject, reputation of project, initial survey done, aims, objectives of using this method project along with a problem discussion.

1.2 Reputation of Project

Inverters would be the electronic circuits which convert electricity to ac. An inverter transfer power from the electricity source for an ac load. The goal of an inverter would be to create an ac current whenever a electricity current can be obtained.

Inverters are utilized in applications like uninterruptible power supplies, adjustable speed ac motor drives and running ac appliance from battery [1]. The conversion is achieved by proper control referred to as modulation from the static power switches supplied by the switches arrangement or topology. The electricity source could be either current or current source thus dividing the inverter family into two primary groups [2].


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Current Source Inverters

Current Source Inverters

The current source inverters (VSI) use constant current source supplied by a current source rectifier along with a capacitive electricity link to develop a switched current waveform in the output having a fundamental current component with variable frequency, phase and amplitude that suits a preferred reference current. VSI are the most typical power conversion systems in Electricity – AC powered applications specifically in low and medium power either it’s single or three phase system [2].

The present source inverters however, use constant current source supplied by controlled current source rectifier as well as an inductive electricity link to develop a switched current waveform with adjustable frequency, phase and amplitude. The output current within this inverter is determined through the current load that is usually very sinusoidal for resistive inductive loads like motor drives.

Grid connected inverter thesis proposal Due to achievement in

The primary drawbacks from the CSI would be the current harmonics which must be mitigated with capacitive output filters [2].

Using the above techniques, variations of inverters including Half Bridge VSI, Full Bridge VSI, Multilevel Inverters, PWM Current Source Inverters could be designed.

1.3 Initial Survey

The interest in alternative energy has elevated considerably through the years due to lack of non-renewable fuels and green house effect. Among various alternative energy, solar and wind power energy have grown to be extremely popular. This is because both of these energy sources can be found in large amount in the majority of the parts around the globe. Because of achievement in modern power electronics, the solar and wind power energy are extremely demanding. Photovoltaic sources are utilized today in lots of applications due to being pollution and easy to maintain. Solar power demand keeps growing consistently by 20 – 25% per year in the last two decades due to decreasing cost and costs. Inside a solar system, the pv inverter may be the heart of product is accustomed to convert electricity power acquired in the panels into ac capacity to be given in to the grid [4]. The fundamental setup employed for solar product is proven within the figure below

Figure .1: Inverter interfacing with PV system and Grid

The figure above illustrates the schematic of the PV system accustomed to produce electricity. The power created by sunlight is absorbed through the solar power panels. Solar power panels are connected together of series and parallel to acquire preferred current and current level. The output electricity source in the solar power is given into power electronic circuits. The ability electronic circuits includes two important circuits i-e the charge controller and inverter. The part of charge controller would be to control the charging current and current level which were designed to charge battery bank. The output in the battery bank is supplied towards the multilevel inverter for converting it into ac voltages. This ac current supply is finally given in to the power company for utilization. The needs of renewable electrical energy systems include stabilization, conversion and adaptation, figuring out maximum efficiency from the PV module and calculating storage or battery needs.

The first survey is carried out using key abstracts, journals, books, survey reports and it is described using the relevant information. The IEEE articles compiled by different scholars and professors are utilized to write interim report. The books accustomed to write interim report includes Power Electronics by Muhammad Haroon Rashid, Power Electronics and Motor Drives by Bogdan M. Wilamowski and J. David Irwin, Power Electronics by Daniel W. Hart. The articles in the IEEE used is visible in the listing of references.

1.4 Aim

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