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Genius loci architecture thesis proposal titles

Genius loci architecture thesis proposal titles University of Waterloo School

Beyond Genius Loci: An Analysis of Architectural Design Tricks of Place

This thesis explores the contributive role from the genius locus. or “spirit of place”, within the identity of metropolitan areas and producing significant places. The study addresses case study of genius loci as historic phenomenon in addition to their modern role within suburban landscapes. This thesis argues that the understanding and reaction to genius loci is essential not just in distinguishing it from concepts like a feeling of place, place-making, and identity, but as a way to help the maturation of suburban design and animate the actual urban forces that combat generic design. Concentrating on the suburban town of Mississauga, urban and architectural failures bring the company of architecture into question to be able to contest architecturally indifferent development. The aim is to provide a design methodology that animates the generative forces from the genius locus to have a definite, complex, and grounded urban character. The look intervention embodies Mississauga’s genius locus – a metropolitan simulacrum born from commerce, speculation, and also the resistant debris of city growth – right into a matrix of architectural and landscape inserts attracted from servings of idealized master plans. It considers the function of conscious and unconscious cultural value, collective identity, and ecological influences to be able to bridge the space between your ideal city and also the built city.

Val Rynnimeri, College of Waterloo
Mona El Khafif, College of Waterloo

Committee Member: Andrew Levitt, College of Waterloo

Exterior Readers: Pat Hanson, gh3

The Defence Examination will occur on Monday Feb 8, 2016 at 12:00 pm within the ARC Loft.

Genius loci architecture thesis proposal titles inserts drawn from portions of

A duplicate from the thesis can be obtained for search in ARC 2106A.

About Samuel Ganton

Samuel Ganton is really a graduate student in the College of Waterloo School of Architecture. His thesis research concentrates on designing a storm observatory on the lake in Venezuela.

Stela Popovic’s thesis work “Beyond Genius Loci” unpacks the spatial and social conditions of place to be able to question the company of architecture for making significant places. It argues that within every act of architecture, an awareness and reaction to the genius loci is essential to make sure another thoughtfulness exists in the design.

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