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Flow in games a jenova chen mfa thesis proposal

Flow in games a jenova chen mfa thesis proposal Dynamics in Journey

  • Master of proper Arts. College of Los Angeles 2003-2006
    School of Motion picture Arts Interactive Media
  • Bs. Shanghai Jiao Tong College 1999-2003
    School of Engineering Information Technology & Engineering
  • Minor. Donghua College 2001-2003
    School of Outfit Design Digital Art Design
  • President Creative Director. thatgamecompany 6/2012-present
    Create timeless interactive entertainment which makes positive switch to a persons psyche worldwide
  • Creative Director Co-Founder. thatgamecompany 5/2006-5/2012
    Company establishment, IP development flOw PS3. Flower. Journey
  • Game Designer. Ea Maxis 6/2006-2/2007
    Game The perception of Spore NDS
  • MFA Student. USC School of Motion picture Arts 8/2003-5/2006
    Conducted MFA thesis research Flow in games web game flOw
  • Game Designer. USC EA Game Innovation Lab 8/2005-5/2006
    Game design, prototyping for NSF serious game project Immune Attack
  • Technical Game Designer Intern. Ea La 6/2005-8/2005
    Game design, digital prototyping and preproduction for Tiberium
  • Creative Director. USC EA Game Innovation Lab 1/2005-3/2006
    Producing, lead game design, lead art, game play programming for Cloud
  • Background Artist Intern. Ea La 1/2005-4/2005
    Atmosphere art, level style of Russian campaign in Medal of Recognition: European Assault
  • Art Director Lead Artist. Annenberg Communication Center 6/2004-12/2004
    Pilot and Prototype of Montage a Russian modernism game under Labyrinth Project
  • Lead Artist Game Designer. Interactive Media Division USC CNTV 6/2004-11/2004
    Art Game the perception of Dyadin
  • Level Designer Intern. Institute of Creative Technology 3/2004-12/2004
    SASO MRE project
  • Teaching Assistant. It Program USC 12/2003-5/2004
    Teaching advanced game modeling and animation
  • Level Artist. USC Gaming Club 12/2003
    Built USC Campus Map in Unreal Tournament 2003
  • Lead Artist. Question Gust Studio (Shanghai China) 3/2001-7/2003
    Developed gaming Saint War Curse of Rainbow Crystone
  • Game Tester. Interserv Entertainment (Shanghai), 10/2002
    QA focus group on MMOG Monster Farm
  • Production Intern. Ubisoft (Shanghai), 7/2001-8/2001
    Crazy in love with Song: Summer time Rainbow

Flow in games a jenova chen mfa thesis proposal 2007      on

  • Speaker. Game Maker Conference 2013 3/2013
    Designing Journey
  • Keynote. DICE Summit 2013 2/2013
    Theories Behind Journey
  • Speaker. Game Maker Conference China 2011 11/2011
    Art, Entertainment & Game Titles
  • Speaker. Applied Brilliance 2010 10/2010
    Hope in Game Titles
  • Speaker. Indiecade 2010 10/2010
    Uncover Multi-player Dynamics in Journey
  • Lecturer. National School of Interactive Entertainment (ENDI) 08/2010
    TGC’s Game Design Philosophy
  • Judge. Bivouac Urbain (Quebec) 08/2010
    Game Jam contest
  • Speaker. Game Maker Conference 2010 03/2010
    Game Design Challenge
  • Speaker. Really make a difference Forum Hong Kong 01/2010
    Game Titles a brand new Media Awaiting Change
  • Speaker. Indiecade 09
    Keynote 09/2009
  • Speaker. Develop Conference at Brighton 07/2009
    flOw Flower: Game Titles Art
  • Attendee. Science Foo Camp 07/2009
  • Speaker. College of California Riverside 05/2009
    Art, Entertainment & Game Titles
  • Speaker. ConceptArt.org Reverie 09 03/2009
    Art, Entertainment & Game Titles
  • Speaker. Game Maker Conference 2009 03/2009
    Experimental Game play Workshop Micro Talks
  • Speaker. GamesBeat 09 03/2009
    Way forward for Game Titles
  • Speaker. Indiecade08 10/2008
    Master Class: From Indie to Mainstream
  • Speaker. Imprint Culture Lab 08 04/2008
    the Cult of Gaming
  • Speaker. Game Maker Conference 2008 02/2008
    Flowing Gas around the Flames: Game Designers Rant
  • Paper Reviewer. ACM SIG Computer Human Interface 2008 12/2007
    Game Titles Research
  • Speaker. Montreal Worldwide Game Summit 2007 11/2007
    Challenges from Designing Games with Unique Feelings
  • Speaker. E for those Gaming Convention 2007 10/2007
    Do-it-yourself: Beginning being an Independent Developer
  • Paper Reviewer. eleventh Int. Conference on Information Visualisation 04/2007
    Video Games as well as their applications
  • Paper Author. Communications from the ACM magazine 04/2007
    Flow in Games (and Anything Else) Vol50, Num4, Pg31
  • Speaker. Game Maker Conference 2007 3/2007
    around the Life story of flOw Independent Game Summit
  • Lecturer. UCR California Museum of Photography 11/2006
    Digital Wizards on Flow in games
  • Co-author. ACM SIGGRAPH Gaming Symposium 2006 8/2006
    That Cloud Game: Dreaming & Doing Innovative Game Design
  • Speaker. Game Maker Conference 2006 3/2006
    Experimental Game play Workshop
  • Volunteer. SIGGRAPH 2004 2005 8/2004-8/2005
  • Volunteer. Electronic Entertainment Expo 2004 4/2004

Flow in games a jenova chen mfa thesis proposal California 2003-2006

  • Game Artistic Achievement. British Academy of Film and tv Arts
  • Best Downloadable Game of the season. Game Maker Choice Award
  • Casual Game of the season. Interactive Achievement Awards
  • Best Independent Game. SpikeTV Gaming Awards
  • Exhibition Tales of Play – Games from the Unpredicted. ATA center in Lima. Peru
  • Exhibition. Fantastic Illusion Shanghai eArts, China Belgium
  • Exhibition. Vernissage Game On. Art Game Titles. in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Better of E3 Gold Award. GamePro
  • E3 Best Downloadable Game. Gamespy
  • Best Downloadable Game of the season. Game Developers Choice Awards
  • Best Debut Game, Innovation Nominee. Game Developers Choice Awards
  • Downloadable Game of the season Nominee. Interactive Achievement Awards
  • Game Innovation Nominee. British Academy of Film and tv Arts
  • Best Artistic The perception of PS3. IGN.com
  • Top Ten Game Design Innovations. Next-gen.biz
  • 5 Best Downloadable Games. Gamasutra.com
  • Exhibition. Gameworld in the Laboral Centro de Arte in The country

flOw PC

  • Best Indie Games. Wired.com 2007
  • Best free internet games. Jayisgames.com 2006


  • Exhibition. 8BIT GAME PEOPLE FILE Games Rio, South america 2008
  • Exhibition. The A.L.I.C.E. Museum in Seoul, Korea 2007
  • Student Showcase Award. Independent Game Festival
  • Philosophy Award. Slamdance Guerilla Gamemaker Competition
  • Exhibition. Better of IGF Exhibition at Australian Core Moving Image
  • Internet Download Bet on the Month. EDGE Magazine issue 157


  • Student Showcase Award. Independent Game Festival
  • Exhibition. DiGRA Perspective: Alternative Games Exhibition in Canada
  • Exhibition. Better of IGF Exhibition at Australian Core Moving Image

Curse of Rainbow

  • Second Prize. CBI ShuangMin Cup Game Design Competition 2002
  • First Prize. USTC Cup Game Design Competition 2002
  • Best Direction. Interactive Achievement Awards
  • Finalist. World Technology Award
  • Patrick Soon-Siong Innovation Award. LA Business Journal
  • Game Maker 50. Game Maker Magazine
  • Probably The Most Creative Entrepreneurs running a business. Fast Company Magazine
  • MadeMan’s 09 Trailblazers. MadeMan
  • Planet Illogica Excellence in New Media Award. Cinevegas
  • The 100 Most Creative Individuals Business. Fast Company Magazine
  • The New 100 Game Developers. EDGE Magazine
  • World’s Top Innovators younger than 35. MIT’s Technology Review
  • 10 Innovators to look at. Variety
  • first Place. USC Student Innovator Showcase 2007
  • EA Game Innovation Grant. USC IMD 2005
  • Ea Scholarship. USC IMD 2004-2005 2005-2006
  • Gold-cup Champion. Shanghai Yizhou Cup Digital Art Design Competition 2002
  • Third Prize. HuiGu Cup fourth National Computer Olympic Competition 1999
  • First Prize. Shanghai Dong Hai Cup Computer-programming Competition 1999
  • Gaming direction
  • Emotional game design
  • Expert in positive psychology for game design
  • Design Anthropology
  • Game Titles, Film, Anime, Painting, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Dreaming

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