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Burton Custom Restricted 2014 Review through the Good Ride

The Burton Custom Restricted is really a Twin camber form of the Custom Flying V Restricted such as the Custom would be to the Custom Flying V. Normally the Restricted Custom is equivalent to the Custom however this time there’s a totally different ride. They share exactly the same name and also the same twin shape however that’s it. The vastly different camber profiles alter the ride a great deal. It has a far more semi-aggressive freestyle feel into it for individuals that they like the Custom but wish to ride switch much more. It’s still got exactly the same mountain speed because the Custom Camber and in addition it has got the carving ability. If you just like a more old-fashioned all mountain freestyle approach the Restricted Custom Twin might satisfy that require. It seems like a rather more aggressive Burton Parkitect .

On Snow Feel: Very stable between your ft like camber is and in addition it doesn’t feel too appealing either. The Custom Twin camber has snappy throughout type of ride.

Powder: This can be a camber twin having a centered stance so it is not going with an easy float. If you’re old-fashioned twin camber rider this is fine however if you simply are use to Twins after some much more of a bend in the end and tail it’s not really a simple ride.

Turn Initiation and Carving: Like several Burton boards this will probably be snappy and fun edge to edge. Although the turn initiation is moderate knowing your work this is very quick edge to edge.

Speed: Similar to the Custom inside a twin shape. It has a quick base also it’s a fairly stable ride whenever you get speed. Day and night difference in the Custom Flying V Twin/ Restricted Custom Flying V.

Fijaciones burton custom opinion writing ride switch

Uneven Terrain: Burtons boards have lots of impact moderation along with a great flex that may cope with crowded resort snow perfectly.

Edge Hold: It holds much better than the Flying V Custom twin. It’s got exactly the same edge hold because the directional to twinish original camber model. It’s good in many conditions to even borderline hard. It’s around the middle to great side of excellent.

Flex: Burton keeps tweaking the main from the board and also the squeeze box tech makes this camber board flex simpler of computer should. It’s better on the butter than what you know already for any camber board and contains a quick feel.

Switch: Perfect in either case.

Jibbing: Not necessarily a bad jib board however it’s better within the pipe and hitting kickers.

Pipe: There’s sufficient edge hold, nice drive permanent also it might make an individual who loves to go to the pipe if this’s soft pretty happy.

Jumps: Great spring. It’s Ollie time with this particular board. Such as the Twinish Custom its just really fun to obtain air with this particular board. Should you pair this with Burton bindings with hinge tech you’ve got a very springy board. You are able to ride round the mountain and obtain more air than you are able to with many boards. It’s also ideal for kickers associated with a size. If you’re a more technical rider this is an aspiration also it’s far better for big kickers which have 50-70 feet of air before you decide to land.

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