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Ezine article writing guidelines for harlequin

Ezine article writing guidelines for harlequin ll accept submissions

Updated 6/2016

Updates of note:

We’re very happy to announce we’ll once more be accepting submissions of novellas in most genres we presently publish. Minimum number of words for submission to Carina Press has become 20,000 words.

Please be aware that our submission guidelines have altered and, by Fall 2015, submissions of fantasy and sci-fi that don’t have romance like a central story/plot element won’t be considered. Don’t submit manuscripts within this genre that aren’t, in their core, romance. We is constantly accept only submissions of sci-fi romance and fantasy romance, and all sorts of connected subgenres, with strong romance elements.

Special requires submissions:

Exactly what the editors want (updated Spring 2016). This publish continues to be considerably revised updated from previous versions, and today features a chart that shows what editors are obtaining in every genre.

Too Taboo: A Forbidden Erotic Romance Anthology

Sexy Shifters: MenOrMan Romance Anthology

Sexy Shifters: A Het Romance Anthology

Alien Love: A Romance Anthology

A Jewel Crook, Capers and Heists Anthology

Lately Acquired

Thinking about seeing what we should’ve lately acquired? We’ve got our deal bulletins all on a single page, try them out here .

About Us

Carina Press is Harlequin’s digital-first adult fiction single-title imprint, publishing first in digital, with releases in audio and print too.

Our mission would be to connect readers with authors who write the tales they would like to read, and also the tales they would like to discuss and recommend. Carina Press publishes books from gifted authors in most subgenres of romance, including contemporary, paranormal, Gay and lesbian, sci-fi, fantasy, and much more.

Ezine article writing guidelines for harlequin through the

We publish mysteries of flavors—from cozies to thrillers—both with and without romantic elements.

But Carina Press has an interest in not only the standard genres. We’re also prepared to exceed the limitations and mix things up. When the book of the heart suits a distinct segment which has hardly any shelf space inside a traditional book shop, Carina Press is wanting to read and potentially publish your story.

Want for more information about Carina Press staff, editors and authors? Check this out page for links to staff on social networking. Visit this site for info on the editors and just what they’re searching for.

Our submissions guidelines are below. For those who have any queries, please first see our Submissions FAQ. In case your question wasn’t clarified you are able to send us an email at submissions@carinapress.com. Please allow 72 business hrs for any response.

What We Should’RE SEEKING&#8230

We’re presently obtaining

We don’t publish/no more accept submissions in

In case your novella or complete manuscript is 20,000 words or longer and fits what we should are searching for, as described within the above chart or perhaps in the genre descriptions below, we’ll contemplate it!

We won’t take a look at manuscripts under 20,000 words, nor can we consider non-fiction.

Your passion, quality of writing and voice is exactly what can make your manuscript stick out and become considered for publication.


We’re seeking submissions in most subgenres of romance with all of amounts of sensuality. We welcome from the sweet towards the incredibly erotic, featuring couples (or multiples) all walks of existence and sexual orientation, including same-sex romances.

Ezine article writing guidelines for harlequin and authors

Romances should concentrate on the growth and development of the connection, in addition to exterior and internal conflict heat level ought to be appropriate towards the book and boost the story, and also the primary relationship should provide a happily ever after (HEA) or happily for the time being (HFN) within an emotionally satisfying manner. Trilogies and duologies in which the foremost andOror second book finish in cliffhangers are allowed as lengthy because the primary romantic arc ultimately leads to an HEA or HFN.

Sorry, but among the couple cannot die or leave another if it’s to become offered like a romance!

Subgenres of romance we’re seeking include, but aren’t restricted to, LGBTQ, paranormal, romantic suspense, romantic comedy, Western, contemporary, New Adult and historic. Please visit specific guidelines for erotic romance and sci-fiOrdream romance below.

Harlequin and Carina Press have discovered over our a long time running a business that connected series are extremely well-liked by readers, much like many familiar romance tropes. Carina Press is searching for interesting twists on established popular-romance styles and tropes for example marriage of convenience, cowboys, buddies to enthusiasts, billionaires, best friend’s sister, secret babies and much more. We are curious about seeing your fresh interpretation on these tropes and styles. The only real limit is the imagination!

Erotic Romance

Carina Press is constantly on the acquire submissions within the erotic romance genre. When we’re obtaining works of 20,000 words or more, we’re particularly thinking about novel-length tales (60,000 words or even more) with series potential. M/F, M/M, and mnage+ romances welcome, much like erotic thrillers and tales that push characters’ personal limitations or explore the taboo. The word what during these books ought to be frank and explicit, using the sensuality and sexuality from the story integral areas of the plot and styles. Sexual tension and explosive chemistry between your protagonists is essential to building the concentration of the storyline and appeal from the erotic romance. Furthermore, erotic romances should have a happily ever after or happily for the time being, including once the romance is between several figures.

Sci-fi Romance and fantasy Romance

Carina Press has closed to submissions of sci-fi and fantasy that don’t include romance as central towards the story/plot, but we continue being thinking about obtaining manuscripts in sci-fiOrdream romance and connected subgenres, including and particularly advanced and concrete fantasy. The connected subgenres include space opera, cyberpunk, alien romance along with other similar subgenres.


We’re open fully selection of mysteries, from soft to hard, including cozies, amateur sleuths, procedurals, mental thrillers, historic mysteries and contemporary PIs. An array of our mysteries, thrillers and romantic suspense titles visit print via Harlequin’s Direct to Consumer Readers Service Suspense program and are generally provided for purchase in publications on Harlequin.com.

Minimum number of words for print adoption within this category is 70,000 or more, although we’ll accept submissions with lower word counts for digital-only.

Formerly released material (including self-printed works)

Carina Press may also consider books which have been formerly released or self-printed, as long as the writer has either retained digital legal rights or had had legal rights revert for them, and as long as there’s new, never-before-printed material incorporated using the submission. To submit formerly printed material, please stick to the below guidelines and send it in to Angela James via our Submittable process.

How You Can SUBMIT

All submissions ought to be posted via our submissions website: https://carinapress.submittable.com/submit

Please submit queries for just completed, fully polished manuscripts, unless of course formerly arranged otherwise by having an editor. Queries must include the next and won’t be reviewed or no piece is missing:

  1. Needed: Within the submissions form, you’ll be requested for any brief, opening query letter listing genre, number of words along with a short description from the book, in addition to any pertinent information about the writer, including both legal name and pen name and then any writing credits. The query letter is the sales hype so we make use of the information incorporated inside it from initial go through the possibility acquisitions process and beyond.
  1. Needed: The entire manuscript saved being an RTF or DOC file and attached, with file name TITLE_MANUSCRIPT in which you substitute your book’s title instead of TITLE. (example: WarAndPeace_Manuscript)
  1. Needed: 2-5 page synopsis of book that details character development, plot, and conflict/story resolution. Attach being an RTF or DOC file with file name TITLE_SYNOPSIS in which you substitute your book’s title instead of TITLE. (Example: WarAndPeace_Synopsis)

Furthermore, we advise:

  1. In case your book belongs to an organized miniseries, please incorporate a short series/duology/trilogy outline, specifically for paranormal, erotic, fantasy and sci-fi submissions. The series outline doesn’t have to be greater than 1-2 pages and really should outline the author’s plans for related books, including the number of books are planned and also the overall series arc, styles and figures.
  2. Make sure to place the next info on page one of files: manuscript name, author pen name/legal name, current email address, telephone number, genre and number of words. Should you don’t incorporate your telephone number, it can make it impossible for all of us to help make the Call!
  3. Combined size both attachments should be under 4 MB. We’re not able to transmit files bigger than this to the editors because of limitations within our email system. In case your manuscript has ended 4 MB, please remove extra images, delete extraneous styles or font use that could increase quality.

Please allow 12 days to have an editorial reaction to your submission. If your response is not received after 12 days, please follow-up by your Submittable account at https://carinapress.submittable.com/submit with the addition of an email for your submission log.

For those who have questions just before submission, you are able to email submissions@carinapress.com. However, no attachments, query letters or submissions should be delivered to this address. Please allow 72 business hrs for any response.

All submissions will get a car-response from Submittable acknowledging receipt of submission. Should you don’t get an auto-response (don’t forget to check on your spam folder!), please send a follow-up email, without any attachments, requesting verification of receipt.

If, while your manuscript is on submission around, you have a contract offer from another writer, please the next:

Send us an email at Submissions@CarinaPress.com to tell us as quickly as possible. You may also give a note for your submission via Submittable and we’ll get a notification.

Range from the deadline—when must you respond to another writer? For manuscripts we are curious about, we’ll expedite our review*, but we normally require a minimum of two days from notification of contract offer to examineOrtalk about using the acquisitions team before making the decision.

* Bear in mind that although we’ll present an expedited response for manuscripts with another offer, getting to fast-track our review can prevent us from offering feedback and/or perhaps an chance to revise resubmit. Don’t request an expedited response if you don’t possess a competing contract offer. It may affect the way we evaluate the manuscript!

Submission Tips

Additionally towards the FAQs below, we’ve compiled a summary of blogs we’ve written in the last 3 years which may be useful for you within the submission process.

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