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Eth zurich phd management dissertations

Eth zurich phd management dissertations 1993-1998

  • Madduri, Srinivas (2006-2009) Towards peripheral nerve regeneration: Novel nerve conduits endowed with biological functions and guiding nanostructures. Diss ETH Züwealthy Nr. 18769
  • Uebersax, Lorenz (2005-2008) Silk fibroin scaffold for growth factor delivery in tissue repair. Diss ETH Züwealthy Nr. 17551
  • Pfister, Lukas Andreas (2004-2007)nbspNerve conduits with tunable growth factor delivery. Diss ETH Züwealthy Nr. 17396
  • Hofmann, Sandra (2003-2007) Silk fibroin like a new biomaterial for tissue engineering and drug delivery. Diss. ETH Züwealthy Nr. 17300
  • Fischer, Stefan (2003-2007) Surface-modified microparticles for that delivery of antigens and immunostimulants.nbsp Diss. ETH Züwealthy nbspNr. 17160
  • Förg, Christina (2003-2006) Cellular translocation, trafficking and metabolic cleavage of novel cell penetrating peptides Diss. ETH Züwealthy Nr. 16569
  • Luginbühl, Vera Silvia (2001-2006) Localized delivery of insulin-like growth factor I around the commitment of bone repair. Diss. ETH Züwealthy Nr. 16425
  • Weller, Kathrin Margret (2002-2006) Around the mechanism for cellular delivery of biomacromolecular cargoes using cell penetrating peptides. Diss. ETH Züwealthy Nr. 16428
  • Birkenhauer, Peter Karl Josef (2000-2006) Local drug delivery to avoid restenosis. Diss. ETH Züwealthy Nr. 16033
  • Freitas, Sergio (2000-2005) Novel strategies and technologies for that aseptic microencapsulation of pharmaceutical compounds. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 16012
  • Herbig, Michael Edgar (2001-2005) Biophysical studies around the interaction of cell-penetrating peptides with model membranes. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 16182
  • Koch, Annette (2000-2004) Nanoparticulate carrier systems: research on uptake and translocation in epithelial models Diss. ETH Züwealthy 15637
  • Jilek, Samantha (1999-2004) DNA-loaded microparticles – interaction with dendritic cells and immunomodulatory effects Diss. ETH Züwealthy 15467
  • Tréhin, Rachel (1999-2003) Cell penetrating peptides: Uptake, permeation and metabolic process in epithelial models Diss ETH Züwealthy 15314
  • Werdenberg, Dorothea (1995-1999) Stability, permeability and pharmacokinetics of perorally administered fumarates Diss. ETH Züwealthy 14612
  • Heizmann, Joachim (1994-1999) Thymopoietin oligopeptides: thymotrinan, thymocartin, and thymopentin – intestinal stabilities, permeabilities as well as in vivo look at thymocartin that contains dosage forms. Diss. ETH 14669
  • Thiele, Lars Erik (1998-2002) Phagocytosis and intracellular fate of synthetic particles in dendritic cells and macrophages. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 14678
  • Tamber, Harjit (1994-1998) Growth and development of biodegradable polymer microspheres for peptide/protein antigen delivery. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 14546
  • Meinel, Lorenz (1999-2001) Delivery of insulin like growth factor I for bone repair. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 14471
  • Pietzonka, Peter (1996-2001) A Vital Look at Colloidal Delivery Systems for Drug Transfer into Intestinal Cellsin vitro. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 14176
  • Jen, Anna Hsiao-Chieh (1997-2001) Protein crystals for drug formulation: TGF-beta3 situation study. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 14131
  • Wyttenbach, Nicole Elisabeth (1996-2000) Transdermal peptide iontophoresis. In vitro microdialysis to research mechanisms of transport and metabolic process. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 13505
  • Anderle, Pascale (1995-1999) Kinetics and pathways of intestinal absorption and enzymatic cleavage of therapeutic proteins upon peroral delivery. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 13330
  • Schmitter, Heinz Otto (1990 -1996) Glyceride prodrugs. Synthesis, physicochemical portrayal and biological look at glyceride prodrugs of amino acidity derivatives and small peptides. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 13146
  • Schmidt, Maria Christiane (1995-1999) Therapeutic Peptides: how can they cope with the nasal epithelium. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 13095
  • Schwank, Silvia (1995-1998) Novel techniques to study antibiotic activity in in-vitro simulations of infectious illnesses involving microbial biofilms (Responsible supervisor: Prof. J. Blaser, Universitäts-poliklinik Züwealthy) Diss. ETH Züwealthy 12568
  • Johansen Pål (1994-1998) Single-dose vaccines – on engineering and quality assessment of PLA/PLGA microsphere-based vaccines. Diss ETH Züwealthy 12764
  • Boderke, Peter Alexander (1993-1998) Facets of epidermal peptide metabolic process for transdermal drug delivery: Localization, modeling and conjecture. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 12816
  • Reddingius, Wiebrandus G. (1989-1997) Bioanalysis and pharmacokinetics of
    fumarates in humans. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 12199
  • Gietz, Ursula M. (1994 -1997) Therapeutic protein formulation for sustained delivery: Formulation aspects an stability. Diss ETH 12177
  • Thomasin, Claudio A. (1992-1997) Biodegradable polyester microspheres for sustained protein delivery: Development and possibility of the coacervate encapsulation process. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 12007
  • Peter, (1989-1995), Cell Culture Sheets to review Nasal Peptide Metabolic process: A Persons Nasal RPMI 2650 Cell Line Model. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 11791
  • Bohner, Viviane (1993-1996) Mechanisms and pathways of intestinal peptide absorption: permeation, metabolic process and secretion. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 11371
  • Nagels, Klaus (1989-1995) Triblock copolymer-based HMPSA formulations for transdermal delivery. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 11080
  • Lang, Steffen (1992-1995) Around the pathways of transport and metabolic process of therapeutic peptides within the nasal mucosa. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 11229
  • Bauer, Horst (1989-1995) Physical stability of peptide pharmaceuticals: Aggregation and conformational changes of human calcitonin(hCT) in aqueous solution, Diss. ETH Züwealthy 10989
  • Steinsträsser, Inga (1989 -1994) The organized HaCaT cell culture sheet: One method of study epidermal peptide drug metabolic process, Diss. ETH Züwealthy 1070
  • Krezdorn, Christian (1990-1993) Heterologous expression of human glycosyltransferases in yeast. (Responsible supervisor: Prof. Dr. E. Berger, of. ) Diss. ETH Züwealthy 101509
  • Vergeres, Patrice (1989-1993) Development and verification of novel in vitro techniques to study antibiotic activity with special focus on management of device-related infections. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 10150 (Responsible supervisor: Prof. Dr. J. Blaser, Universitätspoliklinik Züwealthy)
  • Transmontano Raimondo, Joao (1988-1992) Dental Absorption of dermatan sulfate. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 9997
  • Wolany, Gregor J.M. (1987-1990) Zur bukkalen Applikation und Absorption plusieurs Oktapeptids Octreotid – Buccal administration and absorption from the octapeptide octreotide. Diss. ETH Züwealthy 9293

Eth zurich phd management dissertations protein antigen delivery

Eth zurich phd management dissertations 18769     
    Uebersax, Lorenz


Drug Formulation & Delivery

Prof. Jean-Christophe Leroux

Vladimir Prelog Weg 3
HCI H301


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