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English literature and creative writing phd in california

Prospective Student Information

Creative/Critical Writing Concentration Overview (please reference the Literature Ph.D. Program overview for more information)

Entering students complete all of the needs for the Literature Ph.D. using an innovativeOrcrucial enhancement for degree by means of original creative work, with critical introduction, and, if preferred, are employed in poetics, translation, form and/or critical writing inside the outlook during writerly practices.

For applicants for that Creative/Critical Writing concentration, the department necessitates next additional materials: 20-25 pages of prose (a number of complete piece along with an additional sample preferred), or 10-12 pages of poetry. The writing may be poetry, prose fiction, creative non-fiction or hybrid/mix genre.


The overall needs for people PhD students customize the Creative/Critical Writing concentration:

  • The Proseminar. Literature 200, to obtain attracted in Fall Quarter within the newbie
  • Single-quarter Pedagogy trainingOrInstructing Assistant Training, Literature 201, to obtain taken before or while using first Teaching Assistant appointment
  • Twelve courses creating the phrase an area of concentration.&#160 No under a couple of these needs to be within the second-language literature a number of must concentrate on pre-1750 literature and culture. Three courses might be attracted in other departments (in exceptional cases, around one other good course might be requested by petition) three might be independent studies
    Creative/Critical Writing concentration only: Within the twelve courses around four courses needs to be Creative/Critical concentration-designated courses (Graduate Creative Writing Workshops and techniques and Materials)&#160
  • One two-cccs course, Literature 291F, per quarter
  • 70 5 % of supervised teaching experience
    Creative/Critical Writing concentration only: Within the 70 5 % of supervised teaching experience needed, no under two can be found in the undergraduate creative writing concentration
  • The Literature Department’s intensive three-week Graduate Summer time time time Language Program or equivalent
  • A qualifying exam portfolio (includes an dental component)
  • A prospectus outlining and defining the dissertation project
  • A dissertation (written along with Literature 299, Thesis Research).

Qualifying Examination and Dissertation

A number of area of the QE committee, the chair, needs to be from one of the participating core faculty in Creative Writing, and a minimum of one departmental area of the committee won’t be one of those.&#160 Students within the concentration might find the needs within the (revised) Ph.D. program Qualifying Examination, with careful substitute original creative make use of the Qualifying essay requirement. The task can also be, when the student chooses, a hybrid creative/critical work.

Ph.D. candidates within the Creative/Critical Writing concentration may choose a few options for the dissertation:

1. A manuscript length original creative project&#8212novel, novella, selection of poems, selection of tales, creative non-fiction, or maybe a hybrid/experimental form (including whilst not restricted to digital/new media, performance/performativity/screen play, the lyric essay) obtaining a considerable critical chapter getting no less than 75 pages that locates the job inside the literary and historic contexts OR

English literature and creative writing phd in california program Qualifying Examination, with careful

2. A dissertation on theory, form, poetics or good status for your novel/ poetry a translation an essential edition.

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