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English essentialspara writingconnect pkg. custom You may also install

Native Language Support

The fundamental LuCI web interface reaches British. However, it’s being positively altered into many languages by volunteers. See i18n.luci.subsignal.org/pootle/ and get involved! For all of the available packages, do

You will see all of the the disposable language packages. To put together your native language, do e.g.

You may also install language packs while using the WebInterface and you will install multiple LuCI language packs concurrently and switch together within the LuCI-WebInterface or by editing the file /etc/config/luci

Start and permit the web server (uHTTPd)

The web server software uHTTPd could be a dependency within the LuCI package that is instantly installed should you install LuCI. After installation the web server is not running! You have to by hands start the web server. Its also wise to permit the server, therefore it instantly begins in the event you reboot the router. The first command below starts the web server, the 2nd enables it across reboots.

You now can interact with the web server serving LuCI at


LuCI is installed as being a &#039meta package&#039 which installs other packages by permitting these looked as a dependency. Particularly, it installs the uHTTPd server, configured to be used with LuCI. The dependent packages would be the following (understand the LuCI technical reference for more information):

In situation you should employ uHTTPd for the web interface there’s little configuration necessary as uHTTPd is configured with CGI to create LuCI utilize the Lua interpreter. Instantly this is often organised the following. Instantly /internet may be the standard document root.

English essentialspara writingconnect pkg. custom and switch together

Thus, by requesting this docroot (by pointing your browser for that devices Ip) a catalog make an application for example index.html is looked for (per uHTTPd settings). The file /internetOrcatalog.web coding (installed with LuCI) is ready to make sure that when requested, it redirects you to definitely certainly certainly /cgi-bin/luci. the default CGI gateway for LuCI. Situation a script, which essentially calls Lua at /usr/bin/lua. uhttpd is configured instantly to load pages as CGI within the /cgi-bin path, and so starts serving these pages while using the /cgi-bin/luci script.

It’s also easy to run LuCI with Lua just as one embedded process. uhttpd supports this understand the corresponding part of the uHTTPd Server Configuration article across the UCI configuration of uhttpd.


The default server software uhttpd is configured within the file /etc/config/uhttpd .
The LuCI web interface is configured within the file /etc/config/luci.

LuCI on other web servers

LuCI on lighttpd

LuCI on nginx

LuCI on.

Minimalistic offline installation

Download and transfer (e.g. using SCP) the packages the following for that OpenWrt router for the RAM disk in /tmp/luci-offline-packages

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