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Endorsement letter sample for thesis proposal

Endorsement Policy and procedures

The IHDP Project on Urbanization and Global Ecological Change welcomes applications by research groups, institutions and agencies worldwide to register the UGEC community through endorsement using the UGEC Worldwide Project. In addition with this particular, UGEC may also endorse *completed* doctorate dissertations to be able to encourage youthful scientists to own fun playing the job.

Applicants needs to be adding for that UGEC research effort as defined within the UGEC Science Plan. The objectives and outputs within the activities endorsed get their central objectives individuals identified inside the formal UGEC agenda, or provide important insights for many parts of that agenda. Applicants must indicate that within the four styles within the UGEC project their project will most lead.

There’s two methods for getting endorsement inside the UGEC research network:

  1. while using applying guidelines stated below, or
  2. by submitting the very first proposal or maybe a shortened version like the data essential for the application.

Completed applications should be delivered to the UGEC Worldwide Project Office. which inserts while using the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) to process and think about proposals. Endorsement in the project are simply possible carrying out a funding for the project is guaranteed. However, upon request, UGEC may consider offering instructions appealing for research proposals, if sufficiently apparent the research proposal would lead for that overall UGEC objectives. This sort of letter wouldn’t pre-empt any decision regarding endorsement in the later stage.

A effective application gains convenience UGEC network of projects, programs (including various worldwide and regional workshops) and potential funding initiatives while using various correspondences (electronic and hardcopy) within the UGEC Worldwide Project Office (IPO).

After formal endorsement, a task will most likely be looked at area of the activities within the particular UGEC Regional Network and you will be built-into its portfolio of activities, publication and outreach initiatives. Necessities such as benefits of joining an analysis programme on global ecological change:

Benefit of scope: IHDP core projects develop, employing a bottom-up approach, common scientific frameworks to integrate interdisciplinary research round the worldwide basis. The systems reassert research findings by getting an aggregated level and provide authenticity for individual projects connected with such frameworks. IHDP doesn’t fund research, but UGEC endorsement may assist individual projects while exploring for funding.

Information advantage: IHDP core projects synthesise understanding on the planet System dynamics and constitute archives of understanding and research systems. They’ve created synergies and complementarities, identify understanding gaps and future topics of research and promote research on new questions plus new regions, attempting to prevent unnecessary duplication.

Theoretical and methodological advantage: IHDP core projects develop and disseminate innovative theoretical approaches and methodological instruments for interdisciplinary research on integrated human-atmosphere systems.

Endorsement letter sample for thesis proposal including various worldwide and regional

Comparative advantage: IHDP core projects enable interregional comparisons round the worldwide basis (e.g. of situation studies, integrated regional studies).

Business advantage: IHDP core projects constitute worldwide platforms facilitating links between natural and social science research, connecting national and regional research agendas with worldwide research agendas within the bi-directional way, linking science to policy-making, and developing proper institutional partnerships in a wide array of levels (inter-governmental and non-governmental, etc.).

Individuals activities which receive formal UGEC endorsement are necessary to provide performance reports for periodic review using the IPO and UGEC SSC. UGEC also demands all collaborating projects to create their data as broadly and freely like easy to other collaborators while safeguarding the privacy of participants, and protecting private and proprietary data. We are feeling that data exchange reinforces open scientific inquiry, encourages diversity of research and opinion, promotes new information and facilitates exercising of recent researchers. UGEC also envisions compiling new datasets for meta-analyses and comparative studies. The endorsed projects accept the Relation to its Reference .

Please complete the approval inside the link provided below and send it in via email or regular mail inside the following address:
Corrie Griffith
Executive Officer
IHDP Urbanization and Global Ecological Change Project
Arizona Condition College
PO Box 875402
Tempe, AZ 85287-5402

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