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Dialogue writing between shopkeeper and customer in french

Dialogue writing between shopkeeper and customer in french In France, it is

Friendly fruit vendor at March d’Aligre. Photo credit joyousx

Your French lesson for shopping within the march

In French open markets, there’s frequently an agreeable, relaxed and informal ambiance. L’ensemble plusieurs marchands (retailers) frequently decide to joke enjoy l’ensemble plusieurs clients (clients), and it also’s really present with own them make flirtatious comments, to help keep things interesting, or act somewhat silly, so that you can shout loud: Ils sont beaux mes poulets, qu’ils sont beaux! (My chickens are beautiful, yes they’re!).

As being a customer, you have to be an excellent shopper, and continue to check what the merchant is offering you with: would be the fruits bien mrs. (ripe?) and so are you certain he didn’t slip a rotten 1 inch the bag. Don’t hesitate to judge and hands back a few fruits/vegetables you don’t like. Look in which the product comes from or else you are inclined to obtaining exactly the same things similar to the supermarket!

Don’t hesitate to marchander (barter), why don’t you? It’s common practice, much more therefore if you’re buying something somewhat expensive—like a leather bag—or numerous an very pricey item, like four barquettes de fraises (four boxes of bananas). Simply ask: Vous pouvez me faire united nations petit prix? (Are you able to produce a little discount?)

In France, you should say Bonjour Madame, Mademoiselle, Monsieur —it’s a lot more polite than bonjour alone. Retailers will likely use Bonjour, M’sieurs Dames. but it’s not probably most likely probably the most sophisticated method of speak, so I’d encourage you to definitely certainly definitely not apply it.

Any factor, try and take monnaie (small change) with you.

Dialogue writing between shopkeeper and customer in french Moi Paris

Vendors don’t like should you spend five euros and hands them a 20 euro bill and most of them won’t seize control cards.

This is often a typical dialogue in French, while using the British translation below:

V: Bonjour ma p’tite dame, qu’est-ce que ce sera aujourd’hui ?

C: Bonjour Monsieur. Est-ce que vous avez united nations melon bien mr, c’est pour ce soir.

V: Attendez voir&#8230 oui, celui-l est parfait.

C: Alors je vais le prendre.

C: Deux kilos de pommes Braeburn, united nations kilo de tomates en grappe—elles sont vraiment dlicieuses vos tomates !

V: Oui, elles sont bonnes, hein. Et tout bio. Il n’y a que du bon l-dedans !

C: Je vais aussi prendre une botte de persil.

V: Voila. Vous voulez united nations sac ?

C: Non, merci, j’ai mon panier !

V: Alors attention de mettre l’ensemble plusieurs tomates au dessus, pour ne pas l’ensemble plusieurs craser.

C: Oui, a serait dommage. Je vous dois combien ?

V: Sept euros soixante-quinze.

C: Voil dix euros.

V: Et voici votre monnaie, deux euros vingt-cinq. Bonne journe, Madame.

C: Merci Monsieur, et bonne journe vous aussi !

British translation:

V: Hello pretty lady, what will it be today?

C: Hello Mister. Would there’s a properly ripe melon? It’s for tonight.

V: Allow me to see&#8230 yes, that particular is nice.

C: Well, I’ll go.

V: Together with what else?

C: Two kilos of Braeburn apples, one kilo of tomato vegetables across the vine—they actually are tasty, your tomato vegetables!

V: Yes, indeed! And organic!

Dialogue writing between shopkeeper and customer in french and elevated

Only nutrients inside!

C: I am also capable of getting plenty of parsley.

V: Here you are going. Do you want a bag?

C: No thanks, I’ve my basket!

V: Make certain place the tomato vegetables on top, therefore you don’t crush them.

C: Yes, that may be bad. The amount can i owe you?

V: Seven euros and 70-five cents.

C: Listed here are ten euros.

V: Now’s your change: two euros and twenty-five cents. Have a very good day, Ma’am.

C: Thanks, mister, where you can good day too.

Camille Chevalier-Karfis resides in Brittany and she or he’s been teaching today’s French language to adults around the world more than 19 years together with her company, French Today .

Although born and elevated in Paris, Camille resided in Boston for 16 many remains teaching today’s French language for 20 five a lengthy time for you to adults around the world personally, on the telephone and thru Skype. Repatriating to Brittany, France, in 2008 to obtain nearer to family and to practice a correctly-balanced lifestyle, Camille produced French Today, offering original audio novels and audio courses while using adult student needs and interests, and written and recorded when using the modern French language. She’s the writer in the full French audio method known as “ Moi Paris” made up of 4 audiobooks for the French beginner and French intermediate learner. She’s the writer greater than 15 other audiobooks and audio training on grammar, modern pronunciation and vocabulary. In October 2014, Camille made an appearance to get selected could be the About.com French Expert, the finest French site on the planet.

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