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Defended his master thesis proposal

Defended his master thesis proposal This web site publish is

printed on August 15, 2011

Relating To This summer time time 1, 2011, I effectively defended my master thesis at Hasselt College ’s Expertise Center for Digital Media. Obviously, it’s difficult to compress the whole spectrum of interesting products to explain within the small permitted time period that folks’re allotted (fifteen minutes now). I spent time and effort polishing my presentation to make certain it had been as understandable as possible (regardless of the fast speaking pace), but in addition as interesting as possible. And apparently it compensated off!

Later on, I received lots of very positive feedback my presentation from individuals attending the defense presentation. Fortunately, the information itself made an appearance that require thinking about intriguing, notable and solid: I received a score of 80% (16/20)! I’m clearly very pleased using this result 🙂

However, it doesn’t finish here…

Since Steve Souders tweeted regarding this, It’s essential to link by using this publish to special related information:

  1. screencast within the resulting application. which provides a fast (1:30) overview of my master thesis’ abilities
  2. the specific thesis proposal (blog publish), which provides more context
  3. my “ WPO Analytics” article on Performance Calendar 2010 (blog publish), which provides a much more accessible high-level overview of the advantages of automated analysis of real-time performance monitoring data, for example individuals supplied by Episodes


Near the finish of May, I had been contacted getting a co-founding father of booking.com 1.

Defended his master thesis proposal If you wish

Should you choose back-and-forth e-mailing, he requested me to go to booking.com’s offices in Amsterdam, to discuss my WPO understanding employing their front-finish developers which are focusing on making the web site faster. I suggested presenting both my bachelor master theses’ defense presentations 2. they agreed with. 3

Relating To This summer time time 4, immediately after my girlfriend’s last exam, we wanted the train to Amsterdam. Across the fifth, I presented at booking.com’s (rapidly expanding!) offices, with higher results. They loved a few things i needed to state, regarding the WPO work I’d done, but in addition about many other WPO projects available.
These were also thinking about more general items like using Hadoop for analyzing their enormous log files.
Mission effective. )

Master award

Then, relating to this summer time time 8, there is the announcement inside my fellow students. I had been not able to graduate, since i have have have provide an internship at Facebook to accomplish. Used to pass my exams though, through getting an average score of 74% total courses.

However, with the announcement, I had been out of the blue known as on happens (together with two fellow students) and received the information Technology Master Award. inside my performance within my studies and my contribution having a positive picture in the bachelor and master it at Hasselt College! I didn’t know these awards existed, in addition we’d win one!

I’m clearly most grateful to obtain received this award.

Defended his master thesis proposal My fellow students Robin Marx

Thanks. Hasselt College!

My fellow students Robin Marx (whom may be the only other student besides me doing an worldwide internship ) and Steven Houben (whose outstanding master thesis got him a PhD position inside the esteemed IT College of Copenhagen ) also received this award.

Additional information about “ WPO Analytics”

For individuals interested, I’ve attached the next files:

  • the very best type of the specific thesis text with links (for viewing within the PDF readers) and without links (for printing)
  • the defense presentation, with no screencasts, within the first Keynote 2009 format plus PDF format
  • the “log file” (an excellent Episodes log file) and “ WPO Analytics” screencasts in (relatively) poor 4

Also, soon wpoanalytics.org goes online, similar to fileconveyor.org inside my bachelor thesis. If you wish to consider the code now. you can, it’s on Github and it also’s within the public domain 5 .

Pricey hotels booking site with many different numerous visitors. It’s within the Alexa top 250.&#160&#8617

My master thesis wasn’t even complete right now!&#160&#8617

In exchange, booking.com would cover the travel costs to Amsterdam and purchase 2 nights in a hotel in Amsterdam personally and my girlfriend — that is a good deal!&#160&#8617

Top quality kind of the screencasts available upon request .&#160&#8617

WPO Analytics — my master thesis — is Unlicensed .&#160&#8617

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