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CultureGrams™ could be a leading reference for concise and reliable cultural details concerning the regions. With world occasions more and more more affecting our approach to existence, it’s worth more than previously to teach students regarding the world around them, and for college kids and business keepers to not sleep-to-date.

CultureGrams provides country reports that are beyond mere details and figures to provide single-of-a-kind perspective on daily existence and culture, such as the background, customs, and lifestyles within the world’s people.

Individual reports covering 200+ countries, all 50 U . s . states . States, along with the Canadian provinces, are written and reviewed by in-country experts and they are updated as new information reveals, so you can be assured you are offering only the most effective, most up to date information to staff and students.

  • CultureGrams Online Database links users to everyone CultureGrams editions, including World, Kids, Provinces, and States material, in a engaging interface which can be utilized anywhere, anytime. It offers limitless printing legal legal legal rights, together with exclusive online features: worldwide photo gallery, slideshows, videos, celebrities collection, Faces all over the world interviews along with a unique recipe collection that provides five homegrown recipes all countries within the database. Plus, sortable (create-your-own) data tables enable you to put lots of details into perspective.
  • World Edition contains reports on greater than 200 countries and cultures, concentrating on twenty-five groups including history, personal appearance, gestures, family, economy, and even more. Record tables along with an extensive reference make World Edition perfect for student projects, research, and even more.
  • Kids Edition is some country reports that teaches upper elementary-aged children more details on our planet around them. Each report is definitely an vital resource of up-to-date, engaging cultural information, filled with images, historic timeline, fun details, and sections on history, population, “existence as being a kid,” and even more.
  • States Edition features colorful, easy-to-read condition reports that assist upper elementary-aged students be aware of diversity and good status for each U.S. condition along with the District of Columbia. Each report includes maps, flags, condition symbols, plus sections on history, economy, geography, population, and even more.
  • Provinces Edition contains kid-friendly reports on all 13 Canadian provinces and territories. Each report includes images, maps, flags, and symbols, plus sections on history, economy, geography, population, and much more.

  • Content Type: Data sets, figures, Maps, Other Sources, Reports, Tables Audio and video, Almanac, Atlas, Graphs cs/Multimedia

Using source documents offers learners an immediate glimpse towards the past. But without context, these sources can confuse as frequently as illuminate. SIRS® Decades® places these sources in a relevant framework for understanding. The answer features greater than 5,000 hands-selected primary and secondary source articles highlighting key occasions, movements, people, and places in twentieth-century America.

Culturegrams online edition proquest digital dissertations all CultureGrams editions, including

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