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Cultural identity and diaspora thesis proposal

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Cultural Identity Reflection

Cultural Identity Reflection

Our beliefs, values, and lastly free air travel influence how you view ourselves along with the world around us. This analysis requires you to definitely certainly certainly think about your various cultural identities that shape you, everything you do, together with your communication. This assignment requires you to definitely certainly certainly see the cultural patterns (dominant, Hofstede, Hall) that shape, reflect, and predict your culture’s beliefs, values, and communication norms. In addition, this assignment examines the beliefs, values, and norms you have been trained incorporated within this culture – they are frequently subconscious as we “know, because everybody knows.”
Consider this assignment just as one ethnography in the culture along with the people within. Describe and interpret the, beliefs, and communication norms which may be unfamiliar to individuals not connected together with your culture. The twist is it is the culture that you’re explaining, however don’t would really like paper to get casual existence story or genealogy. Write your paper as though the individual studying it’s not understanding from the culture. The weather of culture, communication and identity must be vital in your reflection.
Outcomes Satisfied
• Identify and evaluate one’s own cultural identity.
• Advise you that ecological factors affect making cultures different.
Assignment Expectations
You’ve two choices to match the needs of the job, a paper or maybe a relevant video. PAPER: Your cultural identity reflection must be 4-5 pages extended, typed and double-spaced with 1-inch margins. VIDEO: Your cultural identity reflection must be 5-7 minutes extended, well-organized, and visually appealing.

Your assignment includes the next information:
1. Introduction, Apparent Thesis, and Preview in the Primary Points
2. Internal Headings: underlined in bold font, in your reflection (i.e. Introduction, Cultural Identity, Social Identity,Personal Identity, Communication Norms, Conclusion)
3. Cultural/Ethnic Identity: the beliefs, values and communication norms apparent during this culture.
o Are the specific culture together with your cultural identities (i.e. ethnicity, gender, generational, regional, national, etc in CH4/notes).
o Dominant cultural patterns (use Hofstede and Hall in CH3)
4. Communication Norms: both verbal and non-verbal norms apparent in your culture (CH6/7).
5. Social/Relational Identities: the organizations, groups and interpersonal relationships which have helped to shape you (i.e. family, religion, jobs, interests, hobbies, sports, etc in CH4).
6. Personal Identity: let me know with regards to you – how individual encounters, characteristics, and skills shape and influence your very own identity. Advise you that these encounters shape your personal beliefs, values, norms, attitudes, worldview, along with the people near to you (CH4/notes).’
7. Conclusion: summarize much of your points and think about the intersection between culture, community, personal identity and communication.
Please cite the textbook, our notes, or any other exterior source no under 5 occasions in your paper, drawing connections concerning the resided experience along with the concepts covered in class.

Please bold the concepts and include citations. i.e. ethnocentrism(Ting-Toomey, p. 143)
You’ll hands within the well-organized reflection through getting an intro, apparent thesis statement, well-developed analysis, along with a conclusion. Your analysis will most likely cost 100 points and you will be graded across the following:
• Organization and Grammar – Introduction obtaining a apparent thesis statement, organized body with internal headings, and conclusion (15 points)
• Sufficient detail and make use of of examples in every single a part of your reflection (cultural, communication norms, social/relational and identities) (70 points)
• Connection for yourself experience to information covered within our textbook. Please cite page figures and bold any concepts found in the textbook or any other sources. (15 points)

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