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Coronally advanced flap thesis proposal

Coronally advanced flap thesis proposal plaque index

A Comparative Study of Root Coverage between Subepithelial Ligament Graft and Dynamatrix Plus(RTM) Bovine bovine bovine collagen Membrane

Background: Gingival recession (GR) may be the apical migration within the free gingival margin inside the CEJ within the tooth. It’s connected with attachment loss that is etiology is multifactorial. Different surgical techniques are widely-used to treat GR. Subepithelial ligament graft (SCTG) together with coronally advanced flap (CAF) is documented in dental literature to predictably achieve acceptable results that are stable extended term. The advantages of another surgical site and possible physiological variations within the palate are potential limitations in the technique. Non-autogenous soft tissue scaffolds that obviate the 2nd surgical site are really in comparison to SCTG/CAF technique with promising results. DPCM is unquestionably an extracellular matrix soft tissue scaffold, porcine derived, that has been brought to dentistry for gingival augmentation procedures. The goal of this randomized controlled medical study should be to compare the clinical outcomes 3 a few days after root coverage procedures, using DPCM or SCTG together with CAF within the split-mouth design, to deal with Miller class I and II recession defects.

Techniques and materials: 16 subjects received 18 bilateral surgery using DPCM + CAF (experimental group) and SCTG + CAF (control group) at contralateral sides. Vertical recession depth (VRD), clinical attachment level (CAL), keratinized tissue width (KTW), probing depth (PD), plaque index (PI), bleeding on probing index (BOP) were measured at baseline at 3 a few days after surgery.

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Variations from baseline to three a few days measurements were calculated for groups as VRDreduction. CALgain. KTWincrease. PIreduction and BOPreduction. The proportion of root coverage (%RC) along with the volume of complete root coverage (%CRC) were also calculated. Publish-surgical discomfort levels (PSD) and variations relating to the groups (PSDdif ) were evaluated at 7 days, a few days and four weeks after surgery. Three independent examiners evaluated the esthetic outcomes 3 a few days after surgery. Descriptive statistics, mixed effects models, Wilcoxon signed-rank tests and generalized estimating equations were selected to acknowledge statistically significant variations relating to the groups at different time points (a=.05).

Results: Baseline VRD was 2.45mm ± .47mm for the experimental and 2.51mm ± .48mm for the control group (p=.604). At 3 a few days re-evaluation, there’s statistically significant more recession decrease in the control group 2.17mm ± .43mm in comparison with experimental group 1.77mm ± .71mm (p=.003) with %RC of 87.48% ± 14.43% and 73.07% ± 26.72% correspondingly. There was not statistically aspect in CRC identified relating to the groups (p=.256). 28.1% within the experimental group sites achieved CRC, that was beneath the control group, 46.7%. No statistically significant variations develop in CALgain.

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KTWincrease. PIreduction and BOPreduction backward and forward groups. The experimental group presented statistically significant less PSD at 1 and 2 days with no variations relating to the groups at four weeks. Esthetic check out tissue contour revealed statistically significant better scores for DPCM group. There’s been no statistically significant variations identified relating to the groups, when color match and tissue texture were evaluated.

Conclusions:DMPM can be a replacement for SCTG for root coverage procedures, connected with less amount of root coverage, but less publish-operative discomfort and esthetic results 3 a few days after surgery.

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