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Colon targeted drug delivery system thesis proposal

Colon targeted drug delivery system thesis proposal The main minitabs

Mukund G. Tawar 1 *. Satish V. Shirolkar 1

Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Pimpri, Pune-18

Many researchers focused search light on requirement of colon specific drug delivery system. Scalping systems proven their effectiveness and functionality to deal with various existence threatening illnesses of colon. The goal of present analysis ended up being develop more achievable and particular colon targeted drug delivery system for a lot better patient compliance. In present see the core minitab specified for by using direct compression technique and additional coated with some other pH dependent polymers like HPMC, Eudragit E-100 and Eudragit L-100 by using pan coating technique. The Ornidazole was put on produce colon specific drug delivery system. The dissolution studies were performed at different pH levels in USP dissolution-II apparatus. The main minitab specified for by using drug, citric acidity as well as other additives and evaluated for physicochemical parameters plus-Vitro dissolution study. The main minitabs of Ornidazole proven sufficient drug release. The developed core minitabs further coated and evaluated for In-Vitro drug release study as well as other physicochemical parameters. The raised formulation consists coating quantity of HPMC layer was 4%, Eudragit E-100 layer was twelve percent, HPMC layer was 2% and Eudragit L-100 layer was 10% correspondingly. In-Vitro dissolution studies proven that developed system has six hrs of lag phase. The enteric coating gives protection about 2 hrs in acidic condition, Acidity soluble coat protects system around four hrs in small intestinal condition.

Colon targeted drug delivery system thesis proposal demonstrated that developed system

As system switched to pH 7.4 red carpet hrs triggered the discharge of drug because of solubilization of acidity soluble coat by citric acidity. In present analysis, Eudragit E-100 is unquestionably an acidity soluble polymer and solubilization within the acidity soluble coat is triggered by citric acidity. In-Vitro drug relieve Ornidazole was markedly found faster when citric acidity was incorporated in core minitab.

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