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Codesria small grants for thesis writing

Codesria small grants for thesis writing be incorporated

Because of ISS Alumni (HDS) Jane Shuma for drawing this chance for the attention:

2013 Small Grants Programme for Thesis Writing

Demand Applications


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OBJECTIVES: The Council to develop Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) is happy to announce its twenty-fifth session Small Grants Programme for Thesis Writing for the year 2013. The grants serve incorporated inside the Council’s contribution to the introduction of the social sciences in Africa, along with the continuous renewal and strengthening of research capacities in African universities, while using funding of primary research conducted by postgraduate students and professionals. Hence, candidates whose applications work nicely must make use of the sources provided underneath the grants to pay for the price of the fieldwork, purchasing books and documents, the processing of understanding they’ve collected along with the printing in the thesis/dissertations. Because the Council is strongly centered on encouraging African researchers to activate each other round the sustained basis, recipients within the small grants may also be supported to buy books and journals created by African scholarly publishers, including CODESRIA itself. They may also be asked to get participation in CODESRIA research methodology workshops.

ELIGIBILITY: The CODESRIA Small Grants Programme could be acquired to students and professionals presently registered in African universities, and preparing their thesis and dissertation in lots of social science fields along with other disciplines involving social or economic analysis.

Codesria small grants for thesis writing books and documents, the

Preference is supplied to folks registered for doctorate studies (PhD or equivalent), though number of grants are appropriate for sale to Masters thesis.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Grants are awarded exclusively on merit, that’s, on the strength of everyone application received by CODESRIA. All applicants are crucial to make use of the approval forms created by CODESRIA that’s provided furthermore with this announcement. The approval forms may also be downloaded inside the CODESRIA website (internet.codesria.org). In finishing the forms, applicants are necessary to handle the following guidelines inside your ideas:

RESEARCH PROPOSAL: Candidates’ research proposals must have a apparent statement within the research ideas, an essential summary of the present literature, the methodology for use, the expected link between the job, along with a detailed work plan and timetable. The study proposal must be with different cutting-edge problematic which sets the originality within the theme with regards to on-going research within the same area.

BUDGET: Applicants should present an in depth budget with expenses clearly associated with specific phases in the research. Your allowance shouldn’t exceed USD 5,000 for PhD (or its equivalents) and USD 3000 for Masters. Only journeys for fieldwork within the united states . states where the studies really conducted is funded under this grant.

STATEMENT OF INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT: A remark is needed from each applicant’s institution of affiliation, giving approval for that suggested research along with an assurance of ongoing institutional support using the preparation within the thesis/dissertation.

Codesria small grants for thesis writing by postgraduate students and professionals

Do this across the institution’s letterhead and may carry the problem stamp. Contact information within the officer issuing the statement needs to be incorporated.

LETTERS OF REFERENCE: Two letters of reference must accompany each application, one inch the thesis/dissertation supervisor, assessing the applicant’s research proposal and skills but another within the faculty member, assessing you with regards to other students, and commenting across the scientific merit and validity within the suggested research. Contact information within the thesis or dissertation supervisor needs to be incorporated within the letter of reference.

Resume: Applicants must include their current resume which, among other pursuits, signifies their discipline and nationality, and will be offering all of the their recent publications as well as on-going research activities.

Be aware that any application that’s printed without duly completed applications will most likely be instantly disqualified.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: The deadline for the receipt of applications is Friday 14th June, 2013. An impartial selection committee might find in Dakar from 19 to 23 August 2013 to check out the applications received. The outcome in the deliberations will most likely be announced immediately after. Incomplete and late applications found to won’t be checked out.

All applications must be printed to:
The Little Grants Programme for Thesis Writing
BP 3304, Clubpenguin 18524
Dakar, Senegal
Tel. +221-33 825 98.22/23
Fax: +221-33 824 12.89
E-mail: small.grants@codesria.sn
Website: internet.codesria.org
Facebook: internet.facebook.orgOrwebpagesOrCODESRIA/181817969495
Twitter: twitter.com/codesria

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