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Cloud computing security issues and challenges thesis proposal

Printed August 27, 2012 By CloudTweaks

Cloud computing challenges is going to be there. Publication rack more and more more conscious from the organization value that cloud computing brings and they are planning towards transition for that cloud. An amount transition entails an extensive understanding in the advantages furthermore to challenges involved. Like several new technology, the adoption of cloud computing isn’t free of issues. Possibly the most important challenges are the following.

1. Privacy and security

The primary challenge to cloud computing occurs when it addresses the privacy and security concerns of companies considering adopting it. The very fact the precious enterprise data will reside outdoors the company firewall raises serious concerns. Hacking as well as other attacks to cloud infrastructure would affect multiple clients even if possibly one site is attacked. These risks may be mitigated by using security applications, encrypted file systems, loss of data software, and becoming security hardware to follow along with unusual behavior across servers.

2. Service Delivery and Billing

It is sometimes complicated to evaluate the price involved because of the on-demand nature within the services. Budgeting and assessment within the cost can be quite difficult unless of course obviously clearly the business has high quality and comparable benchmarks to provide. The service-level contracts (SLAs) within the provider aren’t sufficient so the availability and scalability. Companies most likely hesitate to change to cloud with no strong service quality guarantee.

3. Interoperability and Portability

Companies must have the leverage of moving exterior and interior the cloud and switching providers once they want, and tthere shouldn’t be lock-in period.

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Cloud computing services must can easily integrate easily while using the on-premise IT.

4. Reliability and Availability

Cloud providers still lack round-the-clock service this may lead to frequent outages . You have to monitor the service being provided using internal or third-party tools. You should possess offers to supervise usage, SLAs, performance, sturdiness, and business dependency of people services.

5. Performance and Bandwidth Cost

Companies is able to reduce hardware nonetheless they require a bigger investment for the bandwidth. This can be frequently a affordable for smaller sized sized sized applications but sometimes be considerably high for the data-intensive applications. Delivering intensive and complex data within the network requires sufficient bandwidth. Because of this, many organisations are awaiting a smaller cost before switching for that cloud.

Each one of these challenges shouldn’t be regarded as obstacles within trying to find cloud computing. It’s very imperative that you give serious thought to individuals issues along with the good ways out before transporting out a technology.

By Jack Rosenblum

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