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Several kinds of Jayashree Level Sensing merchandise is for sale to sensing amounts of various material stacked in bunkers, open space, distance. etc.

Tilt switch level sensor is certainly an very rugged and proven instrument for monitoring top quantity of bulk material stored inside an area or even in the bunker / silo. It possesses a special level finding probe that’s beyond a preset position because of piling of fabric. The sensor probe is a effective MS tube for solids along with a light duty plastic tube for food grains and fertilizer. Special models to be used in hazardous atmosphere can be found.

  • – Economical, Reliable and sturdy Point Level Recognition
  • – Low Profile Mounting
  • – Multiple Diaphragm Materials
  • – Over-Pressure Protection
  • – Ultra-Sensitive Switch Option

Jayashree Diaphragm Type Bin Monitor offers economical, reliable and sturdy point level controls for point level recognition of dry bulk materials.

Ce vice impune la lecture dissertation writing Vibrating Fishing rod Sensor provides

The units allows you to eliminate bin overflow, have a pre-determined material level, indicate plugging of chutes or conveyors or provide any type of numerous level control function. The flush mount, non-intrusive units are ideally suited when vessel size or internal clearance is bound or where protrusion in a vessel isn’t acceptable. All installation and servicing, including diaphragm substitute and sensitivity adjustment can be done from outdoors the vessel.

  • – Superior Sensitivity of .5pF is standard
  • – Maximum Reliability and Calibration Stability
  • – Automatic Material Build – Up Immunity
  • – Universal Power Available
  • – Liquid and Slurry Applications

Jayashree RF capacitance sensors offer cost-effective, reliable point level monitoring and provide with affordable solution for your applications. These RF capacitance probes are produced to provide a sophisticated of sensitivity, stability and sturdiness for powder and bulk solids applications, furthermore to liquid and slurry applications which is dependant on few years warranty.

The RF Point Level Sensor could be a most rugged and proven sensor for monitoring level within the chute. This can be very helpful for monitoring chute blockage. It’s a special durable disk / flange mounted probe. The probe senses just the steady quantity of coal protuberances and doesn’t actuate because of falling material dust or humidity.

Brought on by cable capacitance and drift with weather conditions are eliminated employing a driven shield arrangement. The controller unit operates an output relay once the coal level reaches near the sensor face. The probes are appropriate for sale to working temp. around 200°C. Probes of several types are appropriate for sale to particular application like telescopic, Teflon coated etc.

  • – Superior Sensitivity of .5 pF is standard
  • – Economical, Versatile Point Level Bin Monitor
  • – Simple Electro-Mechanical Operation
  • – Rugged Cast Aluminum Construction

Jayashree type of rotary paddle bin monitors includes the very reliable, rugged and economical point level control sensors created for recognition of dry bulk materials. These simple to install units tend performers in lots of bulk materials. These paddle units allows you to eliminate bin overflow, have a predetermined material level, indicate plugging of conveyors and pneumatic lines or provide any type of numerous level control functions. Unlike a number of other available paddle units, Jayashree’s paddle level indicators provide a feature that instantly turns in the motor within the unit once the paddle reaches a stalled position, which both extends the existence within the motor and minimizes maintenance.

The Ultrasound level sensors within the Series SW 3051 are extremely helpful for sensing high levels (around 20 meters.) of fluids or slurry material. The sensor offers a 4-20 mA output signal for that controller and operates relays at preset everywhere levels. Probes can be found forsensing water amounts of 5/10/15/20 meters.

  • – Single-Probe Vibrating Fishing fishing fishing rod Design
  • – Helpful for Volume of Powders along with other Bulk Solids
  • – Easy Setup – No Calibration
  • – Universal Power

Jayashree Vibrating Fishing fishing fishing rod Sensor provides reliable point level sensing in lots of applications within powder and bulk solids markets. The vibrating probe principle utilized overcomes typical application difficulties connected with adjustments to material, electrical dielectric constant, temperature or humidity and will be offering reliable, solid condition electronic circuitry, which requires no calibration. It’s ability to recognize a variety of material densities.


Transducers open to convert electrical and non-electrical parameters for example temperature, Pressure, Fluid-flow, Active & Reactive power etc into process friendly straight line signal.

Highly accurate and reliable Cold drift. Small size, lightweight Noise-Rail mounting with excellent conversion & repeat precision and periodic ripple in output signal.

Available in single funnel furthermore to multi-funnel outputs. Choice of digital readout parameter in easy to use format.

Helpful for : Process industries, Petrochemicals and Automation industries

Sequence Timers

Special function customized timers to satisfy various time dependent control actions. Standards ON delay. OFF delay additionally to onOrAway delay timers available. sequence timers with programmable delay available. Provision of RS-485 connectivity.

Micro processor based timers made to meet specific applications. Digital display/Keypad setting. Standard bag filter cleaning sequence timers supplied by 6 funnel to 36 funnel s. Available in panel / flush mounting enclosures.

Helpful for : every automation operation. Plastic moulding machines, Packaging Machines, Pharmaceuticals and Process control.

Electronic Brake

For controlled braking action of induction motor by injecting Electricity into stator winding. Different types for motor ratings from 1 KW. Units can be found in Ip-00 / IP-30 / IP-42 enclosures. Special models for auto-control action by motor speed / back emf. Saves precious production idle time.

Helpful for : Stopping of high inertia machines for example Centrifuge, Grinders, Conveyors etc.

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