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Bus tracking system thesis proposal

Bus tracking system thesis proposal center to

Design, implement and test system for bus tracking without requiring gps navigation navigation. Deliver all relevant information (arrival time, traffic crowd, bus route etc) through SMS, site, email and displays at bus stations.

Mart – December 2006.

Master Thesis was defended at 21. december 2006 at Faculty of Technical Science, College of Novi Sad. Practical realization includes three buses online 4. the other bus stop near the college campus.

  1. Doc format – Master thesis “City bus tracking system”: Introduction, system design, implementation: database, primary software, wireless network, recognition module, display, web, SMS and email notifications – Language: Serbian

City bus transportation is extremely special frequently:

  1. Buses always have a similar route: this is actually the route within the bus line
  2. buses generally run concurrently: that’s scheduled departure occasions

Which are two primary explanations why it is not reasonable to make use of Global Position System. We’re able to add several more primary explanations why Gps navigation navigation navigation isn’t relevant in city bus tracking:

  • due to high structures, signal from no under three satellites are rare
  • precision of Gps navigation navigation navigation facts are not functional in urban area, even if it’s important when the bus has stopped at station or at semaphore ten meters earlier
  • riding around the bus will most likely have an overabundance the hundred vehicles therefore the price of GPRS bandwidth (to gather all data) is enormous

City tracking is particular with another feature: all relevant data (like arrival time) must be sent to passengers at stations on displays, so there’s dependence on communication links between bus stations.

Bus tracking system thesis proposal fuel quantity and

The only real reasonable solution for city bus tracking technique is available exactly the same network for, specifics of bus position for central computer and understanding about arrival occasions for passengers.
This master thesis develop such sensor network (Data Network) along with other a part of a method proven at figure 1.

  • Data acquisition is finding riding around the bus ID at bus stations upon its arrival and delivering that information to central computer through Data network. Wireless modules which you can use for recognition are low range (Figure 2). Another helpful information to provide might be: exact length of rasing and decreasing the doorways, amount of passenger, fuel quantity and overall vehicle conditions
  • Data network is wireless network present in both direction, from central computers. It had been implemented with XBee modules (Figure 3). It connects central computers with recognition modules and displays
  • Display are introduced signs on bus stations (Figure 4). Probably most likely probably the most visible are countdown displays but they are unable to exhibit more information (like temperature) as introduced displays. Primary information to show is arrival time calculated by primary software
  • Primary applications are coded in C++ and tested with MultiThread method. It uses formula to gather and database to calculate future arrival time
  • Formula makes certain that details are regular (elimate excessive recognition on station that aren’t on bus route, activate new departures etc)
  • Database enables you to save historic arrival occasions
  • web, email and sms server are widely-used to deliver information to passenger

Demonstration of system scenario is proven at Figure 5.

Bus tracking system thesis proposal email and displays

Bus is detected at sation an information is send to central computer that may imediatly update arrival occasions whatsoever approaching stations with this particular line. Understand that station couldn’t link along bus route, but arbitrary.

Future enhancements:

  • audio notification within the bus or possibly within the station (example: nex bus online five is comming in four mins, ot next approaching station reaches city center)
  • display within the buses wich will broadcast advertaisings
  • info touch-screen desk in the busy roads or railroad stations
  • support SMS queries like “which bus goes at 2 am from center to station?”
  • semaphore adjustmentation
  • short communication with bus driver since the it’s at bus station

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