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Award winning feature articles and writing Min from the

National Magazine Awards 2015 Winners Announced

Vogue Named Magazine of the year James Nachtwey honored

NEW You can, NY (Feb 2, 2015) — The winners within the 2015 National Magazine Awards were announced tonight inside the annual awards dinner inside the New You can Marriott Marquis. Vogue was named Magazine of the year. New You can along with the New Yorker both won three awards, adopted by National Geographic and Nautilus with two each. Also honored was time photojournalist James Nachtwey, who received the Creative Excellence Award for his career-extended contributions to magazine media. The dinner was located by David Muir, anchor and managing editor of ABC News’ “World News Tonight.”

Referred to as Ellies, for the Alexander Calder stabile “Elephant” given to each champion, the nation’s Magazine Awards are backed using the American Society of Magazine Editors in colaboration while using Columbia Journalism School. Formerly stored in May, the awards dinner vanished after Feb this season to recognition finalists and winners nearer to dates of publication plus it occured while using American Magazine Media 360° Conference, the premier event for industry leaders. The dinner was based on GfK MRI and Publishers Press the cocktail reception was based on Quad/Graphics.

Greater than 580 magazine editors and publishers attended the dinner. 60-six magazines brands were honored as finalists 18 publications won awards in 24 groups. Titles receiving multiple awards were National Geographic for Photography and Tablet Magazine Nautilus for General Excellence and Website New You can for Design, Magazine Section and Posts and Commentary along with the New Yorker for General Excellence, Essays and Critique and Fiction.

Award winning feature articles and writing The Atavist

Six titles were first-time winners: The Atavist for Feature Writing The Hollywood Reporter for General Excellence Nautilus for General Excellence and Website Off-shore Standard for Public Interest The Texas Observer for Multimedia and Vice News for Video. Other winners were Garden Gun, Glamour and Men’s Health for General Excellence Backpacker for Leisure Interests GQ for Reporting O, The Oprah Magazine, website hosting Service San Fran for Single-Subject Issue The actual at Feature Photography and Vogue for Magazine of the year.

Editors accepting National Magazine Awards for publications were Joe Cutbirth within the Texas Observer David DiBenedetto of Garden Gun Nancy Gibbs of energy Susan Goldberg of National Geographic Lucy Kaylin of O, The Oprah Magazine Cynthia Leive of Glamour Dennis Lewon of Backpacker Janice Min within the Hollywood Reporter Jason Mojica of Vice News Adam Moss of recent You can Jim Nelson of GQ Bill Phillips of Men’s Health Evan Ratliff within the Atavist David Remnick within the New Yorker Michael Segal of Nautilus Jon Steinberg of San Fran Maria Streshinsky of Off-shore Standard and Anna Wintour of Vogue.

Launched in 2013, Nautilus may be the first publication to win two National Magazine Awards inside the newbie of eligibility. The Atavist may be the first digital-only publication to win the esteemed Feature Writing award. GQ won the Reporting award for the second time within the last 3 years.

Award winning feature articles and writing New You are able to

National Geographic won the Photography award for the ninth time. New You can won the awards for your considered the 2nd consecutive year and Magazine Section for the sixth time overall. The Brand-new Yorker won the award for Essays and Critique for Roger Angell’s “This Old Man,” Angell’s first National Magazine Award as being a author.

The award winners covered possibly the most important tales within the last year, including illegal immigration within the Texas Observer’s “Beyond the Border” in Multimedia the rise of ISIS in Vice News’ “The Islamic State” in Video the net harassment of women in Off-shore Standard’s “Women Aren’t Welcome Here” in public places Interest elder care in O, The Oprah Magazine’s “Ready otherwise: The Caregiver’s Guide” in Personal Service Gay and lesbian legal legal legal rights in GQ’s “Inside the Iron Closet” in Reporting along with the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in TIME’s “Crime Without Punishment” in Feature Photography.

The awards dinner was highlighted using the presentation within the Creative Excellence Award to the very best photojournalists in our lives, James Nachtwey. Kira Pollack, the director of photography and visual enterprise sometimes, introduced Mr. Nachtwey, who celebrated his 30 th anniversary as being a contract professional professional professional photographer for Over time 2014.

“The National Magazine Awards demonstrate pressure of magazine media and underscore their importance for readers and advertisers,” pointed out Sid Holt, leader of ASME. “Tonight’s finalists and winners represent somewhat sample within the timely, quality content printed in 2014 by American magazines around the internet, online as well as on mobile and social networking. The awards show why magazines are dependable by readers, why they depend on magazine media for information and entertainment.”

Established in 1966, the nation’s Magazine Awards are based on ASME in colaboration while using Columbia Journalism School. 200 60-three publications grew to become part of the nation’s Magazine Awards this season, submitting 1,548 print and digital records. Three dozen magazines grew to become part of the nation’s Magazine Awards the very first time. Greater than 25 digital-first publications printed records. The awards were judged by 340 magazine-media leaders, including editors, authors, art company company company directors and photography editors furthermore to journalism educators. The knowing occured at Columbia Journalism School round the month from the month of the month of january 7-8. The nominations were announced in a hour-extended Twittercast round the month from the month of the month of january 15.

Twenty-nine magazine brands received multiple nominations, created by New You can with 10. Bon Appetit along with the New Yorker both received six nominations, adopted using the Atlantic, GQ and Virginia Quarterly Review, each with four. Magazines with three nominations incorporated The Atavist, Bloomberg Businessweek, Cosmopolitan, Grantland, Harper’s Bazaar, Sunset and Texas Monthly. Publications with two nominations were Garden Gun, The Hollywood Reporter, Corporation. Matter, National Geographic, Nautilus, The Brand-new Republic, The Brand-new You can Occasions Magazine, Politico Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Runner’s World, Slate, T Magazine, TIME, Vogue and Wired.

Also nominated were The American Scholar, The Antioch Review, Audubon, Backpacker, Better Homes and Gardens, California Sunday Magazine, Chicago, Consumer Reports, ESPN Playboy, Foreign Matters, The Georgia Review, Glamour, Harper’s Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Kinfolk, Martha Stewart Living, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Mental Floss, Mother Manley, National Journal, O, The Oprah Magazine, Outdoors Existence, Outdoors, The Oxford American, Off-shore Standard, Parents, The Paris Review, Powder, Real Simple, Refinery29, Moving Stone, San Fran, The Texas Observer, Vanity Fair, Vice News and Women’s Health.

Eight publications were first-time finalists: California Sunday Magazine for Design Grantland for Video, Feature Writing and Posts Commentary Kinfolk for Photography Matter for Public Interest and possess Photography Nautilus for General Excellence and Website Politico Magazine for General Excellence and Website Powder for Multimedia and Refinery29 for Website.

Digital-first finalists incorporated The Atavist for Multimedia, Reporting and possess Writing Grantland for Video, Feature Writing and Posts Commentary Matter for Public Interest and possess Photography Nautilus for General Excellence and Website Politico Magazine for General Excellence and Website Refinery29 for Website and Slate for Multimedia and Public Interest.

National Magazine Awards 2015 Winners and Finalists

General Interest Magazines
Honors magazines covering politics, business, technology, sports and entertainment

Champion: The Brand-new Yorker

Finalists: GQ The Brand-new You can Occasions Magazine Politico Magazine Wired

Service and Lifestyle Magazines
Honors magazines covering family, the house, food, fashion and relationships

Finalists: Cosmopolitan Martha Stewart Living Parents Sunset

Design and style Magazines
Honors magazines covering fashion, decorating, dining, entertaining and travel

Champion: Garden Gun

Finalists: Bon Apptit Harper’s Bazaar T Magazine, The Brand-new You can Occasions Vogue

Active Interest Magazines
Honors magazines covering physical fitness, active sports, outdoors entertainment and cars and motorboats

Champion: Men’s Health

Finalists: Outdoors Popular Mechanics Runner’s World Women’s Health

Special Interest Magazines
Honors magazines serving highly defined readers communities

Champion: The Hollywood Reporter

Finalists: Harvard Business Review Corporation. Mental Floss Texas Monthly

Literature, Science and Politics Magazines
Honors smaller sized sized sized-circulation general-interest magazines furthermore to publications since the arts

Finalists: The American Scholar Foreign Matters Mother Manley Virginia Quarterly Review

Honors overall excellence around the internet magazine design

Champion: New You can

Finalists: Bon Apptit The California Sunday Magazine Harper’s Bazaar Wired

Honors overall excellence around the internet magazine photography

Champion: National Geographic

Finalists: Bon Apptit GQ Harper’s Bazaar Kinfolk

Single-Subject Issue
Honors print magazines which have devoted just one problem for the excellent study of just one subject

Champion: San Fran for “The Oakland Issue,” June

Finalists: Audubon for “Special Issue: Wild wild wild birds and Weather Change,” September/October Bloomberg Businessweek for “85 th -Anniversary Issue,” December 8 Bon Apptit for “The Thanksgiving Issue,” November New You can for “Health: A Unique Issue,” June 9-15

Magazine Section
Honors front- or back-of-the-book departments or sections regularly printed around the internet

Champion: New You can for “Strategist”

Finalists: Bloomberg Businessweek for “ETC” Corporation. for “Made” New You can for “The Culture Pages” Popular Mechanics for “How Your World Works”

Honors magazine websites a web-based-based-only magazines

Tablet Magazine
Honors magazines printed on tablets and e-readers

Champion: National Geographic

Finalists: Bon Apptit Garden Gun New You can Sunset

Honors digital storytelling along with the integration of magazine media

Champion: The Texas Observer together with Protector US for “Beyond the Border ,” by Melissa del Bosque, August 6

Finalists: The Atavist for “Love inside my Opponents ,” by Lukas Augustin and Niklas Schenck, June Consumer Reports for “A Beautiful Dying ” Powder for “The Human Factor ,” by David Page, June Slate for “The Year of Outrage ,” December 17

Honors the outstanding use of video by magazine media

Champion: Vice News for “The Islamic Condition ,” by Medyan Dairieh, August 15

Finalists: The Atlantic for “The Contract Buyers League ,” and “The Protector of North Lawndale ,” May 21 Grantland for “The Finish Line,” Episode 1. Episode 2 and Episode 3. directed by Jonathan Hock, Feb 13, Feb 28, and March 13 Moving Stone for “Rick Was Here ,” October 16 The actual at “Rise ,” directed by Shaul Schwarz, March 6

Public Interest
Honors magazine journalism that illuminates difficulties with national importance

Champion: Off-shore Standard for “Women Aren’t Welcome Here ,” by Amanda Hess, The month from the month of the month of january/Feb

Personal Service
Honors magazine journalism that serves readers’ needs and aspirations

Finalists: Cosmopolitan for “The Cosmo Icky-pedia of STIs ,” by Kelly Mickle, November Men’s Journal for “When to avoid Your Individual Physician ,” by Ernest Hooper, October New You can for “Your Grandmother’s Self-self-help guide to Pot ,” by Allison P. Davis, Armen Enikolopov, Matthew Giles, Clint Rainey, Alexa Tsoulis-Reay, Mary Jane Weedman and Alex Yablon, December 1-14 Real Achievable for “Real Simple’s Easy, Clever, Commonsense, Time-Saving, Game-Altering Guide that will assist you Assume Control within the Laundry (Finally)! ” by Nicole Sforza, August

Leisure Interests
Honors magazine journalism that gives practical specifics of outdoors entertainment and special interests

Champion: Backpacker for “The Complete Self-self-help guide to Fire ,” edited by Casey Lyons, October

Honors reporting excellence as exemplified by one article or numerous articles

Champion: GQ for “Inside the Iron Closet ,” by Take advantage of Sharlet, Feb

Finalists: The Atavist for “The Trials of White-colored-colored-colored Boy Ron ,” by Evan Hughes, September Chicago for “The Truth About Chicago’s Crime Rates: Dead Wrong ,” May, and “Getting Washed ,” June, by David Bernstein and Noah Isackson ESPN Playboy for “No One Walks Within the Island ,” by Scott Eden, May 12 The Brand-new Republic for “How Close They Came ,” by Ben Birnbaum and Amir Tibon, August 4 The Brand-new Yorker for “The Search for El Chapo ,” by Patrick Radden Keefe, May 5 Virginia Quarterly Review for “The Ghosts of Rana Plaza ,” by Jason Motlagh, Spring

Feature Writing
Honors original, stylish storytelling

Champion: The Atavist for “Love and Ruin ,” by James Verini, Feb

Finalists: GQ for “The Strange and Curious Tale within the last True Hermit ,” by Michael Finkel, September Grantland for “The Ocean of Crises ,” by John Phillips, November 5 The Brand-new You can Occasions Magazine for “The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie ,” by John Jeremiah Sullivan, April 13 The Brand-new Yorker for “The Reckoning ,” by Andrew Solomon, March 17 T Magazine, The Brand-new You can Occasions, for “Lost Understanding ,” by Jody Rosen, December 7 Texas Monthly for “The Witness ,” by Pamela Colloff, September

Feature Photography
Honors using original photography within the feature story, photo-essay or photo portfolio

Champion: The actual at “Crime Without Punishment ,” photographs by Jerome Sessini, This summer time time 24

Finalists: Bloomberg Businessweek for “Border Lines ,” photographs by Kirsten Luce, December 1 Harper’s Magazine for “Dark Heights,” photographs by Benjamin Lowy, May Matter for “Whoever Saves a Existence ,” by Matthieu Aikins, photographs and video by Sebastiano Tomada, September 14 New You can for “Magic Show ,” photographs by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, Feb 17-24

Essays and Critique
Honors interpretative and significant journalism

Champion: The Brand-new Yorker for “This Old Man ,” by Roger Angell, Feb 17 and 24

Finalists: The Atlantic for “The Situation for Reparations ,” by Ta-Nehisi Coates, June The Georgia Review for “The One I Purchase along with other Artifacts ,” by Carol Ann Davis, Winter Vanity Fair for “Shame and Survival ,” by Monica Lewinsky, June Virginia Quarterly Review for “Smuggler: A Memoir of Gay Male Literature ,” by Philip Kennicott, Fall

Posts and Commentary
Honors social and political commentary news analysis and reviews and critique

Honors fiction initially printed in gossip posts

Champion: The Brand-new Yorker for “The Emerald Light in mid-air ,” by Jesse Antrim, Feb 3

Finalists: The Antioch Review for “Afternoon in Byzantium,” by Ron DeMarinis, Summer time time time The Brand-new Yorker for “Scheherazade ,” by Haruki Murakami, October 13 The Paris Review for “Miss Adele One of the Corsets ,” by Zadie Cruz, Spring Virginia Quarterly Review for “Serve-and-Volley, Near Vichy ,” by Greg Jackson, Fall

Magazine of the year
Honors magazines for print and digital editorial excellence and branded content and services, including conferences and occasions

Finalists: Better Homes and Gardens Cosmopolitan The Hollywood Reporter New You can

All publication dates 2014 unless of course obviously clearly otherwise indicated

The American Society of Magazine Editors may be the principal organization for magazine journalists inside the u . s . states . States. Individuals of ASME would be the editorial leaders of major consumer and business magazines printed around the internet as well as on digital platforms. Founded in 1963, ASME positively activly works to defend the first Amendment, safeguard editorial independence and support the introduction of journalism. ASME sponsors the nation’s Magazine Awards in colaboration while using Columbia Journalism School and publishes the ASME Guidelines for Editors and Publishers.

About Columbia Journalism School

For more than a hundred years, the Columbia College Graduate School of Journalism remains preparing journalists with instruction and training that stresses academic rigor, ethics, newspaper inquiry and professional practice. Founded obtaining a present from Ernest Pulitzer, the college opened up up up its doorways in 1912 and provides master of science, master of arts and physician of philosophy levels. Find out more at journalism.columbia.edu .

National Magazine Awards Based on GfK MRI, Quad/Graphics and Publishers Press

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