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Articles writing skills and technology She was an energetic

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California Condition College (Fullerton, California, USA) The data premise is the fact technology can be utilized a effective teaching tool for British foreign language learners. The authors discuss numerous research illustrating how teachers might help British foreign language learners develop their speaking skills through the use of technology.


Teaching students to obtain literate could be a high educational priority inside the u . s . states . States, as it is around the globe. Though the therapy lamp is just one of our finest priorities, it’s also our finest challenges. The classroom atmosphere has altered in the extended time ago. Teachers face the lower sides of the giant population that don’t speak British and have high transient rates.

Using this popular, understanding a totally new language is certainly an very hard transition. This method may be frustrating and sometimes painful. Students learning a totally new language need just as much language support as possible. Individuals who’ve trained students learning British their second language realize that any language support is useful for language acquisition. British language learner (ELL) students need numerous language encounters. They have to hear language, write language, speak language and focus language.

We are feeling that computers can take advantage of part in offering ELL students with valuable language encounters since they practice a new language.

Articles writing skills and technology Computers can aide in vocabulary

This information concentrates on how computer-aided instruction (CAI) may well be a supplemental teaching tool for teaching British foreign language learners. Additionally, attorney within the benefits which have been found in using CAI with ELL can also be provided.

Verbal Interaction

Based on Liaw (1997), teachers should offer British foreign language learners a language-wealthy atmosphere by which students are continually associated with language activities. Children need so that you can speak with one another to make certain that learning through communication can happen. Computers can facilitate this type of atmosphere. Notebook may become a guitar to boost verbal exchange.

Within the study conducted by Liaw (1997), computer books were selected to evaluate whether computers increase verbal interaction between students. These computer books are interactive tales that appear on my pc screen just as one actual book with text and illustrations. Gleam volume of interactive choices students can use to look for the tale, including: real voices that read aloud, music, and appearance effects. The storyplot can also be highlighted so readers can follow coupled with text.

These studies was conducted by videotaping student interactions when using the computer books. Students were arranged in categories of three to look for the tales. Their kinds of speech along with one another were examined. Although the children had limited British language proficiency, they associated with various modes of language operates to accomplish their studying within the computer books (Liaw, 1997).

Articles writing skills and technology The content premise is

They provided many instructions to one another. In addition they shared opinions making suggestions. They tended to check out lots of questions in the partners and received responses.

The standard of talk made an appearance to get examined by Liaw (1997). The quantity of computer related talk and story related talk was measured. Initially, there’s lots of computer related talk, speculate students elevated to obtain more experienced in the format within the tales and software, their talk elevated to obtain story related in subsequent sessions. Overall, the research figured verbal interaction and ultizing numerous language functions British foreign language learners may be facilitated using the pc. The group’s computer book studying atmosphere fostered language development by providing an chance for verbal interaction. On my small pc may well be a helpful supplement for that traditional curriculum within the ELL classroom your clients’ needs verbal communication along with the purchase of British.

Vocabulary Development

A great way to use computers for British Foreign Language Learners should be to educate vocabulary. Kang and Dennis (1995) write, “Any try to treat vocabulary learning as learning of isolated details will certainly not promote real vocabulary understanding”. Students should discover vocabulary in context with visual clues to enable them to understand. Computers can offer this wealthy, contextual atmosphere. Notebook also enables students to acquire active learners within the one-on-one atmosphere. Computers can incorporate various learning strategies furthermore to aid numerous learning styles.

Within the study created by Kang and Dennis (1995), an analysis was conducted to uncover setup use of computers facilitates the vocabulary advancement of beginning British foreign language learners. The research was conducted in Seoul, Columbia. The 5th grade students learning British were utilised on three different groups. The kind of studies created through the three groups were: definitions, picture, and context. Everyone else studying definitions was given the British word while using the definition coded in Korean. This group relied mainly on rote memory. Everyone else studying pictures received this really is furthermore with a picture. The Following group was given a situational context while using the British word first then because of the definition and movie.

Initially, the appearance and definition groups did a lot better than the context group. However, carrying out a couple of sessions, the context group’s scores surpassed individuals within the other two groups. There’s in addition an assessment succumbed the final outcome within the treatment sessions to evaluate for retention. Using this test, the context group scored considerably greater in comparison with other two groups. Kang and Dennis (1995) concluded, “the Context group subjects needed a serious amounts of become familiar with their instructional treatment before they might use this more engaging kind of instructional approach”. Within the finish, the contextual approach proven to get a lot more effective in promoting extended-term recall of vocabulary. This learning process is produced possible and even more effective through computers.


There are numerous ways that technology allows you to improve studying ability. Simplest studying texts can also be very primary in content. Teenagers may consider themselves too old to obtain studying such primary content books. Computers, however can enhance the interest level for older students and also the writing simple and quick to find out. An additional benefit utilizing computers for studying instruction may be the computer offers immediate feedback on performance. They might offer added practice when needed. Based on Situation and Truscott (1999), students have observed the chance to improve their sight word vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Online studying instruction also enables for “elevated interaction with texts, focus on individual needs, and elevated independence by getting an ability to see texts they’d not otherwise manage to read” (Situation Truscott, 1999).

Technology doubles to improve parent participation in their child’s education while growing the parents’ literacy too. Landerholm, Karr, and Munshi (2000) produced a 3 year key in Chicago with four specific goals to assist parents: become involved in the school community and be comfortable on campus, enjoy studying and writing alone utilizing their kids, understand science and private computers, and grow their own literacy. This project was just as much for the parents in relation to child. The computers were enter factor for the parents to acquire involved in the program, though they weren’t used initially. This program started by using some other type of technology for example photographs. Photos were taken at field journeys and special activities. Children and fogeys then produced a kind of memory book when using the photos and written text regarding the pictures. This eventually become analyzing the photos and typing the writing for the pages.

Within the Landerholm, Karr, and Mushi project, students also produced book reports employing their parents on my pc. Current software enables for much creativeness, for example including sounds, video, clip art and photos towards the text within the report. Carrying it out reports encouraged the kids to learn more and even more books. One child within the program read nearly 300 books in a single year (Landerholm, et al. 2000).

Software and games provide many fun choices for college kids to coach literacy skills. There are numerous software programs for improving spelling, phonics skills, grammar and sight word vocabulary. When British Foreign Language Learners are learning their second language, all language encounters are valuable to assist with studying ability.


As proven, computers and software might help British foreign language learners develop speaking skills and understanding. Computers also may help ELL students develop their way with words-whatsoever. Lewis (1997) recommends that composition for beginning learners must be a introduced activity so students don’t become frustrated. Writing sentences within the language that’s still somewhat unfamiliar to students can be hard. Whenever using your pc, however, using graphics will make that more fun. Using clip art also may help students to speak about their ideas more clearly.

Mireia Trenchs (1996) performed a predicament study of three students becoming fluent in spanish their second language. The research brought to New You can City. Trenchs used email as being a medium of instruction to improve writing within the students’ second language, during this situation, Spanish. Students of the accord associated with e-mail transmissions with Trenchs. They weren’t graded on their own messages, nor was their participation mandatory whatsoever. The aim ended up being allow students to improve their way with words-whatsoever in a way that is communicative and part of their everyday lives.

The first situation study was very useful. Trenchs (1996) described many regions of email that Latoya acquainted with help her within their writing. Latoya frequently stored the e-mail from Trenchs on-screen as she clarified. This permitted her to make use of the vocabulary inside the questions brought on by Trenchs to solve the questions too. She wouldn’t scroll up minimizing relating to the messages when she was finished to be able to check her work. The messages from Trenchs offered as guidelines for organizing Latoya’s writing. Latoya also used a combination of written information sources. She’d combine the phrases inside the e-mails from Trenchs while using the Spanish she’d learned in class along with the information found in the dictionary to create her e-mail messages and responses. An additional advantage of email that Latoya employed was saved mail. She’d sometimes react to old mail again when there’s been no new messages from Trenchs.

Within the study by Trenchs (1996), the 2nd situation study of Malika was different in comparison with first. Malika enjoyed using technology, however, it had been somewhat new on her behalf account. Malika wanted greatly to speak within their second language, however, she was hampered by her understanding of her language limitations. She also relied heavily on written sources, as being a dictionary. Malika was searching toward writing, plus it was learning rapidly to talk within their second language, however, she was searching up every word she authored within the dictionary. While using the dictionary, she’d not provide the vocabulary she researched. After she typed it, she’d forget just what it pointed out. Malika’s way with words-whatsoever using email proven that students need sufficient instruction on paper before using computers as being a supplement for that curriculum. Frequently, students must feel loving toward their new language before putting it into print.

Trenchs (1996) third situation study will be a typical student within the Spanish class named Shanaya. She would be a dynamic participant in class and needed every chance to train the best way to speak spanish outdoors of sophistication, but she authored little in Spanish. Whenever using e-mail, Shanaya made the decision to determine the incoming message and make use of her dictionary furthermore to pencil and paper before responding. She selected over write first before typing. She also used many phrases within their e-mail they learned in class formerly. These two strategies were ideal for writing within the second language.

Trenchs (1996) ultimately discovered that using email as being a supplement for that classroom curriculum may be effective. Students of the accord used the e-mail. These were self-motivated to make use of their new language within the new and artistic method of them. One benefit utilizing email incorporated the scrolling feature that permitted students to look for the incoming message and make use of its structure as being a model for developing a response. The scrolling feature also permitted students to just edit and revise. The main advantage of using e-mail as being a learning activity is students are choosing significant language and authentic text.

Based on Lewis (1997), grammar skills may also be proven and reinforced using computers. The teacher can direct students to for some reason highlight a particular a part of speech (e.g. nouns) inside their writing. To concentrate on, students have ample choices, for example underlining, italicizing, or altering the font size, color or type. Having a computer as being a medium for studying grammar is a lot more motivating for college kids as opposed to writing obtaining a pencil.


Computer-aided instruction remains proven in many studies to facilitate learning in lots of ways. Computers allows you to aide in teaching British Foreign Language Learners in core academic subjects, for example studying and writing. Computers can aide in vocabulary development furthermore to verbal language development. Ultimately, however, you have to realize that computers aren’t a substitute for effective teaching. Computers undoubtedly are a tool–they’re simply one type of supplement for that regular curriculum in teaching British Foreign Language Learners since they develop their British speaking skills.


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Appendix A

There are many valuable software packages created for use with British Foreign Language Learners. Most software emphasizes the written text arts. This can be a set of useful websites for research of appropriate software for ELL students.

  • iteslj.org/links/TESL/Commercial_Sites/Software/
  • eslcafe.com/search/Software/
  • internet.tampa bay.k12.nc.us/esl/software.htm

The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. IX, No. 3, March 2003
iteslj.org/ iteslj.org/Articles/Ybarra-Technology.html

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