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Article writing price per word for editing

Article writing price per word for editing editors, and individuals who may

Updated August 03, 2016

Following is all the writing rates that people’ve collected and distilled in the last decade that people’ve labored as being a freelance author and editor. This can be really this list Initially initially when i first reference when clients make contact, adopted getting a far more personal list that people keep. I in addition reference all of the payment ranges that people’ve freely printed within my website.

The ranges detailed listed here are for beginning authors/editors (no or little experience) who’re inside an affordable-of-living space, completely to experienced author/editors, and those that may adjust their rates according to their whereabouts (or their client’s location) within the greater cost-of-living space.

Clearly, as with all article about rates and pay, have caution. Every client and project is loaded with a lot of stuff that might consider some variations and discrepancies in rates and payments.

If you’d like further advice and reference past a listing, I frequently refer new freelancers for that Editorial Freelancers Association. because there’s an identical list on their own site. In addition, now there are several apps and websites that will help contractors set rates or budgets. One other good reference that authors might want to check are bid sites, for example Upwork.com. When you often see precisely what a project has the company, bear in mind that bid sites frequently (whilst not always) pay across the lower finish within the scale. Lastly, Provided many articles within my finances and money section that are fond of helping freelancers to discover the things they’re worth together with what clients will likely pay.

Article writing price per word for editing for businesses

Writing Rates- By Project

  • Advertising/Copywriting Mail Pieces (no graphics): $300 to $3000&#43
  • Advertising/Copywriting Web Site: $150 to $2000
  • Articles (news, or with significant research, web-based): $15-50 per page
  • Articles (magazines): $150 to $5000&#43
  • Articles (content/keyword): $15 to $50
  • Articles (newspapers): $75 to $1000
  • Books (ghostwriting): $25-$80 per page, $5000 to $20,000&#43
  • Book Reviews. $2 to $100
  • Book Summaries. $250 to $500 per book
  • Brochures (no graphics work): $300-$2500
  • Proper Proper Strategic Business Plans: $500 to $5000&#43
  • Editorial Management (magazine/per issue): $500 to $5000
  • Grant Writing: $200-$5000&#43
  • Newsletters: $200 to $1000
  • News release s: $200 to $500
  • Resumes: $200 to $500
  • Scripts: $1000 to $20,000&#43

Writing Rates By Hour

  • Advertising Copywriting. $45-$100/hr
  • Copyediting: $30-$70/hr
  • Developmental Editing: $50-$80/hr
  • Editorial available: $20-$150/hr
  • Fact Checking: $15-$50/hr
  • Ghostwriting: $40-$100/hr
  • Indexing: $30-$70/hr
  • Line Editing: $40-$70/hr
  • Proofreading: $25-$60/hr
  • Proposals Grants: $40-$80/hr
  • Tech Editing: $30-$90/hr
  • Technical Writing. $40-$100/hr
  • Content :$10-$90/hr
  • White-colored-colored-colored Papers: $100-$200/hr

Writing Rates By Word or Page

  • E-books: $10-$35 per page
  • Indexing: $3 to $6 per page
  • Lesson Plans: $10-$20 per page

Miscellaneous Charges for Writing

  • Upcharge for hurry: &#4310%-25%
  • Upcharge for keyword stuffing &#4310%
  • Lower payment: 10% for businesses, publishers, 25% for peopleOrwriters

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