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Argosy university sarasota dissertations on leadership

Offering Campuses

Argosy&#160University, Atlanta Argosy College, Chicago Argosy College, Dallas Argosy College, Denver Argosy College, Hawai‘i Argosy College, Inland Empire Argosy College, La Argosy College, Nashville Argosy College, Oc Argosy College, Phoenix Argosy College, Salt Lake City Argosy College, Hillcrest Argosy College, San Fran Argosy College, Sarasota Argosy College, Schaumburg Argosy College, Dallas Argosy College, Tampa Argosy College, Twin Towns Argosy College, Washington Electricity

Program Overview

The Physician from the practice (EdD) operating a business Leadership degree program should match the special needs of working professionals who wish to develop their understanding and skills to cope with altering needs of latest organizations. This program should enable working professionals to pursue their professional and personal goals while using finishing a graduate program.

While using thought that success for just about any corporation is directly and substantially associated with leaders inside the organization, Argosy College provides the EdD operating a business Leadership degree program, which should provide practicing professionals with choices for professional and personal development. Argosy College is dedicated to offering students obtaining a learning atmosphere that informs, enhances, challenges, and supports the introduction of business leaders prepared to face the complex issues present in a persistantly-altering world.

This program concentrates on the choices of transformational leadership, not only managing attributes. This method should prepare students to influence complex organizations confronted with enough proper challenges, for example growing globalization, altering economies, societal shifts, and individual business relationships.

Argosy College believes that leaders prepared in this way may be visionaries and innovators, and may lead organizations to satisfy the lower sides money for hard times. Some assignments will need applying concepts in &#8220live&#8221 situations. Students must be aware that they’re going to at occasions need usage of a company&#8211whether their employer or other organization&#8211to boost the chance to build up their competencies.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Outcome One
Assess the requirements of teams and respond through appropriate and evidence-based leadership techniques that report an affection for diversity.

Program Outcome Two
Identify, evaluate, and apply ethical strategies to resolve leadership dilemmas.

Program Outcome Three
Integrate the understanding and skills required to facilitate business change through effective communication and motivation techniques.

Program Outcome Four
Evaluate and apply appropriate leadership theories to help those additionally for their decisions to boost business effectiveness and efficiency through proper research and analysis.

Program Outcome Five
Apply appropriate conflict resolution abilities at individual and business levels to improve productivity and business effectiveness.

Admission Needs

  • A graduate degree within the regionally accredited institution, a nationwide accredited institution approved and documented by dean within the College of financial, or even an appropriately certified foreign institution.
  • A gpa getting no less than 3. (round the proportions of 4.) in work creating the actual’s degree plus any subsequent graduate study.
  • Minimum score by getting an Argosy College pre-approved British language proficiency test is needed for people applicants whose native language isn’t British or who’ve not finished an establishment where British may be the language of instruction according to Section Five, Admission Policies, &#8220English Language Proficiency Policy.&#8221

Argosy university sarasota dissertations on leadership that report an affection for

All applications for admission needs to be printed for that Admissions Department of those campus that application continues to be produced. An admissions representative might be acquired to assist interested applicants complete the next needed documentation:

  • Completed Application for Admission Form
  • Application fee (Non-refundable, aside from California and Arizona. Within the healthiness of Arizona, the approval fee is refundable when the application is canceled within three working days within the applicant finishing the Enrollment Agreement.)
  • Official transcripts inside the institution that conferred the specific’s degree as well as any institutions where graduate coursework was subsequently taken. Bachelor’s level transcripts aren’t needed.

Graduation Needs

  • Acceptable finishing 60 semester credit hrs past the master’s degree, including 48 credit hrs of coursework and 12 credit hrs of dissertation
  • A gpa of three. or greater (round the proportions of 4.) any course where a student earns a grade below &#8220B-&#8220 needs to be retaken
  • Acceptable performance across the Comprehensive Examination
  • Effective completion and defense within the dissertation
  • Finishing these needs within seven many years of matriculation towards the program
  • A completed Petition to Graduate printed to campus administration

Academic Progress Needs

Students who’re earning a grade below B- in almost any course are required to retake the program and lift the grade low from the b –.


Upon effective finishing needed coursework and comprehensive examinations, students sign up for dissertation courses. To achieve success through each dissertation course, students must complete specified course objectives. If progress is created and objectives met, students enroll next dissertation block. If progress is created and objectives are substantively whilst not fully met using the finish of each course (as using the dissertation chair being debated while using the dissertation committee) students must sign up for a zero credit extension course (tuition with assorted credit hour equivalent as defined in&#160Appendix IV, Schedule of Tuition and expenses). Be it figured that no progress remains created, students will most likely be needed to retake the block by which no progress is produced. When the student is needed to retake a block because of no progress, the dissertation chair will assign a grade of No Credit (NC). Students are required to sign up for a Dissertation course or Dissertation Extension course every session inside the
oncoming of dissertation until passing the very best defense earning 12 semester credit hrs for dissertation. Students might get any mixture of two NC, W, or WF grades with the dissertation sequence. Upon choosing the third NC, W, or WF inside the dissertation sequence, students will most likely be overlooked inside the program.&#160 Printed course objectives for every dissertation course apply unless of course obviously clearly students and dissertation committee/chair accept and make certain on paper alternative specified objectives appropriate for that dissertation subject.

Program Needs

The EdD operating a business Leadership degree program necessitates acceptable finishing 60 semester credit hrs, distributed the following: research core needs, 15 credit hrs core needs, 24 credit hrs elective needs, 9 credit hrs and dissertation needs, 12 credit hrs.

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