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Aqa english reading and writing paper gc services

Why choose AQA for GCSE British Language

A specs created for both you and your students

Our assessments are really made to motivate and encourage students, offering appropriate stretch and challenge although ensuring, up to now as you can, the assessment and texts are available fully selection of students.

The specs will enable students of abilities to build up the abilities they have to read, understand and analyse a variety of different texts since the 19th, 20th and twenty-first century intervals furthermore to produce clearly, coherently and precisely using numerous vocabulary and sentence structures.

Dynamic and interesting content

The specs provides the attraction of two equally-balanced papers, relating studying sources for that subject and theme of writing tasks. The studying sources become stimulus for writing tasks, offering students obtaining a apparent route through each paper.

Each paper includes a distinct identity to greater support top quality provision and interesting learning and teaching. Paper 1, Explorations in Creative Studying and Writing, examines how authors use narrative and descriptive methods for engage the interest of readers. Paper 2, Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives, examines how different authors provide an identical subject after a while.

Our method of spoken language (formerly speaking and listening) will emphasise the need for the broader benefits that speaking and listening skills have for school kids. The endorsed unit uses appear practice to point how engaging formative tasks can result in just one summative assessment.

Skills-based approach

The specs offers a skills-based method of the study into British Language in a untiered context.

Aqa english reading and writing paper gc services for exams

Questions are produced to consider students by getting an exam get yourself a hearty lower tariff tasks to more extended responses.

Educate Language and Literature together

The specs is fully co-teachable with GCSE British Literature. Students they enjoy to look at both make use of the transferable skills developed inside the two subjects.

We’re behind you completely

After careful consultation with practising teachers, subject associations and employers, we’ve designed the specs to fulfill the requirements of scholars and teachers, offering top quality assessment and good provision for British. It provides excellent preparation as along with a-level British, furthermore to equipping students with essential existence-skills along with the best progression route to future employment.

With AQA you can be reassured that students can find the grade that fairly represents their attainment and reflects the abilities they have proven.

You’ll uncover about our British qualifications at aqa.org.united kingdom/british .

Support and sources that will assist you educate

Everybody recognizes that support and sources are very important for your teaching plus you’ve got short period of time to uncover or develop top quality materials. Therefore we’ve labored with experienced teachers to supply a quantity of sources that will help you confidently plan, educate and get ready for exams.

Teaching sources

We’ve plenty of British Language sources to see here so visit aqa.org.united kingdom/8700 to discover these.

Aqa english reading and writing paper gc services all of our British

They include:

  • British Language studying support guide. This might include a variety of texts inside the 19th, 20th and twenty-first century plus a handful of recommended teaching activities that will help you in preparing students for the studying regions of both papers
  • a KS3 resource about 1800s texts helping you to develop progression through KS3 into KS4
  • an electronic anthology that will include sources to help the teaching of British Language and British Literature
  • provision of sources to educate speaking and listening skills, in recognition within the wider benefits these skills have for your students
  • marked and annotated student responses for that queries about our specimen papers with senior examiner reviews
  • Subject Advocates who’ll you within the transition for that new specs and facilitate local and regional network increase conferences
  • student textbooks and digital sources which have been checked and endorsed by AQA
  • courses that will assist you deliver AQA GCSE British Language and GCSE British Literature qualifications
  • subject expertise classes for all teachers from recently-qualified teachers who’re just getting began to experienced teachers looking for fresh inspiration.

Be ready for exams

Visit aqa.org.united kingdom/8700 for everything you should get ready for our exams, including:

  • past papers, mark schemes and examiners’ reports
  • specimen papers and mark schemes for brand-new courses
  • Exampro: a searchable bank of past AQA exam questions
  • exemplar student solutions with examiner reviews.

Analyse your students’ results with Enhanced Results Analysis (ERA)

Uncover which questions were probably most likely probably the most challenging, the way a results rival previous many where your students have to improve. ERA, our online results analysis tool, can help you see to focus your teaching. Register at aqa.org.united kingdom/era

For specifics of results, including maintaining standards after a while, grade limitations and our publish-results services, visit aqa.org.united kingdom/results

Keep the skills up-to-date with professional development

Wherever you’re within your job, there’s always a new challenge to understand. Furthermore to subject-specific training, we provide numerous courses to assist increase your skills:

  • improve your teaching skills in areas including differentiation, teaching literacy and meeting Ofsted needs
  • allow you to get ready for a totally new role using this leadership and management courses.

You can attend a course at venues across the nation, in your school or online whatever suits your requirements and availability. Learn more at coursesandevents.aqa.org.united kingdom

Get support that really help

Visit our website for information, guidance, support and sources at aqa.org.united kingdom/8700

You can talk to the British Language subject team:

T: 0161 953 7504

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