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Andreas wallraff phd thesis proposal

Andreas wallraff phd thesis proposal low noise current sources

We offers a variety of choices for

  • Semester Thesis Students / Summer time time time Students
    • 3-4 positions per term [apply early]
  • Bachelor/Masters Thesis Students
    • 2-3 positions per term [apply early]
  • Doctorate Researchers
    • 1 position: PhD investigating the Collective Interaction of Small Ensembles of Superconducting Qubits with Microwave Frequency Radiation. For more information see here.
  • Postdoctoral Researchers
    • excellent candidates must apply all year round

in a number of areas of research.

We are trying to find college kids and postdocs with an curiosity about mesoscopic solid condition physics, cold physics, atomic physics, quantum optics, and quantum information science.

If you’re a much more knowledgeable applicant (PhD, PostDoc) we value experience with lots of the following areas

  • micro and nano science: clean room techniques, photo- and electron-beam lithography, deposition of metals and dielectrics, lift-off and etching techniques
  • cold physics and methods: construction of cold experimental setups, operation of cryogenic systems (4He, 3He, 3He/4He dilution refrigerators), wiring across large temperature gradients
  • microwave frequency electronics and instrumentation: network analysis, microwave sources and recognition, up- minimizing- conversion using mixers
  • digital electronics: field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) additionally for their control
  • analog electronics: low noise current sources and current amplifiers, bias electronics, filtering
  • data acquisition and measurement automation: charge of fast DACs and ADCs, LabView

Semester Theses / Summer time time time Studies

Each semester (plus between semesters) numerous choices to complete independent searching within our lab are appropriate for sale to students from ETH.

Andreas wallraff phd thesis proposal students in

The projects are suitable for purchase to BSc and MSc students in Physics, Interdisciplinary Sciences, Micro and Nano Science along with other fields. The study project is usually for 4 days full-time or a few days every week for 14 days.

It offers at the office searching within our labs that’s supervised by experinced students and postdoctoral researchers. The job includes writing research and transporting out an exhibit within your research within our group seminar.

Bachelor/Masters Theses

Bachelor and Masters thesis projects can be found all year round. Typically they last from 4-6 a few days according to the degree program.

Furthermore, you will find choices for exterior students to complete their diploma/masters thesis at ETH, if their home college comes with a accredited exchange program with ETH Zurich or perhaps particular arrangement remains created.

Doctorate Research

To obtain a PhD position please send an e-mail together with your detailed resume, a remark in the research interests, obtaining a description in the scientific and academic background, motivation and skills (maximum 2 pages), all of the publications, along with the names of three references to andreas.wallraff@phys.ethz.ch. Please request one letter of mention of be sent directly by email for that above address.

Postdoctoral Research

Postdoctoral Affiliate Position in
Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics (QED)

We are searching for any highly motivated postdoctoral affiliate with the fields of quantum information processing and cavity quantum electrodynamics with superconducting circuits.

Andreas wallraff phd thesis proposal and electron

Ideally, the candidate includes a strong background fascination with lots of the following: quantum information processing that is implementations (e.g. ion traps, NMR, superconducting circuits, quantum dots), experimental quantum optics and atomic physics (e.g. cavity quantum electrodynamics), device fabrication (e.g. clean room techniques, photo and electron-beam lithography, deposition of metals and dielectrics), mesoscopic solid condition physics, cold physics, transport measurements at dilution refrigerator temperatures, microwave electronics and instrumentation. The job is planned become available beginning April ’09 (according to exterior funding). The effective candidate may have the very first chance to lead to symptom in the skill research conducted inside the intersections within the fields of atomic physics, solid condition physics, quantum optics and quantum information science.

To obtain the career please send an e-mail containing your resume, all of the publications, a remark of research interests, along with a short description in the background, motivation and skills (2 pages), along with the names of three references to andreas.wallraff@phys.ethz.ch. Please also request one letter of mention of be sent directly by email for that above address. The job might be acquired immediately. Contemplation on applications will start immediately and could continue before the position is filled.

Additional information are available across the Quantum Device Lab webpages

Ways to get more

Many of the job are available relating to this website. To obtain more details you’ll find in touch directly.

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