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American dragon jake long professor rotwoods thesis proposal These occasions were eventually elaborated



Physical Description

Lao Shi seems to obtain short, being less tall as his grand boy. and possesses somewhat pointed ears. He’s thinning white-colored-colored-colored hair, thick eyebrows, a Fu Manchu mustache obtaining a “soul patch” beard. His usual clothing includes a extended-sleeved blue robe with yellow tips inside the sleeves and hem.

In dragon form, Lao Shi will get the extended, serpentine body in the Chinese dragon with blue scales, white-colored-colored-colored spine ridges, some horns, along with the same hair inside the human form. He’s eco-friendly eyes which after a while appear black.


Lao Shi’s personality resembles stereotypical seniors masters portrayed in classic martial arts training films. He’s usually soft-spoken and intelligent, getting a massive understanding of magical creatures and merchandise. While usually anybody to approach conflicts within the calm and rational manner, he’s also prone to angry outbursts full of strings of rambling in Mandarin or Cantonese. usually introduced up with the mistakes or misbehavior of Mike.

As being a teacher, Lao Shi usually utilizes exercising of education which have harsh effects or unclear motives [5]. as his assignments of menial cleaning switched to get vital combat techniques. Also, he believes in strict disciplinary measures, keeping close tabs on Jake’s arrival for his daily Dragon Training, permitting minimum the actual at Mike to wind lower, furthermore to administering punishments for the many mistakes introduced on by his pupil. Regardless of the apparently harsh results, he’s still shown to become very caring and understanding elder for his grand boy, although at occasions he seems of searching after more for Jake’s well-being and responsibilities as opposed to his happiness, as they once requested Rose to eliminate an eye on Mike, seeing their relationship as being a distraction.

American dragon jake long professor rotwoods thesis proposal had using the

A part of his frustration with Mike might be because they sees lots of themselves in Mike. Although getting a much more serious and careful persona inside the elder years, inside the youthful days Lao Shi was oddly comparable to their own grand boy. While fit and very skilled as being a dragon, he was very arrogant and egotistical, preferring to operate inside the responsibilities alone rather of accepting the help of others, as they was very overconfident of his abilities and underestimating of his opponents. His defeat at nighttime Dragon since the Chinese Dragon inside the youth [6] caused him to shift towards the personality that’s observed in the older present day self.

He admits he pushes Mike hard because they knows which kind of opponents Mike will face. However, if he began pushing Mike an excessive amount of, it made him forget that although Mike is unquestionably the American Dragon, he’d been a regular teen who still wanted a normal existence and needed a while off. Haley later scolds him using this as well as for not allowing his grand boy anytime to wind lower, revealing how demanding the task is together with what sacrifices he’s needed to create [7]. Responding, Lao Shi realizes his error and eases back on Jake’s training, claiming it a punishment while which makes it apparent that Mike could spend time as being a normal teen.


Lao Shi is unquestionably an seniors Dragon Master, formerly referred to as “China Dragon” inside the youth until resigning his title and relocating to New You can inside the mid-existence.

American dragon jake long professor rotwoods thesis proposal Shi also achieved popular

Plenty of his early childhood, teenage existence, as well as the age are unknown. His human form seems to be his mid-60’s to early-70’s, yet it’s unclear how extended a dragon truly lives.

The initial known of Lao Shi’s past proven his adult human form within the 1960’s/70’s as being a swinging bachelor and protector of magical creatures in Hong Kong. It had been in individuals days he met an eye on his current animal protector, Fu Dog. that can create magical potions to help on missions, developing their partnership which lasted to the current day [6].

In individuals days, Lao Shi also achieved popular task: may be the first dragon to ever defeat the menacing Dark Dragon where none before had survived opposing him. Between then along with the mid-80’s, Lao Shi gone following the u . s . states . States and moved in New You can City together with his daughter Susan [8]. It had been he then opened up in the Canal Street Electronics Shop which, while regularly missing of customers, has were able to be business since. Eventually, his daughter married a non-magical human, somewhat to his dismay, and they also had two children, Mike and Haley. all whom possess dragon forces.

Lao Shi and Fu Dog have since remained training Mike in utilizing his forces as well as the responsibilities may be the initial American Dragon. Lao Shi uses Canal Street Electronics because the primary headquarters for people operations. He seems to possess participate the Dragon Council themselves as they ongoing Dragon Council Retreats plus it was sitting while using the Council when Jake’s forces were suspended together with his responsibilities. After Mike and everybody, Spud. Trixie. Fu, Rose. along with the dragons all over the world finally defeated the Dark Dragon [9]. he admited to Mike how very proud he ended up being be his Dragon Master.

Talents, Interests, and skills

Almost no remains mentioned of Lao Shi’s leisure activities, as they spends plenty of his time training Mike, getting magical world matters, or running his shop. He’s a Dragon Master who teaches Mike the appropriate skills in attempting to bo a protector of magical creatures. Lao Shi’s attempts at training Mike can, at occasions, cause more damage than help. However, Mike learns to supply make use of the skills that are crucial in may be the American Dragon.

Probably most likely probably the most prominent interests of Lao Shi are really expressed inside the music preferences. Inside the youth, plus his dreams [10]. He used his dancing skills [6] to collect details concerning the place at nighttime Dragon within the source who’d only relay it after being defeated within the dance-off. Lao Shi also prefers the songs of artist Elvis Kamehameha Ron Astley as well as the hula music, particularly his single The Hubba Hubba Hula [11]. Lao includes a fond interest of karaoke [12].

As being a dragon, Lao Shi offers natural skills seen by dragons for example Mike but hasn’t exhibited exactly the same abilities. For the abilities he’s exhibited, he’s naturally proven a much more controlled or frequently a lot more effective use of them than his grand boy, like the doppelganger technique. In addition to his forces, also, he exhibits great skills in combat. Formerly he could dispatch two Huntsclan masters effortlessly [8]. and displays great skill in evasive maneuvers probably because of his extended, slender physique normally exhibited by Asian dragons. Lao Shi’s dragon form resembles the Asian Lung. the finest dragon.

Personal Conflicts

Like Mike, Lao Shi has gotten their particular conflicts with other people.

Love Interests

Despite his lonely status, Lao Shi has gotten numerous love interests and relationships with some other women.

  • Councilor Chang . Inside the youth [6]. Lao Shi was romantically thinking about Chang through the 1970’s, which she reciprocated for some time, evidenced utilizing a rather humorous exchange of cheesy banter. Chang rapidly was over any feelings she’d for him, keeping it essentially rapport restricted as individuals in the Dragon Council. Their relationship as “old buddies” was soon dashed, though as she was revealed to obtain an affiliate marketer at nighttime Dragon, and of your accord attempted to assistance with Lao Shi’s defeat against him. That plan, however, unsuccessful.
  • Dolores Derceto . Lao Shi was a brief partnership with Jake’s junior secondary school principal, Principal Derceto [13]. She happened upon him out of the blue when attemping to speak about Jake’s school issues with his parents, additionally for their relationship bloomed next. It had been soon discovered that Derceto actually was an undercover mermaid detective inside the East River underwater city, Mermopolis, delivered to investigate location in the steered apparent of Kelpie. She believed Mike could be the Kelpie, explaining his problems in school. Your dog was soon arrested, and Derceto is built to have a very new, undisclosed undercover assignment, forcing her to accomplish the text with Lao Shi.
  • Mrs. Hasagawa . Another brief relationship for Lao Shi, happened within the crossover episode of Lilo Stitch: The Series [14]. in which the two were connected having a romantic montage of countless small occasions. This relationship soon ended as Lao Shi along with the others required to return where one can New You can inside the episode’s finish.

Mentioned as extended ago [15]. Lao Shi was the first dragon ever to defeat the Dark Dragon, the #1 Threat for that Magical World. These occasions were eventually elaborated [6]. showing how his fateful grapple while using villain ultimately produced him towards the person he’s today. Years after his fight (then when his grand boy started to build up his dragon forces), he thought that the Dark Dragon might return eventually to discover vengeance upon him as well as the kin. To be able to prepare Mike for virtually any encounters he may have with him, he was adament for that Dragon Council he train Mike himself—a method usually forbidden, because the Council includes a specific rule forbidding exercising of family people. Despite Jake’s irresponsible behavior within the eyes within the Council, Lao Shi has received the chance to keep his status as Jake’s Dragon Master. His proposal even proven to function, as Mike could survive (and overcome) the 2 encounters he’s had while using the Dark Dragon.

Happening in 1986 [8]. it’s proven that Lao Shi initially was displeased by the thought of his teenage daughter, Susan (whose dragon forces skipped her generation), dating a non-magical human, Jonathan (her husband to get and father of Mike and Haley ). It had been unclear whether he simply disliked him due to his mortal status, or due to his clumsy, absurd nature (it’s hinted it had been subsequently both), in either situation he was extremely pleased while he heard news of Jonathan dumping Susan (because of the miscalculated actions of occasions-traveling Mike). He eventually found accept Susan’s desire to have Jonathan (even helping save him after being taken using the Huntsclan ), and permitted individuals to carry on dating. Within our day’s the series, almost no interaction remains seen between Lao Shi and Jonathan. Eventually [12]. they are doing complete spending a extended journey to Key West, Florida together (in order to delay Jonathan from dealing with Susan’s family reunion and researching the Dragon forces). He used the excuse he was afraid to fly. After you have lost because of Lao Shi’s deliberate misleading within the map (he was, inside the finish, holding the map upside down—Mobile, AL isn’t south of Key West) and a lot of verbal confrontations along with a karaoke duet, they appear to acquire rather good pals within the finish. He even shows some respect for him [16]. calling him courageous and honest and convincing Mike that his father is a good man to discover to.

Lao Shi appears pleased with Rose for setting Mike free after he was taken by her [17]. However [18]. he’s unsure whether Rose is really loyal. Later [19]. he informs Rose to eliminate an eye on Mike because Jake’s desire to have her is distracting him. Because the Huntsclan trained her the distracted dragon could be a slain dragon, she complies and splits tabs on Mike.

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  • The name, Luong Lao Shi. seems to get Romanized translation within the Chinese words for “dragon” and “teacher” (). Though can be utilized a manifestation of respect by having an old, wise, and elder person, that might make Shi Jake’s grandfather’s given name.
  • In Season One, he’s frequently seen putting on sandals but will goes barefoot. Now in Season Two, he appears to visit barefoot even outdoors [12] [20]. This might consider his “foot problems” [5].
  • Just like a depiction in the traditional Chinese dragon, he offers no wings but continues to be able to flight.


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