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Active vibration control thesis proposal

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1. Active Vibration Charge of Multibody Systems Application to Automotive Design

College dissertation from Uppsala. Institutionen fr informationsteknologi

Abstract. Active vibration control to lessen vibrations and structure borne noise is called having a effective multi-disciplinary virtual design atmosphere which supports control system design that need considering like a fundamental bit of the general vehicle design.The primary application studied is active automotive engine vibration isolation where, first, the chance of huge frequency band multi-input multi-output H2 feedback control is called. Find Out More

2. Estimation and Charge of Resonant Systems with Stochastic Disturbances

College dissertation from Uppsala. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

Abstract. The existence of vibration is an important overuse injury in many engineering applications. Various passive techniques have typically been used to be able to reduce waves and vibrations, additionally for their dangerous effects. Passive techniques are, however, hard to apply within the low frequency region. Find Out More

3. Modelling and Control Methods with Applications to Mechanical Waves

College dissertation from Uppsala. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

Abstract. Models, modelling and control design play important parts in automatic control. The contributions during this thesis concern topics within these concepts.The rods have fundamental importance when analyzing the conduct in the system, and pole placement is unquestionably an intuitive and natural method of control design.

Active vibration control thesis proposal Active Engine Vibration

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4. An impedance method of passive-active vibration control

College dissertation from Chalmers College of Technology

Abstract. The complementary benefits of passive and active vibration control have motivated research concerning hybrid configurations. Previous research has mainly focused on active restricted layers (ACL). However, investigations pointing towards suboptimal performance of ACL ensure it is interesting to evaluate other solutions. Find Out More

5. Active Engine Vibration Isolation using Feedback Control

College dissertation from Linkping. Linkping College

Abstract. Broad band active vibration isolation of automobile engine using straight line and nonlinear feedback control is called. The aim should be to reduce the forces transmitted for that chassis and the human body, and, thus, reducing vibrations and structure borne noise within the vehicle compartment once the engine is uncovered to di?erent excitations. Find Out More

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