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Zhilin li phd thesis writing

Zhilin li phd thesis writing land-use

Dorling, D. (1991) The Visualization of Spatial Structure. PhD Thesis, Department of Geography, University of Newcastle upon Tyne


This thesis is based on two years of research funded by the Strang Studentship of Newcastle University. During the course of the research I have been helped by many individuals.

The inter-library loan staff of the Robinson Library kindly waived their normal restrictions to meet my countless requests. Judith Houston helped secure the funding and dealt extremely efficiently with the administrative side of my work throughout the period. Many of the staff of the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies and the Geography and Planning Departments showed an interest and encouraged me in my work, including Alan Gillard, Tony Champion, Peter Taylor, David Sear and James Cornford. Colin Wymer, Simon Raybould and Mike Coombes helped satisfy my appetite for digital information from census flows, the National On-line Manpower Information System and Building Society records.

The researchers associated with the NorthEast Regional Research Laboratory were particularly supportive. Zhilin Li allowed me to use a digital terrain model of part of Scotland. Anna Cross assisted in accessing the Cancer Registry information. Steve Carver provided records of road, rail and land-use data. Chris Brunsdon who advised on the analysis of the house price sample. Stan Openshaw supervised the project, financed much of the equipment, and supplied the local election and 1971 census information.

In particular, thanks are due to Martin Charlton, who read this document and spent many hours helping me amass the vast majority of the information used here, as well as permitting extensive use of a great deal of expensive equipment.

Zhilin li phd thesis writing Champion, Peter Taylor, David

Bruce Tether spent many days assisting with the editing and collection of the thousands of election results used, and gave useful criticism and advice. Richard Park read and commented on the final draft. Ile Ashcroft and Edward Jones, corrected much of the English, while Stacy Hewitt gave the work a professional proof-reading.

Eric Charlesworth advised on the style at an early stage, as well as providing geographical advice. Bronwen Dorling meticulously corrected my writing and gave constant encouragement, as well as originally teaching me to read. David Dorling helped rearrange many of the ideas presented here, and first taught me to program. Finally Anna Macdonald spent several weeks referencing small scale maps and typing in numerous extensive quotations and tables of data. She also had to put up with my obsession to finish the work on time. Nothing is achieved in isolation.

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